List of activities in the Bay Area in June | Open-air movies, handmade markets...the rose garden is also open!

Outdoor activities in the Bay Area this June

It’s so sexy❗️

A handicraft market where you can shop and eat✂️

A good carnival park suitable for families🎡

The beautiful rose garden is also in full bloom~🌹


 🇧🇷West coast craft

The craft market is on the weekends in June! Check out the many interesting and easy-to-shop handicraft stalls, and grab your friends to pick them up together.

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West coast craft

Date: April 6th-April 8rd

Address: Fort Mason Center

2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123


????Best Rose Garden

The best rose garden in the United States is of course the famous San Jose Municipal Rose Garden ~ a great place for a road trip in San Francisco!

More than 3500 roses are in full bloom this summer, and many ladies came to take photos and check in✨

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Address: 1649 Naglee Ave, San Jose, CA 95126


🎨North Beach Festival

70th Anniversary North Beach Arts Festival!

More than 150 local craft artists will participate 👩‍🎨, and there will also be various interesting craft activities ~ all ages can come and play.

North Beach Festival

Date: April 6th-April 15rd

Address: Columbus and Grant Ave., San Francisco


????The annual Pink Triangle

The annual pink triangle will light up at Twin Peak😻Just this month~

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The annual Pink Triangle

Date: April 6th-April 8rd

Address: Twin Peaks north hill (facing the Castro district and downtown San Francisco)


🎬Sundown Cinema – Bullitt

Summer is here, so you must participate in an outdoor outdoor movie🤩!

This June event is on the 6th, so you can arrive early to enjoy live music, performances, etc.~

Sundown Cinema – Bullitt

Date: June 6, 14pm-6pm

Address: Civil War Parade Ground

Graham St, San Francisco, CA 94129


🎵Stern Grove Festival

Summer Outdoor🆓Music Festival is back! The first game will start in June~See the picture below for part of this month’s lineup⬇️

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This year is the 86th Bay Area Outdoor Music Festival, starting every Sunday afternoon at 2pm!

Stern Grove Festival

Date: April 6th-April 20rd

Address: 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94132

Wish you all the best in the Bay Area in June

have fun!

You are also welcome to share your exclusive itinerary❤️

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