Low-fat, delicious and healthy drinks really exist! ! ?It's time to stalk the wool!Fast Mark! !

This winter,

New Year’s trips are all in the water,

All outdoor activities are Drive-Thru,

Even the temperature is several degrees lower than in previous years!

In this cold and boring season,

Accidentally fattened a double chin,

I was so scared that this foodie didn't dare to take it easily

Fortunately, recently I found a big wave

Not fat after drinking,

I want to drink after drinking,

After drinking a healthy drink,

Today I will grow grass for you!

After a few big meals for Christmas and New Year, Ben Chow was looking forIt can not only eat and be happy but also reduce fatDelicious; I recently heard that Yogurt has been completedOne-stop industrial chain from milk source to yogurt!Aseptic processing and uniform distribution every day; the benefits brought by this are mainly ——Safe and healthy!No addition!

After the yogurt master’s improvement on the taste of his friends in Greater Vancouver, he recently fell in love with this wave of yogurt.Slightly small but an absolute treasure!Let me tell you quietly, at the end of the article, of course, the exclusive super discounts for foodies are indispensable. I suggest you collect this article and slowly gather it~

Berry granules

This berry granule is definitely

Buried treasure

Unchanging fresh pulp

Unchanging rich yogurt

Different focusIt's what is invisible to the naked eye--Hand crank

Use hand crank instead of machine,

It minimizes the excessive consumption of yogurt,

Not only does the fruit taste chewy,

The mellowness of yogurt is also preserved perfectly.

The only downside is that this drink is a bit useless

Matcha Red Bean Sour Ice

Dense red beansMatchFresh milk panna

Matcha and red beans are a classic combination that lasts forever

A cup of belly is about equal to a nutritious meal replacement~

Little fairy's favorite!

Take milk————>    

Probiotic series sister flower

Yogurt Jun’s probiotic series is definitely

All men, women and children, suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter

Fresh and elegant tea jelly base,

The creamy yogurt is the separator,

Top it with a fruity smoothie

Clear layers, rich taste,

Doesn't taste good?No way!

Full glass of durian

Swipe the little red bookResponsible for

This little white fat man,

Those who love durian can't miss the deliciousness!

Yogurt Jun intimately screwed the smell of durian with the bottle cap,

As everyone knows, this is the soul of durian lovers!

Never thought that durian and yogurt could blend so perfectly,

Although niche, but daily limited,

It's worth a try~

Did you take a small book and write down these treasure drinks?

Don't worry,

Note down the store address is the key point-

Yogurt Jun Granville New Store

Officially opened this Saturday, January 1

Address:8030 Granville St, 

Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z4

If you don’t go, you don’t know, this yogurt guy just revealed from the inside out——


Two words!

Black and gray ins wind,

Concise and high-level,

Stunning in cuteness!

The desire to take a photo with the yogurt head can be realized~

Yogurt King's head illuminates the Marbao district of Vancouver

High class and lively atmosphere

Don't forget to check in when you buy yogurt!

Wabi Jifeng restores the essence of simplicity and almost moves the Kardashian home~

Foodie benefits come!

Does a drink for 3 or 4 yuan still exist in Vancouver?

The answer is-right thereYogurt!

Buy Yogurt Jun recharge card now, get 200 free if you spend 100!

It's equivalent to 6.6% off the audience, no need to round up!

The snacks and drinks of 2021 are yogurt packs~

Buy more and get more,

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are coming soon,

Your little ancestor is calling you!

Event deadline: January 1 (this Sunday)

Both the Richmond store and the Granville store will participate~

More trenches are here!Half price for the second cup of the audience!

Pay attention,

No routine and unconditional,

Drinking yogurt this weekend,

All drinks, all stores,

Buy a cup of all, half price for the second cup!

Promotion Date: January 1-January 23

Are the foodies ready?

To the yogurt gentleman, go!

Don't forget, this is a yogurt shop with attitude!

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