American uncles only pick out expired food!After eating for a year, it has become healthier and healthier...

Before eating, some friends always look at the expiration date habitually. If they find that the food has expired, they will throw it into the trash bin as if they are close to the enemy;
An uncle in Maryland, Scott Nash,I picked out expired food for a year, Still safe and sound. Look at this bright smile!
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  "Expired food", can you eat it?  

From eating a can6 month old yogurtAt first, Scott tried to unlock the ability of humans to eat "expired" food and started his experiment.
Exceeded sales deadline7 and a half months of pestoAlas, the dishes are still full of flavor.

Beef stuffing wonton 15 days past the date of consumption, dumplings and meatballs are fine!(I edited the second half)
Roasted tomato ravioli 7 months past the sales deadline
The pancakes that have passed the best period of consumption for almost one year (!!), roll everything!
Scott also ridiculed, "It's a big luck. 2 million years ago, the salt will expire next year, so I met it."
His series of "appearance statements" is to arouse people's attention to food waste, especially the waste caused by the ambiguity of the shelf life.
The Johns Hopkins Center for Future-Friendly Life has conducted a voucher survey. Of the 1029 answers, 84% said that they had thrown away food according to the so-called "shelf life", while 37% said they often do so. This undoubtedly caused huge waste.
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 Confusing "shelf life" 

Indeed, dates on American food are always confusing. What do they all mean? According to Science Daily's explanation, let's distinguish:

Use by deadline

This label is for consumers, meaning that the food should be consumed before this date; the measure of food quality is not that eating after this will make you sick. Anyway, after the use by date, theThe quality of food will decline faster, The safety of eating will also be reduced.
Sell ​​by sales deadline


This label is for merchants, meaning that the food should be sold or removed from the shelf before this date;Does not representThis item is not safe to eat after that date.
Best byperiod


This label is recommended to consumers, the best flavor to eat before that date.
It turns out that exceeding these "shelf-life" is not linked to "unsafe".
The U.S. Department of Agriculture also said that foods are still safe to eat after these deadlines, but pay attention to whether their smell, texture, and texture are different; if the food has a tendency to spoil, it can no longer be consumed.
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Judging the "safety period" of common foods 

So how to judge some common foods"Food Safety Period"What?
Chicken and other poultry:According to USDA, chicken is stored in the refrigerator after purchase. It can usually be stored without opening.multiple days. Fresh and edible chicken meat should be firm and shiny, without a strong chickeny smell, and without seeping too much blood.
Pork, beef and other red meat:Put in after buying back before the sales deadlineRefrigerated for 3-5 days; Put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, and it can be stored for 6-12 months without being thawed. Fresh frozen meat is gray-red, red after sliding, no odor, and the meat is elastic and shiny.(Deteriorated meat tincture).
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Fresh salmon:Store in the refrigerator after purchase to savemultiple days;put into afreezingSaveable2-3 months.
Bacon:Can be stored in the refrigerator without opening2 weeks.
nut:Nuts can be stored in a cool, dry place10-12 months.
milk:With refrigeration, milk can be consumed about a week after its sales deadline. In addition, the shelf life of milk can be extended to 3 months by freezing.
Under normal conditions, milk is basically odorless or slightly milky, clear and non-caking; if there is a sour taste and layering, there is a possibility of spoilage (picture shows spoiled milk) 👇.
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Yogurt:Unopened, it can be consumed within 10 days after the sales deadline. It can be stored frozen for 1-2 months. Broken yoghurt is usually diluted with floc and has an unpleasant sour taste.
egg:Eggs are stored refrigerated after they are bought and can be stored for 3-5 weeks. Put the eggs in cold water. If the eggs sink into the water, they will prove fresh. If the eggs sink into the water, they indicate that the eggs are some time old, but they are still ready to be eaten if they are cooked.
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Honey, jam:OnIt can be stored for a long time in a cool place or in a refrigerator. The agglomeration and crystals are normal and can still be used.
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US registered dietitian Jenn Fillenworth said, "The USDA states that canned foods, shelf-stable foods, and frozen foods are generally safe to eat after their expiration date, but may have an impact on taste, such as oily cereals and cereals. She added, "At the same time, the nutritional content of food may be lost after the suggested date."

 How to extend the "edible period" of food  

Prolonging the "useable period" of food is also an effective way to avoid food waste.Here are a few ways you can check for gaps:


1. Frozen food"Frozen food is one of the best ways to extend the life of food," said Tyler Lark, a food waste research expert, because bacteria and pathogens cannot grow at the temperature of the freezer. Not only our well-known meat and delicatessen can be frozen, milk, bread, cheese and raw eggs can be frozen. (The eggs should be cracked slightly before freezing)


2.Don't throw the ripe fruit: Ripe bananas, apples, and citrus are all good raw materials. Ripe fruits are very sweet.milkshakeJiapin! You can search for the Amazing Waste Cookbook online to discover more ideas.


3.Let vegetables "live" longer: Wrap a saffron flower togetherMoist towelHere, the purchased asparagus is hydroponic, and vegetables such as lettuce, artemisia, kale, etc., and washed before eating can slow down the deterioration.


4. Organize your refrigerator regularly: Sometimes the refrigerator is too full, and some horny things will be forgotten. Therefore, it is important to regularly organize the refrigerator and divide vegetables, cooked food, and dairy products according to space. In addition, it is also a good way to protect the life of the environment and record the shelf life of specific items and paste them on the refrigerator.


 Risk of eating "expired food"  

anyway,Eating expired foods can lead to food poisoning and exposure to large numbers of bacteria.
"If you eat outdated food and the food has spoiled, you may have food poisoning," SummerYule, a registered dietitian in the United States, said. "Symptoms include fever, shivering, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting."
Large numbers of bacteria such as E. coli and Bacteroides may be present in expired food. It is worth noting that the bacterial toxins found in some expired foods may be harmful to the human body for life and cause irreversible damage such as kidney damage.
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When you eat "expired" foods, pay special attention to those that are most likely to cause food poisoning. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a list of poultry meats such as chicken, perishable foods such as dairy and cooked foods, bean sprouts, unpasteurized fruit juices, and crustacean aquatic products such as oysters.
Lose it after the expiry date. This misunderstanding of "expiration date = unsafe" leads to a lot of waste; and if you overcorrect it, you will lose more than eat the spoiled food.
So Fillenworth said,To determine whether food is edible, it is necessary to check before eating: Observe if there is any sign of mildew, smell if there is a strange smell, you can also eat a small piece, if there is something different from the usual taste, please spit it out and throw it away. "If you have doubts about this food, throw it away."



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