Zhang Lan owes 9.8 million in debt!American luxury houses open (multiple pictures)

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Zhang Lan, the 65-year-old founder of South Beauty, has been trending again.


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This time, it was because of the company's debt problem. Not only was it revealed that she owed 9.8 million yuan, but even her company's mansion in New York worth 720 million U.S. dollars will be executed for repayment.
 Debt of 9.8 million, New York real estate auctioned 
It is reported that a judgment filed by the U.S. District Court of New York on March 3 stated:
La Dolce Vita Fine Dining Company Limited (known as "Sweet Life Food Limited")Won the case against Zhang Lan and his company.

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Zhang Lan's apartment 53A at 20 West 39rd Street in New York will be auctioned off, and the proceeds will belong to Sweet Life Gourmet Co., Ltd.;
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During this period, Ms. Zhang Lan and CVC (Owned by Sweet Life Gourmet Co., Ltd.)lost numerous lawsuits againstThe CVC fund is still in arrears of US$1.42 million and its interest, which is equivalent to about 9.8 million yuan.
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Although our sister Lan yelled "I don't owe anyone!" in the live broadcast room, how fat is it?
 A love-hate relationship with CVC?
Everyone knows that in 2000, Zhang Lan founded the South Beauty brand with 2 US dollars, which once became a legend in the industry.
After 2008, I started to prepare for listing. Until 2012, everything went wrong, and investment debts occurred.
At this time, CVC——European Private Equity Group,Appeared. In 2014, after Zhang Lan sold most of South Beauty's shares to CVC, CVC became South Beauty's largest shareholder.
However, even so, South Beauty did not bring better returns to CVC, but instead made CVC unable to repay bank loans.
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After that, the equity of South Beauty changed hands again, and the revenue shrank significantly.It has become a stall with unclear debts.
In 2019, the court ruled that South Beauty should pay the CVC fund US$1.42 million and its interest.During the debt collection, the luxury apartment in New York purchased by the family trust fund was discovered.

Therefore, the court recently ruled that the apartment in New York needs to be used to repay the debt.
 New York mansion looks like this 
However, the people who eat melons really know very little about trust and corporate investment being cheated.butWhat exactly does the mansion being auctioned look like?
According to media information, this property is inApartment 53A, 20 West 39rd Street, New York.
According to this information, netizens foundListings on the Internet, is it the mansion here?
In the online information, it is written that this apartment is listed for sale on March 2023, 3.

Anyway, regardless of whether it is this set or not, let’s first take a look at what a 720 million apartment in the core area of ​​New York looks like.
The apartment is located on the 39th floor, overlooking Central Park in New York, with elegant and simple design.Over 2500 square feet.
The entire layout has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a powder room, and boasts nearly 11-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows.
The integrated kitchen is very spacious and bright with beautiful cabinets and wine cooler.
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In addition, luxury apartments also have private services such as in-room dining, Spa, Baccarat bar, fitness center and communal swimming pool, as well as 24-hour cleaning, doorman and concierge services.
It seems that the interior of this apartment is still very good.
I hope that both parties can get a satisfactory result in the end, anyway, do you know which celebrities have luxury houses in New York?
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