Food Live | Planet Cup 3+2 Shuanghui Corn Sausage, a large wave of nostalgic snacks, 618 great shopping discounts are here!

618 is coming again soon!
When I was abroad, I saw domestic shopping festivals with huge discounts every year.
My heart is crying blood silently
I want to participate too!let me go!Let me spend money! !
this year!at last!Zoom Live Room of Food Squad
TakePIGOOfGreat shopping discounts coming!

Live time 2021.6.17   5-6pm
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The intensity of this activity can be said to be very sincere
In addition to enjoy during the event 
A lot of popular items are popular at low prices + cash discounts given when you watch the live broadcast
Participating in live events will also have the opportunity to get extraLarge Cash Gift Card
Not much to say, let’s first take a look at what good things there are

Nostalgic Snacks Series

There is no threshold and ultra-low discount
This discount can alsoweight!complex!Make!use!
(The mysterious code is at the end of this series)
Take a closer look,
Most of them are small snacks that I secretly bought on the way home from school when I was young.
Really go back to the past in one second

Zhenxiang Beef
It is fragrant and spicy, and even the elementary school boys eat it!

Chia Tai Fig Silk
Sweet and sour, suitable for hiding in class to eat secretly
I was picked up by the teacher to answer the question, and I pulled a "worrisome lip"

Planet Cup
Blue times!
I ran out of biscuits when I was young,
The planet cup that you need to dig out the chocolate with your fingers!
Have never been to Happy Planet,
But if you open another planet cup, you may be able to find the answer.

Shuanghui Corn Hot Dog Sausage
Crispy and fragrant sausages with sweet corn kernels inside
Salty and Fragrant
It's a celebrity item that my mother will buy during the spring outing!

Shuanghui King Zhongwang Ham Sausage
Countless nights rushing through the night,
When you cook instant noodles, you still want to add a "golden partner"

Master Kong 3+2 Soda Sandwich Biscuits
Super invincible favorite lemon flavor 3+2!
It’s my favorite lemon-flavored item when I was a kid
I also contracted the favorite Fahrenheit as a child

Of course, childhood drinks will not be missing!

Mengniu Yogurt
Sweet and sour is me!
Once you drink it, you can't help but sing it, the brainwashing first-place advertising divine song
The strawberry flavor and original flavor really represent the unforgettable love of the editor.

Children love to drink, elders love to buy.
After so many years, the person who bought me yogurt back then,
Still spoiling me as always.

Xiang Piao Piao
Every year I measure the earth's fragrant milk tea with my own strength
Wheat fragrance yyds!

使用Discount code  8090snack 
Come and find the taste of your childhood!

It's almost Father's Day soon
If any of the above snacks evokes your childhood memories,
You can share in the comment area
"A little story with Dad"As the theme,
Like the first three comments, you can still get$20 voucher!
(The winners will be announced in the live broadcast)
Unexpectedly, you can still rely on Dad to buy snacks when you are an adult!

Live time 2021.6.17   5-6pm
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Snacks are good for relieving gluttons,
When it’s critical, you still have to get some hot food to fill your stomach.

Aftertaste praise duck blood fans
It can be said with confidence that it is the lowest price on the entire network!
It's so cost-effective, I have to take the opportunity to stock up a few more boxes
Everyone likes
The Bai’s flagship store also brought his family’ssignEcstatic rice noodles
And more of its products have entered the PIGO platform
His Chengdu Aberdeen Ginger Duck Noodles is also a must
The ginger in the sauce meets fresh fat duck meat, and the noodles are snappy
Recommend everyone to give it a try!
There are also great value and good price
Niu Dafang Lanzhou Ramen.Wang Xiaoluo Tiger Skin Chicken ClawsWaiting for popular items

Use the same special Japanese PEARL LIFE
Pearl life milk pot instant noodle pot
Glass lid with non-stick coating binaural soup pot
The diameter is 16cm and the size is suitable, add some instant noodles and stuff some vegetables balls

In terms of home, PIGO is also prepared
Let’s take a look at the following popular products

Home life series
In terms of home, PIGO is also prepared
Let’s take a look at the following popular products

Renhe cervical spine hot compress

Zilu Anti-hair Loss Ginseng Essence Shampoo
Savior for oily hair!

Willow House Anti-drop Nutrient Solution
Anti-hair loss superstar, Ivy League for hair loss (loyal fans shed tears)
This taste is more refreshing than mint
Red duck who likes the taste of oranges!

JMsolution Water Light Bomb Water Nourishing First Aid Injection Mask
In summer, the skin will inevitably suffer from various conditions: first aid after sunburn/stay up late/go out to rescue
The first aid mask comes in handy!
Japan UNO Men's Oil Control Foaming Cleanser
Boys’ skin is more oily than girls’ skin,
I often relax my vigilance in daily life.
A proper cleansing can lay an important foundation for refreshing skin

During the Children’s Day +618 event,Any order full of $65
Give away a set of nostalgic refrigerator stickers + PIGO shopping bag
Except for lottery and discounts,
Most of the products introduced in this article will be tried in this live broadcast!
Babies who are curious about some products or are already excited
You can come to the live broadcast room to find out

Live time
2021.6.17   5-6pm
Scan the QR code to join the group with benefits
If you have any questions, you can also contact PIGO's personal assistant for consultation.
Xiaobian's wallet can escape from Juhuashang but not PIGO, 
Have given up struggling to lie flat obediently.
(Wallet: Go away!!)
come!Play together and be happy together!

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