How do you eat in Los Angeles this summer to relieve the heat? Refreshing flat peaches, Australian mangos, loquats, grapefruits are waiting for you~ Newcomers will also get $20 red envelopes!


Father's Day is coming soon!
Think about how to celebrate this year

Have you expressed gratitude to your father for the holiday~xi

In fact, Dad often said "nothing is missing",
But as long as you have a good meal with him,
I think of him in my heart in everything,
He can be happy for a long time even if it is a trivial gift~


Weee! Specially prepared for Father's Day

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Summer seafood season,

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Summer is here, it's time to eat all kinds of seafood~
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Both melon seeds are sold for $3.79 at the local supermarket.
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Super multi-explosive sausage barbecue
Internet celebrity double-layer cheesecake, durian pizza and other baked products,

The pure taste necessary for watching a variety show,

A must-have Korean side dish in summer...

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Australian mango

"Mango lovers" all over the world can't miss the Australian mango!

What's more, it is still the best R2E2 color mango in Australia.
The tree matures naturally, without pesticides and ripening,
All of them have thin skin and thick flesh, delicate taste and sweet and juicy!

The nucleus is super small, and the pulp has no fiber~
Each individual fruit weighs more than 1 pound,

Called the "Big Mac of Mangoes"!

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Peach Fairy Flat Peach

Summer can be said to be a paradise for peach lovers...

All kinds of peaches, nectarines and white peaches take turns in battle,

Of course, the "Xianguo" flat peach is indispensable!

The flat round flat peaches are crispy and sweet with a light bite;

The fat and waxy peach meat will leak out with a bite of moisturizing and sweet juice~

After eating flat peaches, my mouth is full of peach fragrance!

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The fresh loquat that was picked from the place of production and delivered immediately to the foodies. The flesh is soft and juicy, and the sweetness is really a solution to nostalgia~

And loquat has a lot of nutritional value. The carotene content ranks third among all fruits. It also has the effects of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing heat and quenching thirst~

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Platinum Pomelo

Baijin pomelo is a hybrid of white grapefruit and honey pomelo with less acidity.

Super sweet and seedless,

After peeling the skin, the whole kitchen smells of grapefruit, which is really unique~

The top note is yuzu fragrance, and the middle note is a light lychee fragrance.
The aftertaste is refreshing with lime. It's really special!
Gently sip the juice and it will be scattered in the mouth, sweet and without astringency~

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Washington Rainier Yellow Cherry

I always thought

The freshest Rainier yellow cherries in the cherry orchard are the best.

Until I found it-Washington exported top yellow cherries!

This cherry is a cherry exported from Washington to Japan.

As we all know, Japan has strict requirements on fruits!

So these export-grade cherries, and the cherries we buy in ordinary supermarkets,

It's not the same thing at all!

The sweetness is the highest among all cherries, with an average sweetness of 18 degrees.
Peel goose yellow with pink color, delicate taste,
With some unique honey fragrance, thin skin and plenty of juice.


This cherry has been on the market for a short time and the quantity is very rare.
In the country, it even sold at a sky-high price of 500+ RMB per catty.
Everyone buy and cherish it!

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Musang King Frozen Durian Meat

Whether you like durian or not, you must know Musang King!

It is the top grade among durians!
It takes ten years to bloom, and only one season of fruit a year after blooming is very precious!
Frozen durian meat has not been defrosted and eaten like ice cream.
Soft, tender and creamy~

Durian has a strong flavor and a sweetness of 38 degrees!
I can eat durian with such a thick and delicate flesh in the United States,
It really makes durian lovers ecstatic~


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Vitality forest 

Who can refuse the happy water of the fat house in the hot summer!
There is such a0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calories

Super delicious sparkling water
Not only the more you drink, the thinner you get, but it also tastes great.
Yuanqi Forest is really worthy of its such a hot reputation~

The erythritol used is a natural sugar substitute with a zero-calorie label.

