Los Angeles Zui Milk Tea-Los Angeles Milk Tea "Most" Complete Inventory

Los Angeles Zui Milk Tea-Los Angeles Milk Tea "Most" Complete Inventory

Proudly boba connoisseur, try all the milk tea drink shops in the streets of Los Angeles, launched the following 21 Best Boba in LA boutique milk tea list, including more than 25 milk tea shops with Los Angeles downtown as the center and a radius of 15 miles.

1. The most breathtaking milk tea shop – BOBA 7 milk tea bar

What if I want to drink milk tea at DTLA? !! Have to endure the traffic to Chinatown? What if I'm tired of drinking coffee from a chain coffee shop in DTLA? !! Chief milk tea selection place! This problem is very difficult. In a prime location like DTLA, you can't find a milk tea shop, let alone a high-quality milk tea. However, BOBA7 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is on this 7th street, and its appearance has really inspired milk tea lovers and white-collar workers who work in downtown. But the excitement is far from over, this tea shop is an alcoholic boba shop! Barak Bobama, Bobagasm, Green Tea Heineken, etc. are just those funny alcoholic milk tea names that can provoke curiosity and taste buds. Imagine the unique taste of honey in pearl soak in alcohol when friends are together or happy hour. Need to repeat it? What is more interesting is that Boba 7 is very low key, hidden behind a tall restaurant, but there is a sign at the door of this high-end restaurant, and the letter "your puny human brains can't comprehend" is really unbearable. It should be noted that the clerk would recommend Mangofetta's mango alcoholic beverage, which is actually not as good as the other beverages mentioned above.

Address: 518 W 7th St, LA, CA 90014.

2. The most professional milk tea shop – Tea Brick

I felt that the boss must be a descendant of Pu'er tea, so he took the name call as the most traditional Pu'er tea brick name in China. It sounded like the Chinese tea village's footsteps, full of charm.And this milk tea shop does not live up to its reputation. It is based on tea and flavored with Taiwanese milk tea, so that milk and tea are perfectly combined. The milk flavor is not as much as half&half, and the tea flavor is not as heavy as Hong Kong style. Very good combination and unique taste.Many of the teas here are made from the original tea. For example, there are rose grains floating on a cup of rose green milk tea. It tastes like the rose tea made by grandma's milk and the fragrance of milk.It is difficult to recommend a tea brick drink, because each one is very good and worth a try, so everyone can choose from TOP15~ Speaking of this TOP15 list is written on the wall with colorful chalk, for customers There is more fun when choosing.

Address: 501 W Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754

3. The best milk tea shop for dates – Macchiato

The milk tea shop that shares a plaza with MPK's Half&Half has completely identified its own marketing model, and PK is the leader of the milk tea shop with different selling points.First of all, "Macchiato" itself is a very Western name, with so many petty bourgeoisie and so much literary youth.In addition, the design of the store is also very warm, with small tables in twos and threes and a round table with umbrellas on the outside patio, which is very suitable for couples to sit down after watching the movie at the opposite AMC.Now let's take a look at the menu. From all kinds of macaroon ice cream to garnished matcha latte, from potsticker wonton to colorful tofu pudding glutinous rice ball, they are all examples of dating.In addition, Machhiato also has the unique potted plant milk tea in Southern California. Actually, it is a bit cookie crumble, it's a novelty.The team would like to remind everyone that Macchiato tastes very sweet, so remember to order half of the sugar.And its waffle is actually not that good-looking and tastes not so good.

Address: 141 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754.

4. The most suitable milk tea shop in summer – Oh My Pan

Fat House is actually a bakery shop, hiding a big surprise behind this warm name, because his milk tea maintains the same quality as his bread. I want to try all kinds of drinks on the drink list, from peaches to guava, from blueberries to kumquats, full of fruity scent. I particularly recommend rose lychee milk tea. Milk tea ashes that often go to the tea shop will definitely think that milk tea is made with various flavors and powdered into an artificial flavor. But Oh My Pan didn't disappoint. At the first sip, I tasted the scent of lychee, and the scent of roses is even more icing on the cake. At this time, if you add some jelly, it is great, it is definitely the first drink in summer! While drinking milk tea, accompanied by one or two exquisite desserts, it is an affordable choice for sisters dating. Seasoning freshly made iced tea series, milky iced tea series, iced milk series and so on will make you cool all summer! If you have a chance, you can try its honey toast ~ The disadvantage here is-wait a long time!

