Ah??? Even the chili sauce is going to be Korean?


Is chili sauce going to be Korean?

Recently there are new developments in the catering industry:

Famous Korean American chefDavid Chang

Hosted catering groupMomofuku.

To turn chili sauce "Chili Crunch" into its own trademark,

Many netizens said they couldn’t bear it!

Let's take a look~


Korean chef launches "trademark bullying" for chili sauce

Just last month, the Korean chef David Chang, the owner of Momofuku,Announced registration of "Chili Crunch" as its own trademark.

Previously, Momofuku Group hadRegistered copyright for the name "Chile Crunch" in 2023.

(Source: theguardian, copyright belongs to the original author)

Therefore, during this period, Momofuku not onlyLawyer letters were issued to six small food companies using these two names., accused him of infringement, and alsoBan all other brands from using these two words.

In the United States, chili sauce products have many names, including chili oil, chili crisp, chili crunch, chili sauce, etc.

But Momofuku is specifically designed to use“chile crunch”“chili crunch”The product.

Bottom left: Momofuku chili sauce

(Picture source: tastytrip, copyright belongs to the original author)

malaysian food brandsHomiahIn an innocent case, the company was required to stop using the name within 90 days because it was selling Sambal Chili Crunch made from a family recipe.

Michelle Tew, the manager, said that "Chili Crunch" has always generally referred to various chili sauces, rather than individual brands of special products.Momofuku’s behavior is no less than appropriating the food culture that everyone has heard about for himself.

(Source: LinkedIn, copyright belongs to the original author)

Our Chinese national hot sauce "Laoganma" is not affected because the English translation is "Chili Crisp" instead of "Chili Crunch".

But it is not difficult to find that Momofuku only advertises some home kitchens and small Asian restaurants, while it has a "well water does not interfere with the river water" attitude towards big brands such as Lao Ganma.


Therefore, some people speculate that Momofuku may be "bullying the small with the big"👇

(Picture source: Sina@fasttechofficial, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Moreover, due to concerns about the cost and trouble of legal proceedings, several companies that received lawyers' letters could only "acknowledge failure", fearing malicious retaliation if they resisted.

(Picture source: momofuku, copyright belongs to the original author)

However, Momofuku has just submitted an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and has not yet obtained a registered trademark for “chili crunch”.

Officials said the chili crunch must be shown to be "unique and has been widely used in commerce for many years" before it can be approved.

But no matter what, Momofuku’s behavior has aroused the anger of many Asian celebrity chefs and consumers, and the Internet has already been criticized...


Netizens are outraged by various bad deeds at Chef’s Restaurant

As soon as Momofuku’s “trademark bullying” was released, it caused widespread discussion on the Internet👇

(All comments cited in this article come from Xiaohongshu’s public information)

The reputation of the owner David Chang and his restaurant is not very good either:

David Chang is a New York chef whose parents are Korean.

(Picture source: momofuku, copyright belongs to the original author)

Momofuku was established in New York City in 2004. With the rise of Asian cuisine in the United States, David Chang also prospered and opened more than a dozen restaurants in North America.Net worth soared to US$6000 million.

but,His restaurant is unremarkable in the eyes of many Asian diners????

Many netizens said that this restaurant was so shocking that they gave them cramps👇

Some people criticized David Chang for "eating and looking ugly"👇

In short, David Chang and his momofuku seem to have become the target of public criticism.

It is still unknown whether the copyright of chili sauce will eventually be taken over by him...


How outrageous are Koreans: is the whole world Korean?

Among the angry comments, some people also ridiculed:

Indeed, South Korea seems to have repeatedly provoked China culturally in recent years. It is said on the Internet that South Korea has applied for the "Huo Kang" as a World Heritage, the "Dragon Boat Festival", "Traditional Chinese Medicine", and Movable Type Printing...

Hence the internet hot memes:The whole world belongs to Korea👇

(Picture source: Douyin@Paquanquan, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Who doesn’t get angrier as he watches this? ? ?

However, many people on the Internet have refuted the rumors. These are actually false:

For example, the traditional "Ontu" system that South Korea plans to apply for is not the same concept as the "Huo Kang" in China👇;

South Korea’s Gangneung Dragon Boat Festival, which has been selected as an intangible cultural heritage, is not the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. The two only overlap in time;

South Korea’s application for World Heritage is not traditional Chinese medicine, but a medical book called Donguibogam;

South Korea also did not apply for movable type printing to the UNESCO World Heritage List, but the Buddhist scripture "Zhizhi Zhi Jie Ya" was selected and introduced as the oldest existing proof of metal movable type printing...

Let's just say that eating this melon is really confusing. I can only remind everyone: it is better not to escalate personal problems to the entire country...

Although there are different opinions on the Internet, no matter which one is true or false, you must believe: others can never take away your things;

And David Chang's unethical behavior also came to an end after being criticized by netizens:

Perhaps due to pressure from public opinion,David ChangAnnounced,No more entangled"wholi crunch"PatentNow ...

(Source: nbcnews, copyright belongs to the original author)

So, what do you think about this? Welcome to chat in the comment area~

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