It's cold, there is a late night cafeteria waiting for you in Belltown on a rainy night

Shinya Shokudo,

It means "late night canteen" in Japanese.

This restaurant opened in downtown Belltown a month ago,

BeSeattle's first yakiniku specialty store.

Brought a strong and gentle breeze to this neighborhood.

When it first opened,

We have stepped on it once,

See the composition of the basic menu;

After a period of trial operation,

Let's go back to visit the store,

This time I basically found out the taste of a few signature dishes.

Also understand some of the stories behind it,

Now let's talk to everyone.

Let me talk about what the store looks like.The relatively long and narrow space has a very modern design. The use of Japanese art and lanterns gives it an oriental atmosphere, creating a dining mood consistent with the name of the store.

The yakitori restaurant in the middle of the night should be warmly lit and dazzling wine curtains. There are even the workbenches and stoves for handmade skewers in the most conspicuous place at the entrance. You can see it when you walk in.Most of the seats are by the window, sit down at will, bright and transparent wherever your eyes can be.

During the trial operation, thank you all for forgiving

The late-night cafeteria is undergoing trial operations from early September to throughout October.The reason for making this cycle longer is because of the unique characteristics of Japanese-style skewers, The most typical thing is to use artificial freshly bakedWhen it first opened, there were some ups and downs and shortcomings.

For those who have been to check in before, if they encounter problems with saltiness, speed of serving, and even problems during baking, they all reflect the running-in process of the kitchen. The restaurant is very grateful for your correction and tolerance. .

Now officially open, the dishes have been steadily improved

The restaurant has now officially opened, and all the ingredients have been planned and the quality has been further improved.

The new menu has also been adjusted and launched. The skewers set with wine has been added, chicken and beef are available, and the selection of sauces has also increased to four.

forVegetarians and seafood allergies are clearly marked on the menuIf you have special needs, you can tell the waiter when you order.I hope that the above will enable everyone to have a better and more desirable experience when they come to eat in.

Foie Gras Rice

The three words "bowl of rice with rice" usually sound unremarkable, but if the word "foie gras" is added, everyone who hears it will brighten up.

This is also the most eye-catching dish on the menu, when we tried it,The chef played well, the thickly sliced ​​foie gras was grilled to just the right degree of maturity, and the sauce was thick, as if it had just been poured from mid-air.

The foie gras is plump but not greasy. I scooped a spoonful and put the rice into my mouth. I immediately understood why everyone is eager for ingredients like foie gras..

The side dishes are very simple, just white radish chunks and fresh curly green onion leaves, etc., but the more delicious foie gras.Now the size of the meal has increased, even if the two share it, it will not be stretched.

Wagyu Bibimbap

Wagyu bibimbap is also very popular. The neat and tender Wagyu slices wrap around the rice grains at the bottom, which looks like Mount Fuji.There is a raw egg on the top, and the egg liquid will flow out after being broken, like a volcanic lava rolling down, making the beef covered with eggs smoother.


Yakitori is the top brand in Japanese barbecue.Yakitori refers to chicken skewers, but it is made very finely in Japan.

Subdivided into different parts of a chicken, they can be broiled separately, it can be said that the chicken is not used.Salt-grilled chicken hearts and chicken crispy bones are very flavorful skewers. In fact, you can also try the grilled chicken skin, which is smooth and not greasy..

The grilled prawns and Wagyu beef balls are our special place to evaluate the roasting performance. The shrimps are fresh, and the meatballs have a darker color, but the inside is still delicate and delicious.

It is recommended that when eating yakiniku, the taste ranges from salt-roasted to sauce-roasted, so that you can feel the beauty of light to rich; At the same time order a small amount at a time, and then order after eating, the hot skewers will taste better when served on the table.


The appetizers have a six-square grid. The dishes that were eaten at that time have been replaced. Now there are Japanese fried chicken nuggets, potato salad, seaweed salad, bacon and quail eggs, and tamagoyaki as a starter. This dish is refreshing and exquisite, and will not take up Too much belly space.

As mentioned earlier,

The late night cafeteria has greatly improved the stability of its products,

From small dishes to hard dishes,

The level is much more stable than before.

The late night cafeteria hopes to bring you,

Not only the Japanese izakaya culture,

And relaxation and soothing during meals.

Let’s order skewers alone,

You can eat slowly without interruption;

Two or three people came to eat bibimbap and sandwiches,

Can enjoy food and socialize calmly;

As for the gathering of more friends,

Even after the dead of night,

There is still a string of life here.

🏠Store name: Shinya Shokudo Late Night Canteen

📍Address 2401 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121Hours: 

☎️ Phone: (206) 888-9009

⌚️ Business hours: Mon-Sun 12PM-12AM    

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