Address: 801 E Valley Blvd Ste 105-106, San Gabriel, CA 91776

5. Best milk tea with snacks – Milk and Honey

From the name of the store to the name of the drink, I think this is a very interesting little shop. Since opening last year, it has become one of many friends' supper choices.For example, milk tea is named "When milk falls in love with tea", while hot tea is "Warm your heart".The taro milk tea and the purple lover smoothie are the favorite taro flavors.It is said that marshmallow tea has recently appeared again. It is wearing a big marshmallow-like hat on the milk tea. It looks very new and lovely. The team plans to try it out recently.In addition, when it comes to milk and honey, you can skip the honey toast, but you must try their salted chicken. Milk&Honey's salted chicken is the best salted chicken I have eaten in Nanjia. The ingredients are very solid and they are not covered with thick flour.The air conditioner here was turned on very well before, so girls who are afraid of cold remember to bring a cardigan.

San Gabrie branch
534 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 927-9133

Artesia branch
11622 1/2 South St, Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 809-1088

6. The most suitable milk tea shop for a gathering of friends – Cha for Tea

Cha for Tea, which was rated as the best boba in town a few years ago, is also my first tea shop that I can't forget after I accidentally hit it. Only the most classic flavored pearl milk tea is provided. It does not have an artificial flavor, especially the Oolong flavored tea, which is definitely with oolong fragrant! In addition, fruit tea is also a must, mango green tea has always been a favorite. Many little friends come here to learn during the day and come here to chat and hang out at night. The stress-free parking lot and the business hours until 2am must be the secret of the tea that has been maintained for many years. However, to remind all milk tea fans, there may be many reasons for ABC, so the taste is sweet, and generally half sugar is definitely not afraid of being sweet enough.

Address: 5720 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90803 | (562) 668-5100

7. The most Taiwanese milk tea shop – Chatime

Sunrise Tea is a well-established healthy tea milk tea shop in Asia. It has recently opened Nanca from Taiwan, and the team has previously conducted a trial drink report. The reason why it is called the most Taiwanese is because many of the drinks here have the feeling of Taiwanese and tropical fruits, such as Taiwanese mangoes, rare milks, sun moon lake alpine black tea, plum juice and so on. It feels that the most famous and most recommended is the grilled milk jelly. The so-called roasted milk is a combination of roasted tea and milk. The roasted tea has a flavor similar to that of Japanese-style charcoal-fired black tea, with a little roasted, warm aroma, coupled with fresh milk and lubricating celery. Fresh, it is quite special. Except for cash only, this milk tea shop feels smaller in size than other shops ~ I feel like I drank it all at once ~

Address: 301 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

8. The most dazzling continental milk tea shop – Coco can drink tea

After talking about the most Taiwanese-style milk tea shop, of course, we must also mention the most continental style. It is a chain milk tea shop that is popular in the mainland and blooms across the street. Tea can be regarded as the most continental style in Nanjia. It is welcoming that the North American store retains and continues the drink menu and taste of the mainland. From chocolate flavors to fruit juices to a lot to smoothies, there are still a lot of choices. People in other places seem to drink milk tea from the mainland. The classic toppings combination of 2 ladies or 3 buddies is always very kind. Grapefruit juice or various yogurts are always the choice after meals. In addition to the good quality pearl jelly, there are many milk tea shops without sago pearls, which are great with any kind of light drink. It ’s a pity that no matter which branch it is, there will always be a long line and the speed is not too fast ~

Address: Several branches in Arcadia and Westwood

9. The most Hong Kong style milk tea shop – Fengcheng

I feel that Fengcheng has disappeared from everyone's dining list silently after being popular for a while, but I still want to say that Fengcheng's milk tea is still Cantonese. So what are the characteristics of Hong Kong-style milk tea? The tea taste is heavy, but it is basically not milky. Of course, you can go to many tea restaurants like ABC and tycoons to drink that pure Hong Kong style milk tea, astringent taste, a bit bitter, add condensed milk when necessary, it is estimated that you can drink a small cup of caffeine all day Full. Fengcheng's milk tea is also tea heavy, but not as heavy as pure Hong Kong-style milk tea, it is completely suitable for people who don't like too much milk like half half. And Fengcheng's milk tea cannot provide pearls, because pearls are the most desktop food! Fengcheng follows its own Hong Kong-style Cantonese cooking technology. It seems that milk tea is no exception, but friends who like topping can add sago, which is also very healthy with a taro mochi. However, Fengcheng's drinks can't be left overnight.

