Stargazing, diving, sea urchin fishing... After the vaccination, let's welcome the summer in Los Angeles!

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Li Ziqi's food tribe, AD calcium milk and other explosive snacks are all delivered home ⬇️

The world is so big, Have you really seen it all?

Traveling, shopping and eating places,

Only accounts for 29% of this earth,

The other 71% are covered by the ocean.

🇺🇸 The epidemic has finally been brought under control,

But the world on land,

Not really safe yet!

It's better to go to the seaExplore the shipwreck,cave,

divingLet's take a look at the vast underwater world~

But... must haveDiving card.

You only have the ticket to enter the underwater world~

There are 300 million scuba divers in the United States,

California is the state with the most licensed divers in the United States.

In such a convenient place for research,

Don't you have to get the certificate to be a "Sea King"? !

ASDLos Angeles Dive Center
Bring Ocean Into Your Life

ASD Los Angeles Dive CenterIt is the only SSI (Scuba Schools International) Coach Development Center and Diamond Diving Center in the United States that can teach in Chinese.PADI diving center.At the same time also provide PADI, CMCertification of AS, SDI, TDI and many other international diving schools.Diving centers and instructors have the highest standards of commercial insurance in the industry.
 About ASD Dive Center 
🤿Safety and quality, Rigorous norms are the insistence of ASD; 🤿 At present, all staff haveComplete the vaccination;🤿Professional heated diving poolOpen 24 hours;

🤿WeeklyNonstop class, Anytime, Anytime;

🤿Professional and legal diving boat, guaranteedShip every week;

🤿The only one in the United StatesSSI Chinese coach trainer with 12 years of teaching experience, to escort your safety and skills;

🤿ASD diving courses canArrived for university credits.

OW Open Water Diving Course

💰 now $299  Was $ 499  💰

Swimming pool basic skills practice course
Course content
🤿SSI Open Water Diver Course Process:
1. Classroom diving theory course 2. Confined water (pool) basic diving skills practice 3. Open water (XNUMX dives) basic diving skills assessment

🤿ASD diving center promises:

All courses will promise students to learn until the meeting, which includes inability to swim, fear of water, etc.,And promise not to charge additional course fees


Coastal diving course/indoor theoretical course

🤿The course is suitable for the crowd:
At least 10 years old, in good health, and free of the diseases listed in the SSI health statement.

Although the fish you can watch diving in California are not as colorful as the tropical ones, there are plenty of seafood you can eat!Dive to catchSeafood, crab, lobster, sea urchinAdd food to today's table!

Basic freediver course

💰 now $299  Was $ 499  💰

course features
🤿Basic free diver course process:
1. Classroom diving theory course 2. Confined water (pool) basic diving skills practice 3. After the course is over, you only need to make an appointment in advance, and you can return to the swimming pool for free practice and follow-up lessons for unlimited times.

ASD free diving courseAdvocate teaching in small classes, each coach will bring no more than 4 students at a time, to ensure the quality and quality of teaching and training, and provide private one-to-one training teaching services.

Free diving is not only a recreational sport, but also a competitive sport.Without any respiratorIn the case of “free diving” diving into deep water with just one breath, taking super beautiful photos in the sea, it’s so cool!

Mermaid Diving Course

💰 now $299  Was $ 499  💰

Course content
🤿Mermaid diving course:
1. Teach the theory and knowledge of the corresponding units of diving. 2. Completion of 3 unit swimming pool/confined water skills practice and assessment. 3. Obtain SSI Basic Mermaid Certification upon completion.

🤿Mermaid course process:
- Mermaid theory learning - Mermaid land shape practice - Mermaid zero basic hydrophilic skills experience

-Mermaid basic swimming method teaching

As a nationwide exclusiveMermaid Diving Course.ASDWith the most professional curriculum design and teaching concepts, every mermaid student can learn about his body from the mermaid movement, and comprehensively improve the sense of water, posture and core strength.For those who want to try mermaid swimming, the SSI Mermaid Experience Course can make you feel the beauty.How to be a mermaid in the water.

About diving instructor
JJ Lau
JJ Lau,ASD Dive CenterThe founder, the only SSI Chinese coaching officer in the United States. TDI technical diving instructor.In 16 years of diving, SSI alone recorded more than 3800 dives, and the accumulated dives exceeded 6000.In every dive, we will do the most perfect pre-preparation and keepDiving teaching with 0 accident rateAnd diving travel career.
The whole course of Chinese teaching, flexible class time, has brought out hundreds of excellent divers.
Graduation photos of classmates
 About diving equipment
ASD Los Angeles Dive Center,
With more than 3000 feet of equipment exhibition hall, there are also manyDealer of diving equipment brand.These include: OMS, Mares,

DUI, TUSA, Atomic, Suunto,

Bare and other well-known diving equipment brands.

ASD Los Angeles Dive Center guarantees,
All professional divingEquipment lowest price, accept the price comparison of the whole network!
Exclusive benefits

Use this article to go to ASD to register for diving courses,

Gift: unlimited pool exercises, valid for life!

(Single price of pool practice course is $99)

Hurry up and make an appointment with JJ~ Get your exclusive certificate and start your journey to the underwater world!


🏠 Store Name | ASD Los Angeles Dive Center
📍 Address | 785 Pinefalls Ave,
Walnut, CA 91789
💻Official website |
☎ Phone | 909-997-2777

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