Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 is a stunning finale, a small amount of domestic hot Xuemei Niang Liuxin mooncakes are in stock!

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival’s mooncake hot season is coming to an end
Many moon cake manufacturers still find us
The last moon cake of this belated canteen,
It broke the principle that the proprietress never restocks last-minute

This moon cake is delicious enough.

U.S. supermarket e-commerce cannot buy it,
Basically, the entire network must be sold out quickly-

Big honeymoon rabbit autumn flower gift box

5 creamy custard mooncakes
5 Xuemei Niang Flowing Heart Mooncakes
10 pieces in a box
Original price: $ 76.99
Mid-Autumn Festival spike price dropped to $69.99

A small amount of spot free shipping, place the order as soon as possible
Poke the QR code to go straight, grab it first
Remember to choose free mail when placing an order

Black gold color packaging, noble and restrained

It's also great to give people face,
It can also be used as a storage box after eating.

One soup, one food and one drink | One day, one life

You know how to eat food
The moment there is delicious food is equivalent to owning the world. 

Flowing milk yellow moon cake

There are too many brands of Liuxin Custard these days,
Big Mi can still fight.

Needless to say, the filling is full,
The obvious difference in taste isWeak sweetness.
MakeThe egg yolk tastes more prominent.
The taste of the pie crust to the filling can also be eaten.
Rareeat! Finish! Do not! greasy!
(The last time I ate a certain big-brand liquid custard, it really took me a long time)

The feelings of the crayfish students from the team who know how to eat:
Eat wholeSweet but not greasy.
No heatingThe taste of quicksand is already full,
It smells like milk and the yolk is salty and fragrant.
Feel likeFollowed the tradition of his yolk cake.
Maybe I love egg yolk crisps, so I think it’s good!

Xue Mei Niang Liuxin Mooncake

This is even more admirable.
Pie Crust-Mochi-Quicksand Filling.
The soft crust after heating,
Q-ball mochi, smooth flow heart,
Rich taste, Ou~~~

Mochi + Custard is oneMore novel combinations.
Let the mooncakes taste softer and glutinous, without any disharmony,
Relatively speaking, the milk flavor is not as strong as Maxim's, and it is not sweet.
The aftertaste will be lightEgg yolk's fragrance, But not tired at all,
Those who don't like sweet and greasy moon cakes may like them.
It can be pulled when heated! wire!

I have to say, this is indeed this Xuemei Niang
Impressed the selection team of the commissary,
It was unanimously decided to ship it over for our food readers to taste.

Mid-Autumn Festival spike price dropped to $68.99
A small amount of spot free shipping, place the order as soon as possible
Poke the QR code to go straight, grab it first

Although the brand is not a time-honored brand or a brand that is very popular online now,ButThe food industry has long been famous.Dai Mi did not make any advertisements,All onlineFood bloggers actively recommend.For example, many people in Irvine loveYoutuber Vicky has always been a loyal fan of his family.

brand history

The founder Lao Chen is a low-key Hangzhou native born in the 80s.

I can’t find much introduction of him online,
But his family was firstMake egg yolk cake.
现在Can sell 10 in a yearEgg yolk crisp.

Established a baking studio for more than 4 years,
From the initial small workshop to the current XNUMX-person sales team,
Standardized production and distribution, bit by bit growth reflects the original intention and consistent efforts.

Including selection of ingredients.Dai Mi has always used Hong Kong Maxim's egg yolk.What is Maxim's egg yolk?Everyone in the supermarket market,The largest egg yolk you can buy is 6-8g/piece,Hong Kong Maxim's egg yolk 15-18g each.Dai Mi is specially appointed by the Hong Kong Egg Export Company,Not available in the market, Hong Kong food safety standards,Hormone-free, melamine-free, low-salt pickling, super fragrant, not salty,No matter how bigNo hard heart.Every biteThe soft glutinous oil.

His dessert uses butterImported natural grade butter.Not ordinary shortening.Does not contain unhealthy industrial oils,Quality assurance of ingredients,Both the elderly and children can eat.

The basic responsibilities of the squad are also hoping to help everyone
Drain the unpalatable thunder and plant delicious grass.
If we don’t like to eat,
I don't want to smash our own sign.
Although the mooncake season is coming to an end,
Whether you want to "eat alone",
There is still a need for gifts,
This big honeymoon cake is worth a try.

The taste period is 1 month, but it can be stored for about 2 months at room temperature. After receiving the goods, put them in the refrigerator to extend the taste period. Before eating, the microwave oven will burn for 5-10 seconds, which will have a fluid effect.

A small amount of spot free shipping, place the order as soon as possible
Original price: $ 76.99
Mid-Autumn Festival spike price dropped to $69.99
Poke the QR code to go straight, grab it first

⚠️Important Notice⚠️ :
Delivery method:
1. When placing an order, please make sure that the delivery address, name, contact phone number and other information are filled in accurately. If the return is caused by an incorrect address, you need to make up the freight and send it again.
2. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the UPS delivery time may be affected. Please understand.

Because the custard and Liuxin series products have a soft and relatively fragile skin, they are not as thick and resistant as traditional mooncakes.
The warehouse brother has also strengthened the packaging, but it is still unavoidable that a few mooncakes/outer boxes are cracked.
This is not a quality problem, and it will not affect the taste. If you mind, please take it carefully.
Moon cakes are seasonal products. We do not support returns and exchanges. Please understand.
It is recommended to store in a cool and dry place after receipt, and refrigerate after opening.

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