Address: Fengcheng branches are located in major Chinatowns

10. The best sea salt milk tea – 85°C

Everyone has different opinions about the popular bakery 85 degrees c. However, how much praise can withstand the stigma, 85 degrees c sea salt is definitely the most mature technology on the market. Salt and sweet cream in Jasmine / Alpine Sea Salt Green Tea is just right, but it won't sink in the drink. The girl has done an experiment, which is to put sea salt milk tea in the refrigerator for a day, and sea salt can still float on the beverage well without mixing with green tea. This is definitely not something other milk tea shops can do. In terms of taste, in view of the fact that 85 ° C is from Asia, the sugar content is more suitable for Asians. Generally, 75% sugar is just good with sea salt, and it is always not greasy with the favorite chocolate croissant. The thing to note when drinking Haiyan Milk Tea is that you can stir it, but don't shake it up or down. It will not taste good after the layer of sea salt is transformed.

Address: We have branches in Irvine, West Covina, Gardena, Hacienda Height, Torrance.

11. The healthiest milk tea – Urth Caffé

The title of the healthiest milk tea has to be awarded to Urth Caffé, because it is not as stomach-inspiring as Hong Kong-style milk tea and not as polysaccharide as table milk tea. As one of the most popular coffee shops in South America, Urth Caffé has inherited its own brand of organic milk tea since its establishment in 2005, which guarantees that no chemicals are added from cultivation to production. But in order to maintain the most original flavor, the taste of milk tea without any flavor is naturally not as good as the skills of various current masters in Asia. Drink, when the above conditions are true at the same time, Urth Boba of Urth caffé is definitely your best choice. In addition to health, the appearance of blondes is another highlight of Urth caffé, especially during lunch and afternoon, the well-received desserts and moody tables and chairs always attract a variety of well-dressed American rich The patrons of the second generation of girls and sisters. If it is evening, it is the moment when hipster and Hispanics have a high appearance rate.

451 S Hewitt St, LA, CA 90013 | (213) 797-4534

8565 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069 | (310) 659-0628

267 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 | (310) 205-9311

12. The most concentrated neighborhood of tea shops-Sawtelle

Don't tell me about Valley. Although there are so many milk tea shops on Valley that you may not even count your hands, you can't walk from the first to the last on foot.So where is the huge mountain chicken village with the highest density of milk tea shops?The answer is Sawtelle! In this way, Sawtelle gathers 6 famous milk tea shops within two blocks, and each milk tea shop can form a long queue at the same time.Let’s take a look at the stores here: Volcano: UCLA Asian students’ favorite, matcha milk tea, germ milk tea and oolong milk tea are all popular a la carte drinks. MJ Café&Express: The largest cup of milk tea in Los Angeles has just recently been made. The store opened in the Westwood area, and the super large version of macaron ice cream was placed in a prominent position. Lollicup: As the originator of milk tea franchise stores, the quality of milk tea varies from store to store, but this one of sawtelle is excellent. The combination of various table-top snacks and watermelon pop ice 10 knives is a good choice for a light lunch. Coco's: The milk tea shop that the mainland friends are most familiar with. The drink list has not changed much since it opened in the United States. The drink is in this international flavor! Coffee Tomo: A very beloved coffee shop that specializes in Japanese handmade coffee, with exquisite garnishes, and green tea coffee lattes are also very good. Bleakheads: Mainly in smoothies, but there are also signature milk teas.

Address: Near the intersection of sawtelle blvd and Olympic blvd in Los Angeles.

13. The most authentic milk tea shop – Half and Half Banbantang

I affectionately call it Fat Tuo Tuo Milk Tea ~ Banbantang's popularity does not need to be mentioned by the team. The popularity is second to none in Southern California.The team believes that the most beloved thing about Banbantang is its most practical and least additive materials.From the top1 caramel pudding with egg and milk to the top1 sweet-scented osmanthus green tea Konjac milk green, the ingredients used by Half&Half have always been generous and solid.Red bean milk tea is full of red beans, mung bean milk tea is full of mung beans, which sounds ridiculous, but think about how many milk tea shops can come up with such real ingredients?In addition, the milk tea in his house basically cannot be left overnight. Even if it is put in the refrigerator, the taste will change the next day and the pearls are hard to eat. So it is estimated that it is because there is no preservative. I don’t know if you guys agree. Is this view?At the same time, because Banbantang never cut corners, it feels like a cup of milk tea can never be finished and it will not be put in the next day, it is always a waste. I hope they will make a mini cup?

