Countdown to Mid-Autumn Festival! LA direct delivery $20 Daoxiang Village, Lanfangyuan Milk Tea, Shatian Pomelo, the first batch of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs...

Countdown to Mid-Autumn Festival

September with love and anticipation

Open new surprises🤩🤳

Let’s go hunting for treasures together ❗

In addition to advance the Mid-Autumn Festival "moon" look

Have to work hardEmpty shopping cart😎

Daoxiang Village Mooncake Gift BoxLanfangyuan Milk TeaShiseido Hand Cream

♥ ️There are also super-full internet celebritiesThe first batch of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs during the Mid-Autumn Festival💥

There are too many good treasures 😋All arrangements!


"Eat, drink, play good things, mobilize the five senses for the Mid-Autumn Festival!"

Super low discount, dare to buy and give 


Mid-Autumn Festival surprise, sign up to get $20

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Who are Weee?

The first stop of Hua Sheng Xian

Since its establishment in 2015, it has rapidly grown to become the largest and fastest growing Asian and Hispanic fresh food e-commerce in North America, and a leader in the proper industry.And has completed financing totaling more than 4 million US dollars.In the future, Weee! will accelerate its expansion, and its delivery map will spread all over the most important cities and regions in North America, with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fresh seafood

Open belly to eat! 🤪

A collection of seafood with excellent price and delicious taste and high cost performance is here


Xiangtai Sauerkraut Fish Fillet, Atlantic Salmon Steak

Garlic Vermicelli Scallops

Yinzhu Red Crab Paste, Haoyuxuan Chopped Pepper Fish Head, etc.

😋 Catch the freshest fish, shrimp and crab

All can be found in weee

The seafood here, but "Good and save money😎"

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The first batch of 2021 [Badao] Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Pair

"Autumn breeze makes crab's feet itchy"

It's the season of eating hairy crabs again! 👏

Anyone who knows the classics must know

The good taste of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs

2021 The first batch of [Badao] Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs

😋There are so many crab yellows that the groundhog screams ❗

Authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs with fresh intracranial orgasm bursting lights

"Blue back, white belly, yellow hair, golden claws"

It is the symbol of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs

The crab meat is tender and full of yellow cream

The crab is fragrant and the meat is full 😉

Rich in nutrition, rich in a variety of trace elements and amino acids

Rich in high-quality protein and full of meat~

The following is a photo of the editor's pro-test and pro-photo

The crab meat is full of garlic cloves and crispy, sweet and sultry

Just add green onion and ginger to steam and it will be fresh and sweet

Original taste, refreshing taste buds! 😍

And each pair of crabs has an anti-counterfeiting label

Scan the QR code to check the product corresponding to trace product information

The more you chew, the sweeter it is!

Those who love crabs hurry up!

Yinzhu Red Crab Paste

This red cream crab paste is simply a gospel for lazy people!

No need to wash, steam or peel crabs by yourself.

You can eat large pieces of crab meat and crab paste directly,

That's so cool!

精选Premium Portunus Crab with Red Cream.

Made by traditional pickling process~

The fat is red and the aftertaste is sweet!

The rice or noodles are too fresh~

Xiangtai Sauerkraut Fish Fillet

The United States relies on it to realize the freedom of sauerkraut fish at home!

No need to deal with it yourself, Just use heating~

The fish is plump and delicious, served with crispy alpine sauerkraut

The rich and sour and fragrant broth is beautiful~

All kinds of net red fruits

Double Happiness Orange, Kyoho grapes of multiple brands

Peach Fairy Juicy Peach, Zhanhua Winter Date, Japanese Muskmelon

Xinjiang cantaloupe, Taiwan carambola, fig


Hundreds of seasonal fruits from all over the world🤩

🤪 Explosive limited-time fresh goods snapped up

weee only works as a porter of fresh and delicious fruits❗

A collection of hot fresh fruits from the whole network



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Fresh Grapefruit 

Super delicious sandy pomelo from my great China!

It has another well-known name-Shatian Pomelo!

Considered by many people as "the best grapefruit in China"!

