A must-have for a spring picnic in Seattle | Japanese direct delivery of Basque cheesecake, duck and quicksand buns, chives and beef pie, and a super value of 1 cent for redemption

Seattle's spring is finally here!

It's the season of outings and picnics again.There are so many people at Huada who are looking for flowers, and I diverted to the Seattle Botanical Garden and walked around. All kinds of flowers were blooming, and the greenery became more and more dense.

As a foodie, how can outings be accompanied by gourmet food?

Under the cherry tree, spread a piece of cloth and put the prepared food

You can enjoy spring with food.

Nougat, Purple Taro Crisp

Basque cheesecake, pastry pastry

And brown sugar pearl milk tea~

Endless food

Are therewww.sayweee.com~

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Fruit green bite fruit tower

Beef tomato, lover fruit and dried mango, with plum powder.The dried fruit is sweet and has a strong fruity aroma;The addition of plum powder adds a touch of sour flavor to the overall taste.

The tapi on the outer layer is crispy and delicious, with a rich buttery milk flavor.The overall taste of the dried fruit tower is crispy and slightly crunchy, and the milky and fruity aroma will fill the mouth after biting it~

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St. Bede Nougat

There are three flavors: chive, coffee and Ovaltine.

Nougat is a mini sandwich made of nougat sandwiched between two crisp biscuits. The taste is first the crispness of the biscuits, and then the softness of the nougat, with distinct layers.

The scallion taste has a strong fragrance of scallion oil in the milky fragrance,Salty and sweet interlaced, crispy, fragrant and soft.

Coffee taste withHeavy coffee with bitter aroma.The aroma is mellow and sweet just right.

Ovaltine tastesReal childhood memories kill.One bite, from the outer biscuits to the inner nougat are all familiar Ovaltine flavors.

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Dajiashi Purple Taro Crisp

Strictly selected Dajia betel nut taro and New Zealand anhydrous butter,No pigment added to the skin, You can smell a faint aroma when you open it, which makes one's index finger move.

Take a bite, the outer skin is crispy and scumming, the filling is soft and glutinous, there is a strong taro aroma and a light buttery milky aroma.The level is rich, and the entrance is instantaneous.

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Grandpa Cherry Jujube Walnut Cake Gift Box

Hand-made by ancient methods, slowly boiledThe made jujube walnut cake is the first choice for healthy and delicious snacks.

The southern jujube walnut cake uses natural black dates and brown sugar as the base, and California walnut kernels are added.The outer layer is soft Q elastic teeth, the walnut kernel is crispy and delicious, the combination of the two isWonderful soft and crispy texture.

The overall sweetness is just right, the rich jujube aroma, brown sugar burnt aroma and walnut nut aroma, full of ancient flavor.

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Willow Moon Hokkaido Basque Cheesecake

Defrost it first when you get it.The thawed Basque cake is burnt on the outside and tender on the inside.After cutting, the heart will flow slightly, and the taste will be soft and light;The edge part is solid and dense, with a strong sesame flavor.

The most important thing about Basque cake is to burn!The cheese is caramelized at high temperature to present a nice brown; it tastes with a strong burnt aroma, sweet without bitterness.

Liu Yue thisThe inner milk is fragrant and moist, the outer skin is firm and slightly charred, Is a perfect Basque cheese!

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White Toque series

White Toque has landed in Weee!

As one of the handles of European-style pastry, Weee brings you White ToqueFour signature products.

The outer layer of the lava chocolate cake is moist and soft, and the inside is wrapped with delicate chocolate ganache.It will burst after heating slightly.

French baked potatoes are not only high in appearance, but also soft and delicate with a rich buttery aroma.

Organic chickpeas are a must-have snack for fitness enthusiasts.Every bite has the characteristic nutty aroma of chickpeas.

There are also Mini Fillo Shells, which are crispy and thin, add cheese and fruit to make small egg tarts, free to play.

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Recently, Weee! has also put on a super cute snack pack

Every one is adorable!

Finally ran away on the road of grabbing food with her baby (cover her face)

Purely handmade, no added coloring

The taste is soft and waxy, the fragrance is rich, the layers are elegant, and the craftsmanship

Salted egg yolk flavoredDuck quicksand bag

The fragrant egg yolk quicksand and the soft waxy dough make people want to stop

Scent and sweetDurian Bun

Fresh durian pulp blended into a fragrant milkshake

Dense and material, delicious hits on the tip of the tongue

Pineapple shape bag & corn shape bag

Realistic appearance, cute and cute

Strong wheat fragrance, sweet but not greasy

Silky and delicate, full of happiness in one bite

In the morning in a hurry, you can easily have an exquisite breakfast.

Another full day!

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O's Bubble

O's Bubble is a bubble tea that can be easily brewed at home.As long as it is heated in a microwave, and milk and ice cubes are added, it is a cup of happy tea that is not inferior to the store.

The brown sugar boba tastes moderately sweet, the milk tea has a smooth mouth, the pearls are soft and elastic, and it has a rich flavor.Brown sugar caramel flavor.

Black tea boba moreFocus on the taste of tea.The mellow black tea scent is accompanied by a light milk scent, which is refreshing and sweet.

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U kiss jelly

How can there be no snacks during spring outing?

U kiss strawberry-flavored cheese jelly, with the sweetness of strawberry in the milky aroma; ice cream-flavored jelly, three flavors in a pack, Q elasticity, soft, moist and refreshing.

Individually packaged one by one, ready to eat after opening the bag, and take the deliciousness with you.

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Taiwan [Shanquan] Longan Nectar

Longan honey, also known as "longan honey", is a top-grade honey, mainly distributed in southern China and Taiwan. It is amber, sweet and not easy to crystallize.The strong aroma of longan.

Longan honey nourishes the blood, soothes the nerves, appetizes the appetite and nourishes the spleen.

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🎊Finally send heavy benefits🎊

What can I buy for 1 cent?

Sauteed sweet lychee grapes, Boston lobster tails

Thickened black fish fillet, black pork minced meat, organic milk...

All of these can be bought!

Weee! "1 cent to redeem 💝 Explosive Goods"

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Wynn Land Egg

100% OFF

Was $ 5.99

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Organic pure milk

100% OFF

Was $ 5.99

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