Outrageous! Domestic traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy sells hot-selling "milk tea"? Netizen: It tastes so good!

In this day and age, if you don’t go online for a few days, things will change!

Nowadays, netizens are becoming more and more adept at organizing their lives.

I’ve seen Moutai coffee and octopus coffee

Unexpectedly, Ziweixing also appeared in the milk tea industry!

"Buying milk tea in a traditional Chinese medicine store"

Recently, a domestic netizen went to a traditional Chinese medicine store to get medicine and drink it with sour plum soup. This traditional Chinese medicine formula sour plum soup: the ingredients are health-preserving, heat-clearing and detoxifying, can be added with ice, and the ingredients are healthy. It is now brewed.

The key point is that it only costs 5 yuan for 17 bags!

A cup is less than 3.5!

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The traditional Chinese medicine sour plum soup also tastes like boiled red wine.

Netizen: I can’t stop instantly!

Major milk tea shops:What a vicious business war!




A traditional Chinese medicine store turns into a milk tea shop?

Actual test by netizens: It tastes so good!

Drinks such as milk tea have become extremely popular in the past two years. Not only Chinese people like to drink them, but foreigners also like them.

I still remember that before the pearl milk tea was out of stock, foreigners went crazy on Twitter: Can’t live without it!

In order to drink milk tea, Chinese people in North America can drive across the city to buy a cup.

I remember the opening of Yidiandian in Los Angeles a while ago. Everyone lined up at the door just to get a cup of "Yidiandian" which saved the price of milk tea in North America.

Recently, a drink that costs only 3 yuan and can be used as milk tea has become very popular!

Netizens who know how to live happily create new ways to play drinks——Chinese medicine stores prepare prescriptions and drink them as milk tea.

Netizen No. 1:

First of all, this netizen @notbawenyi went to a Chinese medicine pharmacy to grab a pair of sour plum soup.

formula:Black plum + hawthorn + licorice + tangerine peel + osmanthus + roselle(Pregnant women cannot eat Roselle. You should consult a Chinese medicine practitioner when catching it.) OthersMint, mulberryYou can add a little~

Grab the medicine and brew it now, it costs 39 yuan for 11 cups, then go to the convenience store to buy two ice cups, pour it in, and start drinking!

Netizens:A pack costs RMB 39. There are 10 bags in total. The Chinese medicine store also gave me a bag, which equals less than RMB 4 per pack. It looks pretty good. When I take it out, I wonder if I can buy it in my XNUMXs or XNUMXs?

It tastes healthy, and this bag is enough for a week!The key point is that it takes no effort and can be purchased at any drugstore!

So some netizens started to try it after reading it.

Netizen No. 2:

I went to a traditional Chinese medicine clinic to get some sour plum soup, and I asked if there are any other recommendations?Traditional Chinese medicine also prescribed Cantonese-style herbal tea, so netizens got a portion of sour plum soup and a portion of Cantonese-style herbal tea.

Netizens:Can I add ice?

Doctors:You add some ice and treat it as a drink.

His recipe👇🏻

Herbal Tea:菊花(杭菊)3g、夏枯草3g、金钱草(小叶)3g、淡竹叶3g、木蝴蝶(玉蝴蝶)2g、干石斛3g。

Sour plum soup:乌梅30g、净山楂30g、陈皮10g、甘草片10g、桂花2g、桑葚12g、金银花3g、玫瑰茄5g。

The doctor still prepared the medicine on the spot and brewed it on the spot. After more than an hour of processing, it was ready!

Without ice equalsBoiled red wine style, sour and sweet without any medicinal taste, it tastes as refreshing as opening up the Ren and Du meridians.

Just: three yuan a pack!

Since netizens shared:“Preparing sour plum soup in a Chinese pharmacy”Later, the video went viral and the topic continued.

It attracted all the major netizens to come out one after another and instantly dominated the traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy.

