520 big battle! LA romantic restaurant dating guide

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Can't compare to a affectionate sentence"I love you"

One house, two people, three meals, four seasons

Maybe it's the best look I can think of love

520 homophonic "I love you"

this day

We might as well use food as a love letter

Complain about affection with your lover

Join hands for a romantic meal

LA romantic restaurant dating guide is here!

There is always one to make your heart beat~


The Terrace at the Maybourne Beverly Hills

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A nice restaurant in Beverley!It is especially suitable for couples dating, and the product is also good.

I mainly want to introduce their newly launched[Private custom-made mini bar in the car]service.If you don’t want to go to the restaurant because of the epidemic, you can book this service.The restaurant will equip you with a private bartender and drive to your door. The small bar in the tail box is exquisitely arranged and romantic, especially suitable for secretly preparing surprises for the other half!



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This is known as the most romantic restaurant in LA!The red curtain is romantic and retro, making people feel as ifoperaappointment.There is also a live concert performance in the restaurant. Beauty and the Beast in minutes, oh no, the movie of the princess and the prince is a sense of sight~


Finger Crossed

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LA new hotItalian style restaurant!The open-air courtyard is full of green plants, the green curtains and printed wallpaper are super retro. Even if there is no wishing pool, it can be Rome~

The cheese ham and tiramisu are recommended on the dishes. The taste is delicate and not sweet.The restaurant is currently closed. You can pay attention to the reopen information on their ins.


La Boheme

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A small French retro restaurant!The decoration in the store is magnificent, the red leather sofa is noble and elegant, wearing a little black dress, cos Audrey Hepburn in one second, it is not too big!The atmosphere is romantic, and it is also very suitable for spending 520 with your loved one~


La petit Paris

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A delicious French restaurant with a great atmosphere!It tastes really good, especially recommendedLobster PastaEvery noodle is wrapped in a thick lobster-flavored sauce, and the rich aroma explodes in the mouth.

The restaurant is very emotional, with candlelight and red velvet accentuating the retro atmosphere. Although it is very small, it is highly recommended!

How can there be no flowers and gifts during the holidays?

Xiaopang Da thoughtfully prepared a discount for everyone

Dog abuse package

Express your heart, love is sweet!

San Gabriel Area


Sweet Set A $52 (Original $75)

Farm's Small Fried Meat

Stir Fried Chicken with Chili

Beating chili eggplant preserved eggs

Lotus root pork rib soup

Sweet Set B $43.99 (Original $63)

Stir-fried duck with sour radish

Steam pot pork belly chicken

Mao's Braised Pork

Lotus root pork rib soup

Motto Tea Cafe

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Motto Tea Cafe Sweet Blind Box$25.99

Motto Tea Cafe Super Value Sweet Blind Box: 2 random drinks + 2 drinks!

Was $ 39~ Panda takeawayExclusive discount!The signature Soufflé Melaleuca is super delicious! 520 How can I lack a sweet gift box~

Flowers Botique

LA popular flower shop, Ins high-end design is super eye-catching ~ super large bouquets of red roses, cool bouquets of black roses... There are a lot of selections of various flower bouquets and gift boxes in the shop!

Now as long asPanda takeawayBook on the platform, you can enjoyXNUMX% discount~ Direct delivery to home!

The only roses

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This is a florist that specializes in making immortal flowers. It seems that there are few such brands in LA.It also has Ecuadorian colorful rose eternal flowers, which are very beautiful!

520 special event!Book on Panda Takeaway,$ 250 +You can also send the last pictureSingle rose hug bucketOh!Such a discount event is never before, so don’t miss it~

Rowland Heights


Long-lasting 520 Bird's Nest Gift Box

520 Bird's Nest Mixed Flavor Set, the original price is $125, you can order it at Panda Takeaway$99.99bring home!


Come to panda takeaway order

Super value discount sweet set gift box!

Heart and stomach are sweet~

Gift box one $20

Durian Melaleuca*1

Matcha Melaleuca*1

Strawberry panna cotta*1


Bubble black tea*1

Bubble green tea*1

Gift Box Two $20

Durian Cheese*1

Durian glutinous rice dumplings*1

Mango panna *1


Bubble black tea*1

Bubble green tea*1

Gift box three $20

Durian Pancake

Mango Pancake

Brushed box


Bubble black tea*1

Bubble green tea*1

Chuan Xiaochu

Rattan pepper fillet

Spicy Pig's Trotter

Fried Pork Ears with Yam

Drinks for two

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LA’s newly opened authentic Sichuan cuisine, the spicy baby is a blessing~ Now the sweet set meal for two couples is only available at Panda Takeaway$52!

Skin Notes

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520 exquisite gift box


The gift box contains:

1. Hadabisei 3D Hyaluronic Acid Anti-wrinkle Moisturizing Mask KRACIE Deep Stretch 3D

2. JM Solution Mama Pureness Whitening Mask 10pcs JM Solution Mama Pureness

3.KAO Megurhythm Steam Shoulder Pat 12pcs KAO Megurhythm Steam Shoulder Pat

4. KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Toilet Cleaner Spirit Bear Gel Petals Sweet Potpourri

5.JM SOLUTION Cyan Light Marine Pearl

Who said 520 is a festival for lovers?

Xiaopang Da is still ready

Single package

Single buddies should also stand up!

A bowl of noodles

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6 offValue single package

Any bowl of noodles/noodles + signature cold dishes + signature drinks = $15 (original price $21)

West LA area

Flower world&Wedding (Ktown)

Limited time discount: pick up at the store75 off

Support for taking pictures and asking prices / DIY bouquet customization

Holy Roly

The hot summer is as hot as love, the cool and sweet Ice cream is indispensable!Limited time discount: pick up at the store8 off

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