The onigiri takeaway Halloween event is coming, let's "ghost"!

The legendary year of 2020 is coming to an end

The annual Halloween is coming soon!

Are the pumpkin lanterns ready?

Carrying jack-o'-lanterns to beg for candy?

How to play this Halloween?

This onigiri "funny" guide is here,

Happy halloween together

Enter the Halloween world of rice balls together!

Are you ready to party?


Let's make sweet rice balls

This Saturday

Bring your little friends and big friends

Here is the candy!

Event information

– Happy Halloween –

Address: 14509 NE 20th St, Bellevue

(At the entrance of Bellevue Baijia Supermarket)

Time: Saturday, October 10st from 31 to 11

will get "shock"will get "like"It's Halloween

Onigiri held offline events

The only red Type R in Seattle

PlusHalloween dress up

For the fansSugar

Come on in your Halloween costume

You can get candy as long as you pass by!

There are cute pets too~

trick or treat!

Come and party together~


The rice ball takes you to "ghost"

I don't want to go out on such a cold day!

As the only day on Halloween that "do not abuse dogs"

Why not stop for the holidays!

Halloween carnival night

Why don't we have some takeaway together~

"Slackers" can also become "satiated ghosts"~

Halloween discounts

 Happy Halloween 

Feast grilled fish

8 off Grilled fish   

Was $ 43.99Only $ 35.19

Haidilao (Seattle)

6.9 off New incense pot

Original Price 28.98Only $ 19.98


5 off Hot new product package

Was $ 21.99Only $ 10.99

Tomato and egg noodle soup/noodle, three fresh soup noodle/noodle, 

Spicy Sauerkraut Beef Noodle Soup/Noodle


Lychee tofu and any soup/side dish

Fujiya Sauerkraut Fish

5 off

Tilapia with pickled cabbage

Was $ 49.99Only $ 25

Xian flavor

9 offPiaoxiang Fatty Intestine Fish  Was $ 43.99Only $ 39.99

5 offPepper Ma Mouth Chicken   Was $ 14.95   Only $ 7.49

Sake Tanuki Izakaya

1 knivesSpike

Japanese Takoyaki Was $ 6


1 knivesSpike

Salted Chicken (Thursday) Fried Rice Noodles with Minced Pork (Friday)

Gold silk roll (Saturday), 刈包 (Sunday)

Friendly guest

7 offValue Supper Set

Chicken rack with cold vegetables; roast Xinjiang red willow lamb;

Grilled lamb skewers; grilled beef ribs;

Roasted New Orleans Chicken Wings; King of Kings; Roasted Dried Tofu Roll

Mango Mango

New Joshin5 offEarly adopters

Signature bubble tea, Hong Kong style milk tea

Grapefruit green tea, Oreo crushed milk tea, etc.


8 offleg of lambWas $ 24.9Only $ 19.9

Two 8% off barbecue packages

Package AWas $ 37.46Only $ 29.9

Package two   Was $ 61.6   Only $ 48.8

Starting at 8pm

Zhang Liang Mala Tang

1 knife spike 10 hot drinksWas $ 5

Participate with orders over $15

See what's delicious


Haidilao Hot Pot

As a leader in the hot pot industry

No one can refuse the temptation of Haidilao

No matter the dishes or the service

Haidilao, Is it right to just listen to the name?

The flag of internet celebrity will not fall.

Sprinkle a layer of sesame seeds on the spicy fragrant pot just out of the pot,

Looks really appetizing!

The juicy fleshy flesh is scorched and fragrant,

Various ingredients are dipped in salty and spicy sauces,

But it didn’t conceal the umami taste of the ingredients,

The entrance is delicious and the aftertaste is endless~


Feast grilled fish

"Eating fish is good for your health,Eating fish will make you smarter"

This sentence is really heard from childhood

But making fish at home is really troublesome

If you want to eat fresh, you need to clean it up by yourself

Just think about it... forget it, don't eat it!

so~It’s better to eat fish or go out

The gravy flowing in the fish veins seems to have more delicious essence flowing out of it as long as you apply forceSo delicious to scream~


Fujiya Sauerkraut Fish

Recently, the weather has been cloudy

Appetite has become volatile

It’s more exciting to eat spicy food in this weather

More sour, it’s also very appetizing and digestive

Sour and spicy appetizer and lots of meat

The point is that it is not easy to get fat after eating!

