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···Los Angeles Easter Events···

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A little science about Easter

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Easter in the United States is a religious festival that originated in Christianity, mainly to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.

Every year, Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon of the Spring Equinox (Spring Equinox), which also means that spring in the northern hemisphere officially begins.

And Easter 2023 isFirst Sunday in April - April 4th.

  What to do at Easter?

Let's take a look at the interesting Easter activities in and around Los Angeles from the end of March to the beginning of April~

01. Disney Easter Egg Hunt

Image credit: disneyland

Let's go to Disneyland to watch fireworks together this weekend!Easter eggs painted with Disney cartoon characters have been placed in every corner of the park.In the window, in the grass, in the corner of the gazebo...Take your baby to discover the little surprise~

Ticket price: $73.00+

Time: November 3 to January 13

Address: Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

02. Egg Bowl

Image source: visitpasadena.com

Pasadena Stadium will not miss the Easter egg event every year! More than 8 eggs were scattered on the huge stadium. This kind of large-scale egg picking activity can be said to be spectacular!The venue also specially holds family day activities, and various stalls are especially suitable for family outings.

Ticket: Free

Time: April 4th, 8am ~ 11pm

Address: Rose Bowl Stadium 1001 Rose Bowl Dr Los Angeles

03. The Bunny Trail

Image credit: elmcreekchurch.org

The Easter event at Calabasas's Juan Bautista de Anza Park is also the highlight of the year.The entire park has become a venue for Easter egg treasure hunts, puppet shows, snack stalls, rabbit trails, shopping and eating on Sundays is so wonderful~

Ticket: Free

Time: 4:1 am-9:00 pm, April 12st

Address: 3701 Lost Hills Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

04. Easter on the Farm

Image credit: dashadean.com/

Underwood Family Farms is a good place to pick strawberries every year~ This year, why not go to the farm to experience the festive atmosphere of Easter, visit the farm on a tractor, take photos with the Easter bunny, feed the farm animals, and challenge the egg maze... Which child can refuse the joy of the farm? ?

Ticket price: $14 ~ $16

Time: Now ~ April 4th 6:9am – 30:5pm

Address: 3370 Sunset Valley Road Moorpark, CA 93021

05. Arcadia Arboretum Easter Event

Image source: mommynearest.com

Have you ever been to the Arboretum in Arcadia?There's a super fun Easter themed event in the jungle this year!There are all kinds of easter eggs hidden in various plants, and the scenery is also worth taking a picture of~ Now there are Easter riddles waiting for you to challenge~ There are many stalls on the scene, everyone go shopping~

Ticket Price: Free ~ $15

Time: April 4th, 7pm ~ 5pm

Address: 301 N Baldwin Ave Los Angeles 91007

06. Irvine Park Easter Events

Photo Credit: Irvine Park Railroad

Every year, the Easter Bunny in Irvine Park will come as scheduled. It is also very interesting to take a group photo every year to commemorate the growth of the children~ the egg hunt here.The eggs are filled with treats and prizes.Trampoline, various carnival games, tractor tours... you can never go wrong here~

Ticket price: $7+

Time: March 3th to April 11th, 4am-8pm

Address: 1 Irvine Park Road Orange, Irvine, CA 92869

07. Spring Party & Egg Hunt

Image credit: THPRD

Picking up eggs, trampoline, games, and taking pictures with bunnies, many items in this carnival require separate tickets, but children can earn more tickets by completing bingo games, and can also get prizes through small games.

Ticket price: $5+

Time: 3:25am ~ 9:00am, March 11

Address: Estancia Park Adams Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626

08. Live Oak Park Egg Hunt

Image source: templecity.us

Temple City's annual Easter egg hunt will be held at Live Oak Park. Pancakes, sausages, coffee, milk, and juice will be provided on site. Breakfast will be served until 11 am.Basking in the sun in the park, yo baby is also a good choice~

Ticket price: $2 ~ $3

Time: April 4th, 8:8sm ~ 30:11am

Address: 10144 Bogue St, Temple City

What are your plans for Easter?

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