Japanese Superman's mother gave birth to 24 babies in 12 years: no time and no time to miss the growth

Everyone who has children knows that taking care of children is exhausting.

Therefore, mothers all say:

"Bringing a baby is like fighting, and bringing two babies to faint."

But, have you ever thought about what it is like to bring 12 babies?


24 children after 12 years of marriage

But he lived his life like envious

It is this Japanese couple who have had 20 babies after 12 years of marriage and are still enjoying it.

The protagonist, Jiayue’s mother, wakes up at 5:00 every day to prepare breakfast, lunch for 14 people,And piles of clothes...

Begin to work in my own barber shop at 9:00, until 20:00, then start busy preparing dinner.

Although the children and husband understand very well,Make every effort to share the burden of family life.

but,Jiayue momStill busy until 2 o'clock in the morning.

This kind of life repeats itself year after year, and it has been busy for decades.

What is incredible is that such a life that makes ordinary people feel exhausted, but makes the family of 14 enjoy a good life.

The husband and wife hold the same belief: don't perfuse things just because there are too many children, and participate fully in the growth and care of the children.

Jiayue momNo matter how late every day,Will lean on the table,Record the growth details of each child and organize them into a unique growth memorial book for each child (note: one for each person).

The recorded content is fromDoes the child have a runny nose today?Did you take a bath?

All were carefully recorded by Jiayue’s mother one by one.

Many people do not understand the choice of this Superman mother. Is it really worth it to have so many children and have no life of her own?

For this Japanese superman mother,Every child from the mother’s pregnancy to the belly bulge, to the birth, to the nurturing,It was a child and gave her the happiest experience in life.


Sometimes growth is only a moment

This Japanese mother is actually the epitome of mothers in most first-tier cities.

Taking care of work and family,He has never been absent from the child’s growth process.

Are the mothers in our lives right?

Especially at the beginning of the new year, the Moments of Friends was screened by moms who had a different kind of babysitting!

@奔跑中的文文: In the n years of publishing the book, I write these things to myself, to children, and to give time and years.

@张歆: Because of you, I have left beautiful memories for my children. Because of you, children can see how cute they were when they grew up.

@food : I learned about Xinshu by chance and started doing it in 2016.It has been 4 years since I persisted.

Every day I record my own life and bit by bit, the photo album will be deleted on the phone, but what remains in the book will always exist.

When a child grows up, sometimes it's just a moment.

Our timeoftenWhen looking at past photos, I sigh:

That babbling kid is now in kindergarten/elementary school, and time flies!

The protagonist Jiayue’s mother in the documentary uses hand-painted methods, and these mothers who use their friends to make books, theyClever use of WeChat Moments, Using text and photos, and even video, to record the growth, life, study and travel of children in detail.

At the end of the year, it becomes a huge book.

In this process, the parents' persistence day after day has also set a positive goal and example for the child.

So, what are these books?How can you make a good-looking book?


What is WeChat book?

What will it look like when printed as a book?You may not have thought about it.

WeChat Book, you can make the content (text, video, picture) of your WeChat Moments into an exquisite paper book.

Whether it is a child's daily life that is changing every day, or the daily bit of life, there is no need to organize it again, and it can help you write a book with one click and save it forever.


How to make a WeChat book?

Book making steps

1. Long press the QR code below and follow "Heart Book"the public.

2. Click on the link to make a book, and then add a layout editor.

3. In about 5 minutes, you will receive a link to the e-book that has been typeset by the editor~

In this way, in just 5 minutes, a WeChat book that belongs to you is completed, including the cover, preface, content, and illustrations.

You can even view the videos posted by Moments.

Note:At present, the small partners in North America can only choose the PDF electronic version, and the paper version can only be mailed to domestic addresses.

Such a book not only greatly reduces the time cost of the mothers and dads who have to take care of the business and family.

It also moved those who received this gift.

In the program, Jiayue’s mother’s eldest daughter saw the memorial book for the first time.Tears filled his eyes instantly.

Twenty years ago and now, maybe the way of making books is different, one is hand-painted and the other is made of paper.

However, this love of parents will never change.

In this world, there are only them, no matter when and where, they are all concerned about you, afraid of your hardship, afraid of your tired, afraid of your pain.

Such a book is not only a portrayal of the child’s growth experience, but also a testimony to the child’s little footprints.
The gift of a lifetime.

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