It is

Pickled fish

The signature pickled cabbage fish of the best pickled cabbage fish is a favorite of many foodies.Firm fish meatThere are few thorns, and it tastes delicious and convenient.Look at this big pot, and feel the fragrance rushing along the screen~

The tender fish is wrapped in the soup, the smell of sauerkraut penetrates into the fish, and the fish fillet is even moreThe entrance is instant~and alsoSauerkraut that is better than fish!It's delicious with rice!



On cold winter days, I want to have a bowl of warm noodle soup


Liufutang has new products

Not only rice bowls, but also popular soup noodles/noodles

There are many more options for daily working meals



   A diversified store

With the taste of student

Wrapped in a plump, thick and unsmoked salted chicken

Full of salty fragrance,Chewy yetStir-fried rice noodles with minced pork

Melt in the mouth, the sweet and sour flavors are intertwinedPack

Winter night, damp and cold air

I really want to have these things to keep warm.


 Sake Tanuki Izakaya

Takoyaki Considered the most well-knownOne of Japanese snacks.

Lonely people are conquered by the deliciousness of small balls.

The huge octopus legs stick out the small balls that wrap it

The particles are full and fresh,

All kinds of authentic Japanese snacks Takoyaki

Conquer your taste buds through the temptation of the screen


Xian flavor 

Speaking of the taste of Xi'an,

What everyone is most familiar with is

Roujiabu, stuffed skin, lamb bun

Traditional Xi'an flavor

Give people a rough impression

Actually behind the rough

There is a delicate touch under the fine product

Pepper Ma Mouth Chicken

Inside the storeThe must-order dish is none other than ta

Chicken is smooth and tender, Fragrant and delicious

Chicken skin is crispy and crunchy in the mouth

Sprinkle with chives, white sesame seeds, and peanuts to enhance the fragrance

(Can't tell... the saliva has flowed down)

Pork Knuckles in Bailuyuan Sauce

Eat good taste buds while taking care of your health, keeping you healthy and delicious


 Friendship guest appearance & Pang Ji

In the arena of Halloween

Supper is essential

In the Maharaja of Supper

A dark horse "breaks the siege"-a guest appearance

With fresh ingredients, unique tastes,

The price of civilians has quickly become a late-night canteen controlled by meat

Grilled over a quick fire, on topNoisy

Scent.How can such a barbecue be so delicious?

Not only relieved the hunger, but also full

It's so happy, why not do it~~~


Mango Mango

Mango Mango launches new products

alsoXNUMX% off early adopter price

Such beautiful and delicious milk tea

Must try it!

Come to the rice ball for a national Halloween party!

Tricksters, let's see or leave!

The pumpkin lantern has been lit,

You doRice ballPreparation for the carnivalIs it?

Event information

– Happy Halloween –

Address: 14509 NE 20th St, Bellevue

(At the entrance of Bellevue Baijia Supermarket)

Time: Saturday, October 10st from 31 to 11

Welfare one

On Saturday and Halloween,

"Fool around" before coming to Bellevue's hundred supermarkets!

There is a sugar collar~

Consolidated Like 20

Screenshot sent toapp online customer service

Get immediately$10 voucher , $15 off for orders over $10

Welfare II

➕Fan Tiantian WeChat immediately$5 milk tea dessert coupon

Sweet baby

Sweet riceRecommend 3 friends or pull into the single group

You and your friends both get $5 milk tea dessert coupons

Welfare III

Scan the code to enter the group list

Get a $6.66 coupon each time

You can also participate in the lottery and get more preferential information

*This article is a food promotion article.

For transmission and reference purposes only.

Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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