This Chinese-style bistro in Los Angeles is just right for people to be slightly drunk

Grilled skewers + light drink

It's a match made in heaven


  Tiny Restaurant  

cheers cafe


This tavern is located inTokyo Plaza in West Covina, It's really a "hidden department" small restaurant.



It looks unremarkable from the outside, but after entering, there is a lot of space inside, the unique feeling of an izakaya blows your face, the lights are dim, and the night is sultry.



Although the restaurant is in trial operation, it is already very popular in the west Covina area~ It is especially popular in English and Spanish speaking circles, and the meal time will be very busy.Every table is drinking happily, and the atmosphere is full.


I searched a bit, and the evaluation is not bad~👇


Hurry up and mark the exclusive benefits of the team before you go! 👇




 Happy Hour after 9:XNUMX 

💰 Spend over $100

Free a draft 🍺sapporo draft beer

💰 Spend over $200

Free a 🍺sapporo wine cannon

  Fusion Bistro  

When I got the menu, all kinds of delicious food are really tricky.


His house's signature is kebabs,as fusion cuisine, Of course, Japanese sushi, octopus balls, sour soup beef pot and tomato beef pot are indispensable. Anyway, there are quite a lot of types in his house, so picky eaters will not worry about finding their favorite delicacies. (I'm afraid I won't gain weight!)


  One bite back to the student days  

Snacks are of course a must before meals.Cheese CornIt's very sweet~ full of cheese flavor, as you can see in the drawing~ Cheese lovers quietly finish a plate by themselves!

Of course, soft and glutinousOctopus ballsHow can it be less!Bite into the rich cheese flavor and the aroma of the large octopus bursting in your mouth~ One bite is really satisfying!

sizzling with aromaSizzling Pork Belly Squid, Carrying the youth of how many friends?The squid is grilled very tender, the sweet and spicy sauce warms the whole person, the pork belly is full of fat and fragrance~ It’s super refreshing to eat meat~ At this time, let’s take a sip of wine~ Praise~

  Charcoal-flavored kebabs  


The barbecue skewers are pretty fast.Beef Kebabs and Mutton KebabsIt was served on the table mixed with charcoal incense.The skewers are not big, two skewers are just right with beer.


Small intestineIt's really surprising, the Q bomb is soft and waxy, and it still has some strength when biting.The grilled large intestine is very tasty, without any strange taste at all.



bovine heart tubeIt’s my first time to try it. It tastes like beef gluten, but it doesn’t clog my teeth at all (I understand it all). With the salt and pepper and chili powder next to it, one person can easily show off a bunch of skewers~


The most amazing thing isSweet Grilled Chicken Skin.The grilled crispy chicken skin bursts with oily fragrance, but the pure sweetness makes people more and more addicted!It is said that this is a Japanese-style flavor specially made in the store, you can try it~



and alsoSuper fresh grilled prawns, this size is really good~ The shrimp skin is baked very crispy, it is the cumin spicy flavor of Chinese barbecue, the kind of fragrance that smells like fingers after eating~

  Warm hot pot  


How can there be less winter snacks?Warm hot pot?


We chose mutton soup and tomato hot pot.Especially the picture above👆Whole Lamb Steamed Bun Hot Pot, there are quite a lot of side dishes in it, including New Zealand lamb shoulder slices, haggis and steamed buns, and various vegetables. It really has the taste of eating in Xi'an~



Strongly recommend everyone ➕ a fan, fans who are full of soup, really can't stop eating ~ especially after eating the skewers, have a sip of soup to digest food, it's complete!

  Must-order exclusive cocktails  

The final highlight is the special bartending in the store!

We orderedLychee Cherry Blossom Wine, Served in a super cute dreamy pink color 💯!

The base wine is sake, the taste is very refreshing, sweet and chewable, no wonder the proprietress said that this is the most popular bartender in the store~

One sip of fine wine, one bite of grilled skewers, and some cheese and corn to supplement the protein. It was a good idea to eat less, but our plan to lose weight has run aground again, hiccup😌!

Let me give you a preview of the lunch specials that will be launched in February: freshly fished braised pork knuckle rice and double rice.

Oh right~Next door is a Japanese supermarket, After eating, go to the supermarket to eliminate food, and buy some sweet fruit is so comfortable!

 Shop visit summary…


👩🏻Tuantuanlian: I love this lychee cherry blossom wine!Lock it up with skewers!

👧🏻67: I want to show off all the sushi and the meat floss in it~

👦🏻Harry: The tomato beef pot tastes just right, and it is very comfortable to drink in winter.

👨🏻‍🦰zz: Only this place can eat such tender beef heart tubes, which is suitable for drinking beer and snacks!

Remember to receive the exclusive benefits of the squad! 👇




 Happy Hour after 9:XNUMX 

💰 Spend over $100

Free a draft 🍺sapporo draft beer

💰 Spend over $200

Free a 🍺sapporo wine cannon


Business information

🏠Store Name|Cheers Cafe

📍Address|1414 S Azusa Ave b1,

 West Covina

⏱️Business hours|5pm – 11pm

⚠️Open for lunch from February

⏱️Business hours|11: 30am - 11: 00pm


Picture | Brother Harry

Author | 67

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