Worried!5-year-old boy in California washed away by floods, and comforted his mother, "Don't worry, everything will be fine"


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On Monday, Kyle, who should be five,·Dorn (Kyle Doan) back to the first day of kindergarten after the holiday.
as always papa brian·Dorn (Brian DoanTaking Daughter to High School, Mom Lindsy Doan DrivesKyleTo kindergarten at Lillian Larsen Elementary School in San Miguel County, where Mom works as a special education teacher.
Although California has recently suffered a rareSeeing the heavy rain, the weather forecast also issued a warning, but the school opened as usual, and there was no obstacle on the road. Liansha didn't even think about it, she continuedFollow your usual commute route when they drive toAt a crossroad that has been passed countless times, the flood has blocked the way.
The rapidly rising flood began to submerge theirSUV, my mother was a little at a loss when she saw that the situation was not good.
"Don't worry, mom, everything will be fine,"Little Kyle comforted his mother.
"He doesn't fully understand what's going on,"dad is acceptingCNNSaid in the interview. "While they were still in the car, Kyle and my wife spoke very calmly."
The mother who came back to her senses quickly unfastened Kyle’s child seat and carried him out of the car to escape. Little Kyle tried to take his backpack, but his mother immediately stopped him and said:"Forget about the bag, just about yourself!"
At the critical moment, the mother hugged the tree in front of her with one hand, and pulled her little son with the other.The flood rose higher and higher, and the current became more rapid,SUVWashed away by the water and turned upside down, the mother used all her strength to hold her little son, but the relentless flood still washed them away.
The father told the media afterwards that the car wasThe fact that the water washed away proved that Liansha's decision to take the child out of the car to escape was correct, and no one could question her decision.
"I was basically trying to grab Kyle's hand while hugging the tree, but the water just washed Kyle out and our hand slipped,"莲莎tellCNNSubsidiary Body KSBY.
despairLiansha just watched little Kyle being swept away by the torrent, but what gave her a glimmer of hope was that when Kyle was washed away, he was floating face up on the flood.

Rescue failed, continue to hope for the best
Authorities have been searching for Kyle on and off since Monday,Rescue operations were suspended on Monday afternoon due to heavy rain and did not resume until Tuesday morning.The county sheriff said,100 Several members of the National Guard arrived on the scene on Wednesday to help find Kyle, and more troops arrived on Thursday to help.
National Guard at scene searching for missing Carl
The rescue operation also used divers, drones and helicopters, and they further expanded the search area. Unfortunately, no trace of Little Kyle has been found so far.
"We continue to hope for the best,"san luis obispo sheriff spokeswoman grace·Norris (Grace Norris)Say.

strong optimistic boy
Kyle's father said the past year has been difficult for Kyle.He tripped and hurt himself in preschool, and doctors put steel bars in his broken leg.
"He didn't care about that,"my father recalled. "He is very adaptable.After a few months, he was walking around like his leg wasn't broken."
11 The rebar was removed in July and after a six-week recovery period, little Kyle was eager to start school on Monday because he could play with his classmates.
(Image source: CNN)
"He's a great kid, he loves to dance,"said father. "He is very talkative and very outgoing.He likes to do silly things and try to get attention in the typical five-year-old way.He loves to play soccer and loves his Paw Patrol."
"I just want parents to give their children a little more love."said the mother. "We missed such an opportunity.It breaks my heart to see other kids go back to school without Kyle.Hug your children even harder and thank you for having them because they can disappear at any moment."

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