Bloody zhizhi berry berry, devil pumpkin milk tea, zhizhi mango...This milk tea shop is too Halloween!

According to Chinese solar terms,

Today has passed the frost,

This also means that we are closer to Halloween.

In this pumpkin-colored autumn,

It’s not enough to eat enough, but to drink enough.

What to drink?Of course it is milk tea.

Old tea masters all know that there must be new products in the season.

The first wave of new milk tea, We have found,

It's on the food street of Huada

"Don't scream at me"in.

This milk tea shop opened by the black girl,All the way from Taiwan to SeattleWe had visited when we first opened, and we were very impressed with the tea selection and craftsmanship.just now,It has a new delicious milk cover. How does it taste? Walk in and have a drink.

Three types of milk covered drinks, full of fresh and fruity flavor  

At any time, the appearance of the milk cover will exude an irresistible tongue-tip charm.This time is no exception,As soon as the bloody Ganoderma lucidum came out, it attracted our attention.

Bloody Ganoderma berry (Smoothie)

Bloody strawberry


This is a new seasonal product with a rich bloody mary color on the wall.The bright crimson comes from fresh raspberries, drink to the bottom, there are real berries.

A thick layer of milk cover covers the top. Without a sip, the fresh and sweet raspberry smoothie will be mixed with the salty cheese foam and poured into the mouth..The appearance and taste, as well as the real materials, are all in this cup, so hurry up and try it before and after Halloween.

Zhizhi powder sticks (smooth)

Zhizhi powder sticks is another interesting combination, hidden under the milk cover, is the lychee that Chinese people love to eat.The refreshing and slightly sweet taste is full of memories of the fragrance of southern red litter, and the pink and sweet color is even more admirable.

At this time, the fresh lychee fruits are definitely not enough to eat, but they are presented in another way here. Quietly, holding this cup of milk cover to take pictures and punch in, you will be beautiful.

Chi Chi Mango (Smoothie)

Those who love mango, don't miss it.There is mango flesh at the bottom of the cup, and the mango smoothie in the cup. When this sweetness passes through the milk lid, it is wrapped in a layer of salty, and it falls on the taste buds, which is the wonder and satisfaction after weaving.Bring home a glass of mango that you can drink. If you have a hot pot, it is a perfect match.

Milk covered jasmine and milk covered oolong (ice drink)

The tea base is jasmine green tea and Taiwanese Oolong. The former is fragrant and refreshing, while the latter has a long aftertaste.Milk cover tea gives tea lovers and milk cover lovers a common choice. Not only does it not conflict with each other, but it also adds to the taste.

Three types of sparkling drinks in autumn to extend summer

(Ice drink)

A large number of bubbles rise slowly in the bubble water, like a breeze blowing through the cracks of leaves, This is the summer feeling brought by sparkling drinks.Although there are yellow leaves floating outside the door, look at the honey lemon, it is fresh and pleasant.

Berry Luoshen is gorgeous and eye-catching; kiwi lemons are sweet and lush, there is no reason to say no.After the small bubbles exploded in the mouth, there is a fruity taste, If you don’t believe me, come and try.

Season limited, and hot drinks

Devil Pumpkin Milk Tea

Pumpkin drinks are a must-have for Halloween, which is an unbeatable American holiday tradition.Compared to the common Pumpkin spice latte,Those of us with Chinese stomachs might prefer this kind of pumpkin milk tea.

Figure|How much do you know about the autumnal equinox solar terms

The spice is not rushing, the layering is very beautiful, the surface of the milk cover also has a 3D printed fine pumpkin smiley face, absolutely photogenic, it is rare that it will not dissipate easily after a long time, unless you like to stir it.

Autumn Gourmet


If you don’t reject the taste of pumpkin, it is recommended to come in for a drink.This one is temporarily unavailable for takeaway because the bumps on the road will break the pumpkin pattern.

The store is attentive, considering the weather is getting colder,

On the menuFresh milk tea seriesOld Tea House Series.

Can be madeHot drink.

Just let me know when you order.

But honey oolong and Luoshen honey chrysanthemum are bothcold drink.

At the same time, the Zhizhi series are alsoSmoothies.

Don't yell at me, just enjoy the milk tea!

Don't Yell at me Don't Yell at me

Type: Taiwan Drink Milk Tea Shop

Address: 4513 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 (formerly BAMBU, next to BAMBU and Xi'an Taste)

Business hours: 12pm-9pm (currently only for take-out, not for in-room food)

Parking: Paid roadside parking in Seattle and BGI

Takeaway Platform: Panda Takeaway, Ubereats, Doordash, Rice Ball Takeaway, Chowbus

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