141 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754 | (626) 872-0200

120 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91778 | (626) 309-9387

14. The most "cottage" Banbantang milk tea shop – Boba Story

Although I feel that a large tea cup like Banbantang is completely impractical, one cannot fit the car cup holder, and the other is too large, and sometimes I ca n’t drink it at night, but the popularity has always been high. At the time of the spread of Nanpan style milk tea throughout Nanjia, the fat milk tea cups were also scrambled to be emulated by the major milk tea shops. The recently opened tea shop in Koreatown, Boba Story, is like a sibling in the banquet hall. In addition to continuing the most iconic tea cup, from the store's design, the pickup window, to the menu design, it has a downtown companion. Tang milk tea style. Its Plain Milk Tea is a bit of a banquet fresh milk tea and milk, while Milk Tea is a dark tea flavor. However, I also saw that their homes are not just imitations, but also have a lot of fresh flavors, such as mango, multi-grain, pistachio slush, etc., people are eager to try. However, in terms of taste, it is still inferior to Banpantang, but it is generally worth a try, and they accept credit cards at home, no minimum!

Address: 701 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90005

15. To-go cup of the strongest milk tea shop – OZERO coffee tea ceremony

Many people say that the quality of Ozero's milk tea and popa is praised, but the team really wants to praise the reliability of the OZERO plastic cup. I always take a few cups of milk tea when I take care of it and I smashed it. Only OZERO's plastic cups can withstand the wind and waves, and they are not inferior in quality. They are called Nokia in the milk tea cup industry! Of course, OZERO's tea is also commendable. The selection of OZERO tea varieties is not too much, mainly the tea flavors (black tea, green tea, oolong) of several signatures are turned upside down to make a variety of flavors, such as the original tea milk tea milk cream milkshake and so on. I would like to recommend Tea Float Matcha Ice Cream Milk Drink, also known as Spanish Milk Tea. The name is fancy but it is a more traditional milk tea like oolong / original milk tea / milk green plus a spoonful of matcha ice cream floating on the milk tea. Such a simple combination has a rare and irresistible taste under the straw. Unfortunately, sometimes matcha ice cream is always out of stock, and vanilla ice cream as a substitute cannot make such a good combination as matcha and tea. At this time I would choose a cup of Hawaiian fruit tea or oolong milk green.

Address: 131 Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 | (213) 626-8889

16. The largest cup of milk tea shop – MJ Café & Teahouse

I am afraid that all the students who have been to MJ Café will be shocked by the size of their drinks, which are really not so big!It is twice as big as Ban Bantang's chubby body!Even the smallest size will make customers hesitate whether they made a mistake.Although the weight of MJ milk tea is definitely in the upper reaches of its class, the price is not only not up to the sky, but also very close to the people.Generally, it costs $3 for a small cup, $4 for a large cup, and $5 for an extra-large cup.In addition to the surprising size, the variety of MJ's drinks is also amazing.The 9-page drink menu, a variety of cold drinks and hot drinks, coffee juice, fruit tea, fresh soaked flavored snow bubble floating series, is dazzling, so those who love milk tea and have difficulty choosing syndrome should be careful.This team is too stunned to recommend a must drink, but in all types, be sure to try the juice series and the magic cold drink series, there will be good surprises.

17521 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748
20747 Amar Rd, Walnut, CA 91789

17. The greenest milk tea shop – Yuko Kitchen

Hidden in the mid-city wilshire avenue is a Japanese cafe restaurant that Americans love. This shop is very small, making some Japanese and American lunch boxes, such as salmon bowl, sashimi salad, etc., very popular. When you go there to eat, you will find a cup of turquoise drink on almost every table, which looks like a smoothie type, the color is a bit unreal, and the smoothie has a mint cap on top, yes , This is the treasure of town shop à mint lemonade. Probably American white-collar workers replenish their energy not by taking a nap but by refreshing drinks from color to taste. Mint Lemonade, as the name suggests, has mint infusion water and lemon juice, all of which have a fresh fragrance. At this time, with a piece of green tea chocolate chips made by the restaurant, this dark green combination should be good for afternoon tea. However, the taste of mint and lemonade is not everyone's taste, so be careful when trying it.