In "Compendium of Materia Medica" released by Jay Chou more than ten years ago, the lyrics "Go, yam, angelica, wolfberry, watch me grab a handful of Chinese medicine and take it..." is a reality version.

Netizens also asked:

  • "Are there any other recipes?"

  • “Is there a hair loss drink?”

  • "Are there any diet drinks?"

  • "Is there any prescription for insomnia?"

This is the kind of place where a traditional Chinese medicine store is treated as a milk tea shop, where a professional tea doctor with decades of experience will help you study the formula and customize it for you.


Netizens are trying to catch Chinese medicine, and the server is overcrowded!

Ever since they saw how other Chinese medicine stores use ingredients to make drinks, netizens have been showing up at milk tea shops.

Netizens who were unwilling to go out placed orders online one after another. Netizens in Zhejiang were the most aggressive and paralyzed the servers of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals!

As a result, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital made an emergency announcement:It takes three days to stock up (the server was repaired overnight).

It is said that this traditional Chinese medicine formula of sour plum tea sold 3 orders in 20 days!

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy:Is it my turn to be rich and wealthy?

But after looking at the price, it only costs 1.34 yuan a pair, which means it’s free if you round up. In 1.34, 2023 yuan can make a healthy milk tea (tea) that everyone in the family can drink!

Otherwise, the situation has changed. I can’t even think about the current price inflation. I can’t even think about it!

This hospital that is experiencing a huge surge in orders has launched other styles of sour plum soup due to insufficient inventory. At first glance:Formula for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, calming the liver and lowering lipids, improving eyesight and moisturizing the eyes, and insomnia...

It seems that each product is tailor-made for all age groups in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, and every player can find a drink that matches them.

So, within 12 hours, it was sold out again?

Sure enough, the cultivation of health started by our grandparents is engraved in our DNA. If you have not cultivated your health, it is not the time yet.Netizens who have started health care will tell you:Grab some prescriptions, essentials at home, drink more hot water, that’s good health.

Just when many netizens are posting orders + developing new formulas

Sensible milk tea shops have begun to take care of it, and have launched a variety of health-preserving milk teas.

Take milk tea orally, stay up late water

In addition to water to stay up late, there is also water to help you sleep.

A wide range of Chinese herbal milk tea afternoon tea

Take a look at the ingredients of this Chinese herbal milk tea:Red dates, wolfberry, honeysuckle... does it feel unusual?

All kinds of prescriptions can be matched with each other, and the Chinese medicine clinic is now open for tea!

It’s not unusual for a slimming water to have a team leader, but what’s going on with this magical water? ?

Some netizens said:Now when I go to the Chinese medicine prescription to grab a drink and wait, smelling the pungent smell of the medicine in the pharmacy has a soul-cleansing effect.

Sure enough, each generation has its own health.


What do netizens say?

What do netizens think of this wave of drinks prepared in traditional Chinese medicine pharmacies?

Netizens:What beats the milk tea shop is the Chinese pharmacy

increased knowledge

Netizens:My dad used to buy braised ingredients at a Chinese medicine store

Grabbing a drink for my son

Netizens:My son has been drinking it all summer and it tastes really good.

Exchange experience:

Medical student netizen:Pharmacy students will tell you how to boil them: first cover the medicinal materials with water and let them stand for 20 minutes, then simmer them with high fire (high fire) for 30 minutes, then simmer them with slow fire (low fire) for 15 minutes and let them cool for later use.

Shared by medical student netizens👇🏻

Some netizens asked:Is there any formula for removing dark circles?

At this time, bold netizens sent Haidilao to the stage to evaluate

"What is it like to cook the sour plum soup in a Chinese medicine center in the sea?"

Isn’t there a traditional Chinese medicine hot pot base available soon for health reasons? !

However, please note: Traditional Chinese medicine sour plum soup is a cold drink, so you should try it according to your own constitution.

So North American babies

Do you want to find a Chinese medicine shop and try it?

The team leader is waiting for your evaluation!

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