Los Angeles spring sweet must-have | LeTao cheesecake, slightly hot hills, Haydn mango all top sweet

The warm spring breeze is blowing,

The branches are getting more and more green

It's bright early summer again~

(David Emrich on Unsplash)

Early summer is a good day to go out for a walk, how can you not have food and beautiful scenery?

LeTao cheesecake is quietly put on shelves by Japanese air freight

Super sweet organic strawberries are only available in season!

Rare Haydn mangoes are also quietly put on the shelves

There are more early summer snacks

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This woolNot white or white!

LeTao double layercheesecake

LeTao’s signature cakes are authentic and taste the rich milky aroma of Hokkaido cheese.

The upper layer is half-cooked cheese made of Italian soft cheese and Hokkaido fresh cream, and the lower layer is the original chiffon cake that melts in your mouth. The layers are distinct and melt in your mouth.

You can also eat it after freezing. The frozen half-cooked cheese tastes like ice cream, silky and mellow, and you can’t eat it enough.

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Organic strawberry

Freshly picked organic strawberries from the farm are about half the size of a palm.Red likeRuby-likeBeautiful and attractive.

All the friends who have tasted this strawberry said,

"I have never tasted such a rich strawberry."

Limited supply every year, it was robbed as soon as it went online.

The strawberries are full and fresh, bite, the sweet juice flows into the mouth, and also has the unique fresh fruity fragrance of strawberries, one by one can't stop~

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LeTao White Chocolate Truffle Strawberry Balls

The combination of chocolate and strawberries has always been irresistible.

It's made by Letao again, how can you not try it?

Large strawberries made of fresh strawberries are freeze-dried, wrapped in white chocolate, and then coated with a layer of strawberry powder. The pink is attractive, and the little one is particularly cute.

The chocolate on the outer layer has a silky texture and a rich milky aroma; the strawberry inside is crispy, sweet and fruity; the slight acidity of the strawberry neutralizes the sweetness of the outer chocolate.The taste is refreshing, sweet but not greasy.

Slightly Hot Hills Spring Limited Strawberry Apple Crisp

The combination of strawberry and apple isA little refreshing that hits it off

Chew carefully,

The sweet and sour fragrance reveals the prelude of spring in the mouth

The materials used are also quite advanced

The apple puff pastry uses red jade apples from Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Aomori Prefecture, Japan with a cool climate, low rainfall and moderate sunshine

It is the most suitable place to grow apples in the world

Ruby AppleRich aroma, sweet and sour

Even after baking, it still retains a delicate flavor

Puff pastry toppedValrhona Strawberry Tempering Cocoa

Garnish with lemon frosting snowflakes

Not only adds a smooth taste, but also enhances the flavor level

It also makes the appearance of an apple pastry to the extreme, and at a glance

Spring tour, the apricot blossoms are full of heads, who is young on the mou

Take out a slightly hot hill!

Good taste, so beautiful!Who can hold it~

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Haydn Haden Mango

Gorgeous appearance, bright and eye-catching colors

The skin of the fruit is smooth, and the background color is dark yellow and dark red intertwined  

Orange flesh, juicy and delicious

Strong scent, sweet and slightly sour 

Take a look at the actual product shots👇

Haden mangoes are picked after they mature naturally on the tree 

Different from other varieties of mango 

Haydn MangoNo need to place ripening, Ready to eat

Sweet and delicious, no need to wait~

California Kyoho Grape

It must be happy to be able to eat Kyoho grapes this season.

The original Kyoho grape is a Japanese Kyoho variety introduced from the original California farm. It has not been improved, and the fruit is round and full, and the sweetness is extremely high.The small package tastes as pure as Kyoho grapes, a mid-ripening variety, originating in Japan.Purple-red, with fruit powder, softer flesh, sweet and juicy, with a strawberry fragrance, which is also the reason why people love and love again~

Fresh seedless mini watermelon

Every time I went to the supermarket to pick a watermelon, I always accidentally picked the sour chir, and bought a lonely one.

Why not buy watermelons in Weee, Weee will help you choose themSweetest and juicyYes, it will be delivered directly to you.

In particular, this seedless mini watermelon is just the right size to eat alone, sweet and juicy, without the trouble of spitting out seeds.

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U kiss jelly

How can there be no snacks during spring outing?

U kiss strawberry-flavored cheese jelly, with the sweetness of strawberry in the milky aroma; ice cream-flavored jelly, three flavors in a pack, Q elasticity, soft, moist and refreshing.

Individually packaged one by one, ready to eat after opening the bag, and take the deliciousness with you.

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In addition to the dessert snacks mentioned above,

There are also DAIICHI Japanese sandwich buns,

The soft and fufu is so cute.

The filling is custard filling, sweet and fragrant.

How many people’s childhood memories of the Arctic Ocean can be bought in Weee!

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Fatty and attractive frozen whole duck, it is most suitable for roast duck~

Weiquan Gongwan, tender and meaty~


Meatco hot pot beef slices,

The fat and thin are beautifully marbled,

Once it was rinsed in the hot water, the rich butter and milk fragrance came out

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There are many more, waiting for you to taste one by one...

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