Address: 5484 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA 90036 | (323) 933-4020

18. The best milk tea shop in Koreatown – It's Boba Time

Koreatown gathers all kinds of milk tea shops with uneven quality. There are togo-type like O2, I heart Boba, Boba Bear, Mr Boba, and tall dine in coffee milk tea like Coffe Bene, Haus, Yellow House. shop.Overall, I still have to give Boba Time one more point!First of all, it has a very complete drink list, which means that it basically has everything from juice to coffee milk tea milk ice with milk sea salt, etc. There are Cookies&Cream suitable for Americans and pure green tea iced drinks suitable for Asians.The one I want to recommend most is its Pistachio Shake.The name seems to be the sweet milkshake, but it is not, it is some smooth smoothies.Moreover, it is really made with pistachios!Not using powder!When tasting, you can really enjoy the feeling of a drink and a pistachio, which is a bit like Starbucks java chips frappe.But I want to remind everyone that there are a lot of Mexican brothers who work part-time in Koreatown milk tea shops, and they sometimes take the wrong order, so be sure to make sure.

Address: There are several in Koreatown, the favorite is in western plaza. 621 S Western Ave Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA 90005

19. The most antique milk tea shop – Factory Tea Bar (FTB)

San Gabriel's old city mission block always feels like breaking into a historic town. Old-style buildings and tree-lined streets hide such a milk tea shop with a deep courtyard. Entering the shop, the shop is exactly what it is called. The vacant room left by an old factory is filled with tables and chairs of various wooden structures. The ceiling is high, the lights are a little dark, and it feels a little cozy to drink tea in the courtyard. The owner of this tea shop promotes sit down service instead of to go, so there are tables and chairs of various sizes in the shop's lounge to accommodate party groups of different sizes, and this shop provides reservations! Dear, is the milk tea shop providing reservation very bar-like? Let's talk about eating and drinking. The favorite is its Nom Nom Green Tea / Milk Tea. The taste is very fresh and highly recommended. There are also energy drinks with red bull, delicious banana spring roll, and honey toast. But on this quaint street, parking is hard to find.

Address: 323 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

20. The most non-mainstream milk tea shop – Blockheads and LadyBug are both on the list

Friends who are looking for freshness love to try different restaurants, especially those whose names are very eye-catching. Blackheads and LadyBug belong to this type of tea shop. Taste is not the first consideration, and freshness is what everyone is after. Let's talk about Blockheads first. This chain that dare to use "dead pig brain" as its store name is actually the name of a cute owl. Its main business is smoothie, which is a bit of the type of continuous ice. The taste is mainly fruit. At the same time, it offers a series of relatively regular milk tea and tea drinks, which are suitable for early adopters and not suitable for turning back. LadyBug is also a very interesting small shop. The Chinese translation is "Little Ladybug", a very cute name. The design of the shop is also like a small garden. There are many types of milk tea. It is basically expensive when ordering. The order is correct. The expensive drinks are delicate by hand. If you order 2 pieces of pearl milk tea for cheap, you may be disappointed.

12 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801 | (626) 282-8727
61 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 | (626) 460-8816
3470 W 6th St, LA, CA 90020 | (213) 382-1790

1457 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

21. Milk tea with the longest history – Sharetea

Xiejiaoting originated from a small tea stand on Chongqing East Road in Taipei in 1982. It was really a place where passers-by called cups of tea to rest, but now it has developed into an international beverage group with branches all over the world. After the success of several stores in North Canada, Xiejiaoting also began to enter the South Canadian market. Sharetea specializes in healthy, natural and delicious drinks. One lime tea (lime tea), cold tea such as kiwi iced tea, mango milk tea, milk tea such as Hokkaido milk green, and vintage drinks such as winter melon tea are very popular. New flavors will continue to be introduced throughout the season.

709 W ​​Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 225-2821
2983 Chino Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709 | (909) 364-8666
11900 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703 | (562) 860-1988

22. The most focused matcha – Matcha Box
Matcha Box is the first specialty matcha drink store in Los Angeles. In addition to the highest-quality matcha at the ceremony level, there are also many matcha-made drinks such as matcha latte and matcha almond milk. The decoration of the store is bright and simple, and it also sells canned matcha that you can take home to brew.

Address: 8036 W 3rd St, LA, CA 90048 | (877) 962-8242

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