It’s this weekend! LA Pizza Festival, there are many treasure shops, so you can enjoy it all at once!

Pizza City Fest is finally here in Los Angeles✨

The delicious pizza is really delicious and delicious🥹

The second Pizza City Fest Los Angeles is coming!

Gathering the best pizza chefs in Southern California ~ Unique LA city flavor🍕Eat it all at once

✨April 4th – April 27th

Pizza rallies across Southern California

You can eat it from Santa Barbara to San Diego😎

And this time, 13 new pizza restaurants have been added

Thick-crusted cheese pizza like a waterfall!

Detroit unique pizza🍕

Kiln wood-fired pizza

Each kind of fried chicken is unique!

Let’s just say ✨How can pizza lovers miss it~

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co, Dtown Pizzeria, Fat Lip, Fire & Wood Catering's Pizza Truck, Detroit Pizza Depot, Ghisallo, Secret Pizza and more

The weekend at the end of April is two days in a row🈶️

Participating pizzerias are different on Saturday and Sunday

You can also learn how to make good ones at home🍕

It’s time to grab your pizza-headed friends 🐛!

✨LA Live, 800 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles

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