The fruit is crystal clear and full and juicy!

The pulp is very tender,

You can easily dissolve the scum with a gentle sip in your mouth~

The fragrance of grapefruit was scattered throughout the room before the skin was peeled off~

The nutritional value is also very good!

Can prevent high blood pressure,

Help the body absorb potassium and other trace elements~

It also contains natural gums to enhance physical fitnessImprove immunity!

California Rock Sugar Winter Dates

The joy of eating winter dates

It’s like eating a fruit version of melon seeds

Not only sweet, but also crisp 👏

Throw it in your mouth and you can hear a clear chewing sound

Click ❗ Click ❗ Click

Reverberating in the mouth

Resonance has a brain orgasm😋

The taste of winter jujube is sweet and fragrant ♥️ There is no residue in food

After a long time after eating one, there is still a sweet taste in my throat

Rich jujube juice overflows from the pulp

I have to sigh, it’s so crispy🎉 so sweet🎉 so fresh🎉


Yuchen Meat Muffins

The sold out Yuchen Meat Muffins are restocked!
This is one of the must-have snacks for spring outing when I was young!

The thin skin is very crisp,

The meat floss is stuffed full,

Take a bite of the meaty flavor!

The crunchy texture of the meat is paired with the crunchy crust,

What a perfect CP!

Sweets always make people happy

Cool autumn

The body is getting better"Sweet 🍰"There is an urgent need

😋Sweet healing food set

LeTAO Double Cheesecake

Chen Yunbaoquan Sun Cake and Citrus Lemon Cake

Daoxiang Village Mooncake...👏

No need to fly to Taiwan, buy at Weee!Next day

Let us take a look at their beauty!

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Chen Yunbaoquan White Chocolate Citrus Lemon Cake

😎It became popular immediately after release, and sold XNUMX units a month in Taiwan

Strong gains in 2021[Top Ten Taichung Souvenirs with Triple Crowns]

Golden Word of Mouth Award, First Prize, Number One in Internet Popularity😋

 Not only by the mayor himself"Hammer Wall Recommendation💥"

Lemon white chocolate wraps a soft and creamy cake

There are also strands of sweet grapefruit

Every layer is full of surprises ❗🤩

♥ ️Use Taiwan Pingtung Lemon + Japanese Pomelo

It's like a taste made by a star chef himself

Rich aroma, not oily or greasy, full of sense of luxury

The texture is very refreshing, fluffy and non-greasy

🤪The fruity taste is particularly positive, and the sweet and sour taste dances in the mouth

Appreciation period is only 14 days, short-term guarantee

Use the finest ingredients, just to show the purest taste

Each piece is individually packaged to ensure food safety♥️

Daoxiang Village Soviet Style Rose Mooncake

This from Daoxiang Village⏩ Soviet style rose moon cakes

A must-choice for the Sweet Mouth Mooncake Party~

After opening the bag, the rose smells like a flower

The skin is thin and fragrant, the filling is fragrant and delicious

The floral scent is refreshing, sweet but not greasy~

Overflowing happiness😄 


Whether it’s home chasing drama or going out on a trip

All kinds of snacks are indispensable to relieve hunger and gluttony

Weee's various classic and net red snacks

♥ ️There are sweet and salty, rich in variety!

Youchen Meat Muffin + Daoxiang Village Peach Crisp

Let's start the journey of "memories" on the tip of the tongue together😋

Hurry up and collect it 👉 take advantage of the event and try it out!

Scan code to place an order · Mid-Autumn Festival discount early admission!

Yuchen Meat Muffin Box

The birth of every Youchen meat muffin

Have to go through 15 processes and 95 processes

Polish every link carefully

Cast the meat muffin "spokesperson"👏

The crust is thin and fragrant, and the thickness of the crust is only 0.2cm!

Layers of crumbly pie crust

👀The pork floss in it is salty and sweet

And it is this with a little sweet flavor

It's the one who makes people the most! ♥️

Take two with you to work and school

I’m hungry

Both body and mind can feel super satisfied!

