Beat Twitter! Meta's biggest layoffs start this week

After Musk bought Twitter for $440 billion, Twitter laid off 11 employees on November 4.
Since then, he has contacted dozens of laid-off employees to get them back to work.The reason is that there are technical issues to be resolved….
Twitter layoffs in chaos
According to Twitter, some of the employees who were asked to come back werewrongly fired.Of course, netizens ridiculed that this may be Musk's slap in the face.
But Musk himself said on November 11, "Regarding Twitter layoffs, when the company is losing more than $400 million a day, I have no choice,"

Twitter currently has nearly 3700 employees left.Musk is urging those who remain to roll out new features quickly,Some employees even need to stay in the office to sleep to catch up with Due.
However, compared to laying off 3700 people,Only a few people can be "rehired" really stillThe wave of layoffs in Silicon Valley cannot be reversed.
Meta layoffs have been planned for a long time
If Twitter's layoffs were hasty and chaotic.SoMeta's layoffs may be "long-planned".
Reuters reportFrom November 11th, Meta plans to start a major layoff, which is expected to affect thousands of people.
This will be the first large-scale layoff in Meta's 18-year history, and it may be the highest percentage of layoffs by a major tech company this year.
Although many internal employees have yet to receive official news, Meta management has told employees to cancel non-essential travel starting this week and wait for notice.
As of the end of September this year, the total number of Meta employees exceeded 9.Earlier, Zuckerberg had made it clear at the weekly employee Q&A that the company was freezing hiring, laying off employees and restructuring some teams to cut expenses and adjust priorities.
at the same time,Meta's net profit has fallen for four consecutive quarters.Stocks are at their lowest point in recent years.It seems that after Twitter, Meta's layoffs are also "wind tsunami".
I have to say, before Thanksgiving this year,This "gift of gratitude" from various major manufacturers is really hot...
Hope everyone is safe, and those who are in danger of layoffs find their next home as soon as possible!



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