A 100% lucky draw on Mother’s Day will win a maximum of $50! White rabbit toffee cake, sweet Hokkaido sea urchin, milk tea pop cake arrangement

Mother's Day is coming

Have you bought a gift for mom?

How to spoil my mother?

It's better to cook a meal for mom yourself

Then serve her favorite dessert~

Where can I buy the ingredients?

Don't worry, Weee will arrange everything for you!

4/30-5/6, there is a lottery to send coupons!

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What are you waiting for,

Come and see what to buy!

Cake dessert

Love Me Sweet from Canada isCarry handles for Japanese cheesecake.

For Japanese double-layer durian cheesecakeGolden Pillow DurianMade, you can smell the strong durian flavor as soon as you open it.Every bite can taste the unique sweet and milky fragrance of durian.

Original Japanese-style double-layer cheesecake, one bite, delicate taste, rich cheese and milk flavor, sweet and salty, likeJust eat cheese on an empty stutter.

Buy sweet and delicate Japanese cheesecake ⬇️

Speaking of the white rabbit, I think of the fragrant, soft and sticky taste~

A cake made with white rabbits?Who can resist this temptation!

Oh! Bear Cafe brought big white rabbit cakes, available in 6 inch and 8 inch sizes.Milky, sweet and soft, For Mother’s Day to mother, make her whole day sweet and sweet~

Buy white rabbit toffee cake ⬇️


Sugar tide, As one of the handles of hand-made desserts, also participated in the'dessert contest' on Mother's Day~

The entries are the pearl milk tea pop cake and the matcha milk salt pop cake:

After the pearl milk tea burst cake is cut, the milk cover and pearls are poured down like a waterfall.Milk coverFull of milkThe slightly salty taste neutralizes the sweetness of the cake very well.The pearls are boiled in brown sugar, the taste is soft and soft, and the brown sugar's caramel flavor bringsFull of old and early taste.

The matcha milk salt burst cake, the top of the head'waterfall' milk cover has a strong tea and milk fragrance.The addition of sea salt better brings out the sweetness of the cake.The cake is light and soft,It's like taking a bite of cloud~

Buy all kinds of desserts from the sugar boom⬇️

Festive dinner

With dessert, how can there be no big meal to match it? Weee brought a variety of'A must for hard dishes', Let's take a look at what it all has?

Captain Jiang Buddha jumped over the wall and broughtSix Cup Umami Bomb~Sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, Have everything you need, scooping a bite makes eyebrows fall off!

Captain Jiang’s organic frozen abalone, large organic abalones are frozen to lock their freshness and deliciousness.The taste is elastic and tender, and the meat is firm, Whether it is steaming, boiling, or making an abalone rice, it is very suitable.

Buy Buddha jumping over the wall, abalone⬇️

There are fresh sea urchins shipped by air from Hokkaido, look at the golden and plump color!

Sea urchins in Hokkaido are the most fresh and fat.It will be turned into a sip and will be sweet again, Urgently airlifted to Seattle to ensure the freshness of sea urchins, it is most suitable for making sashimi rice!

Buy sea urchins⬇️

Health and Beauty

In addition to large meals and desserts, remember to send a beauty and health care product to make mothers younger and younger~

Sakura-limited Shiseido Elixir Pure Whitening Sleeping Mask, just look at the shell, you can’t love it!The mask has a faint scent of cherry blossoms, and it is not oily at all after applying it. After sleeping, it will wash off, and the skin will become soft and translucent!

buy????Cherry Blossom Mask⬇️

Zhengguanzhuang Korean Ginseng and Pomegranate Essence Drink, withZhengguanzhuang Royal Six Years GinsengAs raw materials, rich in nutrients, and addedAntioxidant artifact pomegranate essence, One pack a day, the skin will become rosy and translucent!

Buy Korean Ginseng Pomegranate⬇️

The authentic Dong Ejiao without additives is an artifact for girls.The taste is sweet and fragrant, and it gives a good complexion~

Buy Ejiao⬇️

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Surprise mom!

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