Daoxiang Village Peach Crisp Traditional Dress

A snack full of childhood memories!

Every time I go to my elders’ homes to visit relatives and friends, I have it on the table🍪

The taste is crisp and scumming, slightly sweet ✌

The focus isEach is individually packaged!

Super convenient and hygienic~

No longer have to worry that it will break if you can't eat it after opening!

When you go to work and school, you can carry one in your bag to fight against hunger!

Wang Organic Shelled Gan Chestnut

When autumn is here, you should eat some food that you should eat in autumn!

For example-chestnut kernels!

Although we rarely see Tianjin fried chestnuts on the roadside in the United States,

But instead, I think this kind of shelled chestnut is more convenient~

Fresh meat

How can a hearty table get fresh meat?

Directly harvested from the place of origin, high quality, fresh delivery

Not only is there a wide range of categories 👏 but alsoSeasonal fresh

Order online and deliver to your door the next day ❗

Rest assured to buy and eat

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Frozen Yoshinoya Gyudon Buns 6oz

About 1000 servings of beef rice sold daily

Are you curious too?

😎weee is here to uncover its mystery!

This frozen Yoshinoya beef don bag

Restore the freshness and deliciousness of Yoshinoya Gyudon Rice in a few seconds!

Highly recommended ♥️It's refrigerated!It's done!

🤩 Premium beef slices and fresh onions are soaked in Japanese broth

The rich sauce fragrant with the unique sweetness of Japanese ingredients

Just open the package and heat it to eat! !Invincible and super convenient!

Buckle on the rice, sprinkle with a handful of green onion, seaweed and sesame

Make you full of vitality immediately! 👏👏

Strictly selected ground black pork meat

I bought back numerous minced pork 🐖!

Whether it’s making dumplings, buns, or cooking,

They are all super fragrant~ and there is no pig smell!

Save yourself the trouble of chopping meat,

No hormones, no antibiotics, no clenbuterol,

The meat is delicious and flexible~

Petty bourgeois drinks

Ice-cold, sweet fruity aroma

Taste mixed with rustling carbonated bubbles

The mellow aroma of the collision of black tea and milk

(I.e.Yuanji Deep Forest, Ito Garden, Lanfang Garden, Xinyuanzhai...

The most invaluable drinks collection this fall

Would you like to mark it? 🍸

Dozens of drinks, cozy petty bourgeoisie,One-click get√

Scan code to place an order · Mid-Autumn Festival discount early admission!

Ha Bong Jeong-Korean medicine natural fermented plum extract

Once in a while, I went to a Korean friend's house to have a drink and it was amazing!

It is brewed by Master He Fengzhen, a national food master,

Refined for three years, naturally fermented~

Green plum is the fruit with the highest "antioxidant index content".

Possess strong alkalinity traits, which helps to adjust acidic physique.

The fermented green plum liquid contains a lot of probiotics,

And rich in organic acids,

Drinking regularly can keep your intestines healthy.

Swipe left and right to view the rainbow fart👆

It really tastes like everyone said~

It's like Japanese plum wine,

Every bite can taste the sweet and sour fruity aroma!

Lan Fong Yuen Hong Kong Style Stocking Milk Tea 280ml

   "10 Hongkongers, 9 drinking Lanfangyuan" 

😎Strong internet celebrity in Hong Kong milk industry

The silky taste reverberates in the throat

The strong milk flavor and the rich tea fragrance are intertwined

This peerless name is half done 👏

I have to say one more thing

note:The ice is delicious ❗ The ice is delicious ❗ The ice is delicious ❗

The trans fatty acid of this milk tea is 0!

Definitely 👉A pure natural drink of good milk + good tea

Unique filling technology

Necessary for office, leisure and refreshing🤪

Be healthy and refreshing in the true sense

Yuanji Forest White Peach Flavored Sparkling Water

The vitality forest bubble water that is popular across the entire network does not allow you to have never drunk it!

Who can refuse the happy water of the fat house~

The fresh white peach flavor is the summer sweet and juicy soft peach flavor.

