The founder of Din Tai Fung passed away, paying tribute to the most successful Chinese food overseas

Late last night,CNN quoted the news released by the well-known chain restaurant brand "Din Tai Fung",Founder of Din Tai FungYang Bingyi passed away.At the age of 96.
 The first person who brought Chinese food to North America is gone 
In a company statement it said:
The founder, Mr. Yang Bingyi, passed away peacefully a few days ago. The family wishes for a low-key funeral. Thank you for your attention.Now drive the crane west, may he rest in peace.
Speaking of Din Tai Fung, everyone is familiar with it.
Conquer the taste buds of diners all over the world with delicious Xiaolongbao.Up to now, this Chinese food brand has operatedA full 65 years.Has more than 160 stores worldwide, won the Chinese catering so farOnMost popular in overseas markets's honor.
Small workshop to Xiaolongbao empire
 The vicissitudes of Din Tai Fung 
Born in 1927, Mr. Yang Bingyi is from Shanxi. He first came to Taiwan when he was 27 years old.With only $20 in my pocket.After coming to Taiwan, Yang Bingyi began to"Hengtaifeng" oil companyAs a delivery boy, it is precisely because of this job that I met many restaurant owners from Shanghai.
In the early 70s, the appearance of bottled salad oil greatly impacted the business of traditional oil companies. Hengtaifeng could not escape it and had to close down.At this time, Yang Bingyi and his wife took over the store and planned to start their own business. When they named it, they combined the time-honored brand "Hengtaifeng" of the old owner and the supplier brand "Dingmei Oil Company"."Din Tai Fung" became the official store name.
But after the store opened, Yang Bingyi did not have a clear direction for the business direction. He wanted to use his origin to sell Shanxi pasta.But his Shanghai friend, the owner of the famous Shanghai restaurant Fuxingyuan, suggested:"It's better to sell Shanghai dim sum, which is delicious and exquisite!"
As a result, the dim sum shop in the oil shop opened, althoughAt first there were only 4 tables, butChinese snacks such as Xiaolongbao, steamed dumplings, and thousand-layer cakes are on the scene, and the buns are freshly made at the entrance of the store.can say thisAt that time, Din Tai Fung's unique"Front Kitchen" and "Back Kitchen"The pattern of going hand in hand began to take shape.
Later, the Xiaolongbao business got better and better, Yang Bingyi simply gave up the oil shop,Dedicated to making steamed bunsbusiness.
The so-called tiger father has no dogs and sons, father and son fight in battle,Yang JihuaCleverLi also learns how to make steamed buns with her master in her spare time.
The perfect replacement for a famous movie
The chef at that time was Luo Lunbiao, the chef director of Din Tai Fung who joined Din Tai Fung at the age of 16. Later, Yang Jihua learned a good cooking skill.Li AnOn1994Shooting"Diet men and women"Time,We sincerely invite Yang JihuaActing as actor Lang Xiong's substitute in the film.
That's right, it's the pair of masterful hands in the shot below.
In a few seconds, a perfect "golden 18 pleats" steamed bun was wrapped.
This anecdote is very interesting, but many viewers don't know that this is the first time that Din Tai Fung's Xiaolongbao has been fully featured in a well-received commercial film.
Later, because of his hard work, Din Tai Fung became stronger and stronger.
Din Tai Fung's success is not only due to standardization
From an oil shop to a multinational Chinese restaurant chain, Din Tai Fung has gone through ups and downs, and the ups and downs are insignificant, and the word "hardship" cannot be exhausted.
However, the current scale has not been baptized by the Internet, and there were no Internet celebrities checking in and bloggers visiting stores in the early days.Stick to a simple heart.
make buns to the extreme
So how does Din Tai Fung make itself into aThe first Chinese Chinese food brand to receive the Michelin standardof?
Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung,Each one has its own standard,That is"5 grams of skin, 16 grams of stuffing, 18 pleats, total weight21 grams, steam for 4 minutes before serving".Whether Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao is the best or not is a matter of opinion; however, strict and uniform production has made Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao a world-renowned and standardized Chinese delicacy.
How the bun stuffing is made has not been mentioned too much by the major media before, because it involves commercial secrets.But in fact very few people know,All the recipes of Din Tai Fung's minced meat were first explored by Yang Bingyi's wife through countless experiments., Sometimes if it doesn’t work once, try to adjust the taste ten times until the feedback given by the customer is satisfactory.
The Philosophy of Shanxi Merchants
"Wind and rain, a glass of wine, the heart of the world"
After working hard and succeeding in starting a business, Yang Jihua took over relatively early. The father and son summed up two points, one is"Content Philosophy",two isThe dedication and integrity that Shanxi businessmen firmly believe in.
"Tolerance" iscan suffer, dry catering will not last long if you don't lose money; integrity means keeping your word,If the bun is 16 grams of filling, it is 16 grams of filling, it is better to have more than less.
God of FoodCai Lan, as early as 2010, it clearly expressed its affirmation of Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao.In fact, a large part of the reason for making a small bun to the extreme is also from the father and son of Shanxi, Yang Bingyi and Yang Jihua.The spirit of Shanxi merchants.
The hard work for the brand is still condensed on the Din Tai Fung signboard.
Din Tai FungThese three characters are from 1958. Yang Bingyi specially entrusted a fellow from Shanxi to ask YouThe "Grass Saint" in the Calligraphy World of the Republic of Chinabearded manYu Youren, asked for a signboard:"Din Tai Fung Oil Shop".
This plaque is still hanging at the entrance of Din Tai Fung Xinyi store, and the first three characters in Yu Youren's inscription have now become the signature of all Din Tai Fung stores.Gold signboard.
Do things conscientiously and meticulously let those who stick to their original intentions and high-quality appearanceDin Tai Fung has become a Chinese restaurant created by the Chinese and highly recognized worldwide.
EvenHollywood star Tom Cruise, I also learned how to make Xiaolongbao from Master Yang Bingyi and Yang Jihua.
Din Tai Fung's reputation has spread far and wide, and it has been singing all the way after going to sea:
In 1993, it was selected as one of the "Top Ten Gourmet Restaurants in the World" by the New York Times.
In 2014, it was listed as one of the "World's Best Travel Food Restaurants" by CNN, belonging to the level of "Restaurants Worth Visiting".
In 1996, the Shinjuku store in Japan opened.
In 2000, the California store opened in the United States.
2009 years,Din Tai Fung gets its first Michelin star.
In 2023, overseas stores will expand to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.
These are earlier awards,Post-epidemic era, Din Tai Fung did not stand still, but launched in North American storesNew Taste of Chicken Xiao Long Bao, to meet the growing market demand for chicken.
Now, Mr. Yang Bingyi has passed away, and Din Tai Fung's favoriteChinese and foreign netizens.voices of condolence.
Fortunately, I have been to the Din Tai Fung store in Taiwan, it is very delicious!There is also Din Tai Fung in Causeway Bay, which is a good place worth visiting in Hong Kong.
I remember trying Din Tai Fung in 2006 when people said it was the "world famous" restaurant in Taiwan - great restaurant, great hero!
may he rest in peace
Rest in peace, god of xiao long bao!
RIP king of xiao long bao - you filled my life with more delicious food
Thank you for your precious "legacy" and may you rest in peace
Mr. Yang devoted all his life toLet a small steamed bun go to the world.
The feelings here are respectable and admirable.This is exactly,"If you don't have money in your arms, you don't have to be afraid, you want to leave a small cage in the world".
Finally, we once again pay tribute to this simple but great Chinese food lover, RIP
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