Heartache! Are overseas children losing their Chinese language every day? Three ways to solve it|Free and massive learning materials

Recently, a mother complained that she had witnessed her daughter’s ability to speak"Look mom, ants crawled on my feet"Such a sentence of more than 10 words has been regressed until only speaking"I want to eat watermelon"On such a single sentence... This is because of the strong language environment,Is squeezing the child’s Chinese language foundation at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This is also a common problem faced by overseas children. So what should parents do?Today, I have invited a senior Chinese teacher to give some advice to the mothers.

First of all, we must learn to observe the child and observe his every move.

Place more learning-related materials around his life to arouse his interest.If children are attracted by books, then we can take this opportunity to cultivate the habit of reading together with parents and children, and enhance their motivation for learning.Therefore, parents can provide children with interesting picture books and reading materials as much as possible, and read together with parents and children.


Secondly, parents skillfully use teaching aids to play Chinese games with their children.

In teaching, we have many common small games or fun activities, which can also be integrated into daily parent-child education.Mom and Dad can prepareAnimals, fruits, traffic, numbers, colorsAnd other common topic vocabulary cards, use the fragmented time for 5-10 minutes every day to practice playing games with children,


Third, a certain language environment needs to be created.

For children living abroad, their own environment lacks a language environment, and children are not used to speaking Chinese.In this case, if one of the parents (father or mother) is of Chinese descent, you can try to speak only Chinese to the child and tell the child that the father/mother only speaks Chinese.

Over time, the child will develop a good habit of trying to speak Chinese.The premise is that the Chinese parent must not let the child hear/see you speak English or any language other than Chinese!The bilingual environment for cultivating children must be persevering in order to be successful~


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LingoAce provides different Chinese proficiency for overseas children
Customized a variety of Chinese course systems

Enlightenment version-suitable for 4-6 years old Chinese children

Possess basic Chinese listening and speaking skills, can learn with zero foundation

1. 0 literacy foundation, can also learn easily and happily
The thinking patterns of children at the age of 3-6 are mainlyThinking in images. Based on this feature, LingoAce uses games, animations, picture books and other modes to mobilize children's enthusiasm for absorbing knowledge.

Children’s language learning should include:Listen and express,Reading and writing preparation.To cultivate children’s bilingual ability, the key is in this processEnter a rich vocabulary.

Enlightenment version of the entire course design,Fully respect children's development and cognitive laws.

In addition to professional animation and fun interaction in teaching, there is also a one-to-one explanation and guidance by teachers. Children can get real-time feedback and encouragement from teachers to ensure their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning.

* 25 minutes a day to ensure the input and output of Chinese vocabulary;
* Original nursery rhymes, continuous input, cultivate children's sense of Chinese;
* One-to-one teaching, with teachers accompany throughout the whole process, closely following the teaching goals;
* Rich and interesting interactive sessions to mobilize children's sense of participation and initiative.

2. Able to master 300 basic Chinese characters, catch up with domestic kindergarten children

Like sight Words in English, Chinese also has high-frequency words and basic words. Selected by LingoAce300 high-frequency basic Chinese characters, Let the children learn these Chinese characters first, which is conducive to lay a good foundation for literacy and writing, and improve the learning efficiency.

These high-frequency Chinese characters mainly start withNursery rhymes, verses, short storiesThe form appears in the courseware, which is more in line with the children’s learning interest and cognitive characteristics.

The enlightenment version of the course is one-to-one teaching, which allows children to study more attentively, and one year's course can cover90% of literacy in domestic kindergartens, To benchmark the expression level of domestic mother tongue children.

3. Enlightenment of general knowledge of Chinese and lay a solid Chinese foundation
The themes of the Enlightenment course are divided intoLiteracy, expression, reading, fables, cultural literacyWait for content and putChinese characters, stroke order, common spoken language, sentence patterns are integrated into the course, Presented in the form of animation.

After every 3 classes, there will be a review class.In the review class, the teacher leads the children to carry out the knowledge that has been learnedConsolidation and practice, And add course-relatedFables, cultural knowledgeExpand, let the child receiveThe nurturing and infection of cultural knowledge.

4. Comprehensive improvement of learning literacy, inspire children's multiple abilities
Such a lively and interesting enlightenment course not only trains children's language expression skills, but for them, immersive learning mobilizes various areas of the brain, which is an improvement of comprehensive literacy.

Sustained focus: There will be some activities to find Chinese characters and figures in the course, and children need to pay attention to find them all.

unique thinking ability: After watching the animation, the teacher will ask a series of questions to trigger children to think independently.

language expression skills: Each lesson has special expression exercises to improve children's oral expression skills.

Learning ability: Enhance students' interest through stories, so that students can gradually learn independently and think independently under the drive of interest.

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27 Chinese recorded and broadcast lessons + massive Chinese learning materials package

Of course, in addition to the enlightenment courses, LingoAce also has other courses designed for different levels of Chinese:

Intermediate version-suitable for children with a weak foundation in listening and speaking

The Chinese-speaking scene is limited to families, and the ability to express Chinese is very limited

There is one type of overseas children who are ABC, and they have basically never lived in China.Compared with the children of new immigrants, ABC has never had the opportunity to be immersed in an all-Chinese environment.Only simple family Chinese communication.

The intermediate version is tailored for overseas children,
More in line with the actual cognitive level of the child.
Topics include:
World operation, sharing the earth, self-expression, self-organization, traditional culture

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27 Chinese recorded and broadcast lessons + massive Chinese learning materials package

Premium Edition—New Immigrant Children

Immigrated with my parents after a few years of primary school in China

Children in such families generally have lived in China, and even attended kindergartens and elementary schools in China for several years.For example, a child who came to the United States at the age of 8 has experienced two years of primary school in China and learned primary school Chinese.Learning the advanced version is very suitable~

Listening, expression, word formation, sentence making, reading, writing
Comprehensively improve systematic learning

Example of Level 1 Learning Objectives

  • 8 daily oral communication topics, proficient in Chinese for communication
  • Master 340 Chinese core vocabulary, 807 Chinese basic vocabulary
  • Beginners can write 3 commonly used application texts: message notes, notifications, and picture writing
  • The amount of reading in class reaches 5 words, and the amount of reading outside class reaches XNUMX words

Make full use of a 55-minute class: review, explain, analyze, answer questions, and explain

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27 Chinese recorded and broadcast lessons + massive Chinese learning materials package

International Edition-Zero Foundation

The child heard that the expression is not smooth 

International EditionIt is a course for children who are struggling to speak and listen, and is based on the textbook "Happy Chinese".For children with this foundation, the main focus is to stimulate children's interest in learning, and more attention is paid to mobilizing children's imagination and desire for expression to improve their listening and speaking skills.

LingoAce is specially prepared for overseas Chinese families
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27 Chinese recorded lessons + massive Chinese learning materials

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