This may be the most complete massage parlor in Boston!

What can I say to save my sore old waist and stiff shoulders and neck,

It has to be a deep Chinese massage to be tasty enough.

A friend recommended Chinatown, which has been in town for more than ten years

Chang's Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Center.

As soon as I heard it, I rushed directly to the store.

Here comes a complete treatment from head to toe.

There are many discounts when the new location opens,

For more discount details, please see the end of the article~


Chang's Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Centerformerly known asZhang's Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic has been open in Boston Chinatown for twelve years.


From the original Orthopedics clinic to the current Dietuo massage parlor, Zhang's reputation has been passed down from word to mouth in the Chinese community in Boston, and has long accumulated a solid reputation.


Because there are more and more customers, the original store is too small, so Master Zhang opened the new store next to the "World for the Public" archway in Boston Chinatown.Wong Building 4th Floor, you can find it as soon as you look up.



The new facade is spacious and bright, with both the warmth and reliability of traditional Chinese medicine and the cleanliness and comfort of modern massage.


The familiar decoration and the precious Chinese medicinal materials in the cabinet made me think that I had teleported back to China, and I secretly sighed that I came to the right place.



In addition to the foot massage area, the Chinese herbal medicine dispensing area, and the traditional Chinese medicine treatment room, there are also single, double, and triple massage rooms in the store.


I can't sit still with this old bone, and I can't wait for the master to "rectify" it!


 basic set up 

Whole body massage

Chinese Acupressure

For friends like me who are sedentary due to work and study, I recommend their family's full-body massage.


Keeping the same posture for a long time will inevitably lead to problems such as cervical spondylosis, shoulder and neck stiffness, low back myofasciitis, and acute and chronic lumbar muscle strain.Zhang's massage therapist will provide targeted massage therapy according to each customer's condition.


The medicated oils and ointments used by the master in massage and pedicure are all decocted with dozens of Chinese herbal medicines handed down by the Zhang family.After several generations of medical practice, it has been proved that these formulas can efficiently promote qi and blood circulation, remove blood stasis and blockage, and have significant curative effects on various pains in the shoulders, neck, back, and limbs.


The whole process is described by the phrase "pain and happiness", which is quite accurate.



The master only needs to touch me a little, before I have time to scream, he knows where my muscles are stiff and where it hurts when I press it,What old problems do I have with my stomach and spine, and enthusiastically taught me how to take care of them.


The most miraculous thing is that with just one break and one rub, the stiff neck that had troubled me for many days disappeared just like that.It's hard for me to turn my head, but after the massage, I can give you a head-shaking dance on the spot!


 The MVP of this game 😍😍😍 

Ginger Steam Therapy

Steamed Ginger Treatment


After the massage, I feel refreshed and sour all over.At this time, a full-body ginger treatment is simply perfect.


At the beginning, I was a little bit resistant in my heart, after all, I had never done such a novel course of treatment.


but IIn the end, I lost myself in the friendly "beauty" of the proprietress, and bravely lay on the bed with her own hands.42 traditional Chinese medicines such as cicada slough, saffron, angelica, etc.On the sliced ​​ginger that has been boiled for an hour, it is wrapped in tin foil into a beautiful (roasted) mermaid (whole) fish.



As the ginger slices under my body warmed up little by little, the heat inside the tin foil not only perfectly relaxed the muscles I had just been tortured by massage, but also had the effect of removing dampness and cold, nourishing the liver and detoxifying.Girls with insufficient energy and blood and cold hands and feet must try it!


During the course of treatment, the proprietress kept asking me whether the temperature of the ginger slices was right. She even took a glass of water and brought a straw to my mouth, worrying that I was thirsty. She was so considerate 🥺


 Be careful not to enter!!!



Since I was just forced out of my body by Jiang Xi, I would be sorry for the hard work of the masters if I didn't strike while the iron was hot to completely drain the toxins from my body.


Now that I have come to a professional Chinese medicine clinic, cupping must be arranged.

Although, this is the first time I have cupping since I was born more than XNUMX years ago!Really super nervous.


Fortunately, Master Zhang calmed my panicked heart very patiently and professionally, and I was fortunate enough to experience the joy of cupping for the first time in Botun.


 special treatment 

Chinese Herbal Wax Mud Moxibustion

Herbal Beeswax moxibustion

Chinese medicine wax mud moxibustion is also a rare project in Boston.


The wax clay used in the treatment is made of natural beeswax and volcanic mud, and boiled together with Zhang's exclusive Chinese herbal formula.


The heated wax clay will stimulate the acupuncture points through heat, dredge the meridians, and penetrate the medicine into the diseased tissue, safely and efficiently dispel the wind and cold in the body, and promote metabolism.


Chinese medicine wax mud moxibustion can also save girls suffering from dysmenorrhea. It can effectively relieve women's menstrual dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.


 Service from head to toe 

Medicinal Foot Therapy

Foot Reflexology

Everyone is familiar with pedicures, and here I also experienced the techniques of three generations of ancestral bone-beating masters.


In addition to massage and relaxation, the master also found out that I often wear high heels, and focused on treating my fragile ankles and forefoot.


Sure enough, the way to start orthopedics and traumatology is different!

Healing + Relaxation Duo

It has to be said that Zhang's ability to be in Boston's Chinatown

have such a solid reputation

It really deserves its name.

For this comprehensive course of treatment and considerate service,

Coupled with the master's rich experience in traumatic treatment,

I'm sorry if I don't come over the first time next time~

Finally attachedChang's Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Centerall

Service items for your reference:


And a new store opened this monthMinimum 8% offOh!


 ■ Store Information■ 



 Chang's Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Center 

Recommended course of treatment: whole body massage, ginger therapy



70 Beach St.,

4th Floor,

Boston MA 02111

【Business Hours】

Monday to Sunday: 9AM~9PM





Written by: A. Chen

Image: Amanda Willis

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