Not involved in sugar metabolism~

The new summer black grape-flavored sparkling water can be drunk with the rich grape flavor and sweetness in every sip. With the fine bubbles, it is too cool to drink after refrigeration!

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Sour plum soup is inseparable from eating hot pot, but drinking more can sometimes feel a little sweet and greasy. When combined with sparkling water, it is refreshing and relieving spicy, and the sweetness is not too high. This combination is simply amazing!

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Yu cake original milk date


Watching domestic friends drying delicious milk jujube every day is really greedy.

Unexpectedly, Yu Cake can also help me realize the freedom of milk date!

It is glutinous, sweet and greasy, and the milk powder on the surface has a strong milky fragrance.
Like eating white rabbit toffee!
Red dates can also nourish blood and qi,

The calcium in milk powder is more easily absorbed, so the little fairies can eat it!


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Maxim's Original Egg Roll

Although there are various Internet celebrity desserts on the market

But my favorite is the crispy egg rolls when I was young

Maxim's Original Egg Roll

It's the taste of childhood!

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Little bear drives to fairy grass powder

It’s not allowed to eat fairy grass in the United States. You don’t know this fairy grass powder!

And the operation is super simple,
According to the practice on the packaging bag,

You can get a big pot of fairy grass in three steps!

To eat hot is to burn immortal grass,

When it’s cold, it’s like jelly, it’s smooth to relieve the heat~

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Tongyu Hot Pot Chuan Noodles

It will definitely appear on the dining table every time I eat hot pot at home recently!

After eating it once, there will be three or four packs in the house, the taste is really love!

Super Q bombs are chewy,

Put the hot pot and cook the spicy soup in minutes to absorb the spicy soup,

"Ziyouziyou" screams and chews, it feels like a thief!


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Rice field eel slices live kill fresh jelly

I didn't expect to be able to eat domestic-level eel in the U.S. I am so touched!

This fresh and frozen rice eel slices are fleshy and firm, without any smell~
It was sold out every time it was put on the shelves before, and the eyes of the food are really sharp!

Good quality rice eel, rice eel, eel porridge,

The eel pot... it's delicious anyway!


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Sauerkraut Fish in Water Paradise

Eliminate the tedious steps of buying fish and washing fish fillets,
You can easily get the delicious sauerkraut fish at home and the restaurant!

The aroma of sauerkraut and the soup base are very rich after cooking, and the black fish fillet is smooth and tender~
Adding a little bean sprouts and vegetables to it is a perfect meal, and it’s super fast~


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Open back sea bass

This open-back sea bass is a boon for lazy lovers!
Has been cleaned very clean,

Simply marinate in a steamed or stewed soup to eat!
Rich in nutrients and super few fish bones,

The fish is also very fresh and has no fishy smell~

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Since it's Father's Day, of course, we have also prepared the benefits of home gifts for everyone!

Beiding instant temperature water boiler

This Beiding water dispenser is simply the light of mankind!Not only does it have a good appearance, but it also heats up quickly and adjusts the temperature. You can drink warm water without waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning!

It uses an instant heating system, the water storage tank only stores water without heating, and it burns when you drink it, and you will never drink thousands of boiling water again!

Built-in self-episode program, no need to do it yourself, the pipes in the water machine can be cleaned in 7 minutes!

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Joyoung automatic noodle machine

I’m tired of eating instant noodles in the supermarket for so long.
With this hard-core automatic noodle machine, you can eat it at home!

Have super powerful hand-made mechanical devices,
The noodles made are chewy and smooth~

And the operation is super simple,
Just pour the flour and eggs into the machine and add water,
You can automatically come out in ten minutes, and you can also make dumpling wrappers~

618 e-commerce festival this noodle machine6% off value!


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There are also various discounts of 4 to 5% off~

The fairy page you must visit today!

6% off pineapple shape bag, 5% off fried kimchi,

7% off Kukutsu and Nagasaki cakes

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