The added erythritol does not participate in sugar metabolism,

It's delicious and unburdened!

Itoen Unsweetened Original Green Tea

If you want to ask me what kind of drink I have to stock at home

The sugar-free original green tea of ​​Itoen must have a name!

How to say soJapan's number one green tea brand~

Treat the bad habit of not drinking water!

Clear the mouth, and drink without sugar, without feeling guilty~

Xinyuanzhai Osmanthus Sour Plum Soup

Speaking of sour plum soup, how can you not mention the brand Xinyuanzhai!

The time-honored brand in sour plum soup, pure and natural without pigments and preservatives~

SelectFresh ebony simmered, Add sweet-scented osmanthus to fragrant,

After eating the hot pot, drink a bite of iced ebony juice,

Don't mention how comfortable it is!

Fast food

👉Snail noodles x hot pot noodles x fried noodles x ramen👈

A collection of must-have fast foods for homestays, they are rich in meals!

Basically heat it up or cook it in a pot to eat

Super convenient goose and really delicious!

If you don’t like the tedious cooking process,

😋 Eat this wave of Amway quickly!

Scan code to place an order · Mid-Autumn Festival discount early admission!

Lobawang snail noodles 280g

As a "read fan" countless snail fans "loyal fans"

In the vast "sea of ​​powder"

Loba king snail noodles won my heart

Numerous online reviews, with a favorable rating of 99% 😎

No internet celebrity doesn't love it

👏 "Internet celebrity snail powder" buy it!Really don't step on thunder

There are many ways to eat snail powder

Directly eat the fresh fragrant hot and sour hot ♥️

It can also be put into hot pot or stir-fried vegetable stew for a richer taste

More ways to eat waiting for you to unlock

🤪Contains 9 kinds of material packs

Let your family feel at ease to eat rice noodles, a well-known snack in Liuzhou, Guangxi!

[Yuan Xian] Spicy Hot Pot Noodles

It is said that Chengdu people have the most satisfying happiness at night,

Hidden in the hot pot!

Come, this thought can be satisfied anytime now~

The sweet potato flour princes are crystal clear, smooth and plump!

To have a bite, soft and chewy~

Then the spicy and delicious fragrance exploded on the tip of the tongue!

No wonder so many people push this ❤

Baked Stir Pure Souffle Bread Spread

almostZero negative reviews on the whole networkThe soufflé bread sauce!

With it, you can easily diy toast at home in the morning~

Thick-cut toast and spread a layer of soufflé,

Heat in the oven or air fryer for about five minutes~

The roasted is slightly crispy and the milky flavor is super rich🍞

Eat a piece of happiness all day long!

MARUTAI Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

When I first came to the United States, I had to pack a few packs of instant ramen in my suitcase.

Now it is easy to realize the freedom of MARUTAI ramen ✌

The soup base is rich and mellow, and the noodles are moderately soft and hard.

Eat a bowl of heart-warming and stomach-warming supper~

Beauty care

In addition to eating delicious food

The daily needs of the whole family can't be left behind🤩

Facial mask, hand cream...a series of daily use



🎀 can be bought at super low price at weee

A must for exquisite girl! 👯‍♀️

Scan code to place an order · Mid-Autumn Festival discount early admission!

Shiseido Urea Hand Cream 100g  

 A good hand cream

It's your indispensable good thing this autumn💋

Hand cream sold every year

Popular Japanese Shiseido Urea Hand Cream🤪

Almost in JapanOne can be sold in 3s

Placed at the top of the recommended list by many beauty experts!

😎In addition to cost-effective or cost-effective!

Before the weather gets cold

Hurry up first

It should be a must-have hand cream for every girl who loves hand care

Invincible and easy to use! ! 👏👏

The wind is gentle, the scent of osmanthus is permeated in the night

The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is not far from us🤪

Whether in terms of appearance or taste

The above good things can make the people who receive the goods full of surprises

👉time is limited😎Place your order now!

Scan the QR code to get

More discounts!

We will see or leave in weee!

 Welcome to follow us· 



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