The United States is facing extreme weather this winter. California is suffering from drought and can't even drink water?

According to reports,

This fall and winter will see extreme weather across the United States.

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Southwest Regionwill face extreme drought,

California water prices continue to rise;

The eastern United States continued to cool down,

this harsh winterblizzard possible……

Let's take a look at the details:

Southwest drought, severe water shortage

Although the southern United States will be relatively warm this winter, the entireThe Southwest is all experiencing another misery - drought.

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The 2022-2023 U.S. Winter Precipitation Outlook map shows drier-than-average weather is forecast for parts of California, the Southwest, the southern Rockies, the southern Plains, the Gulf Coast and much of the Southeast.

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 California water prices rise 

Parts of California will be threatened by drought this winter, with Los Angeles, Seattle and other places seeing their lowest precipitation of the year.

* Actively respond to water restrictions

About 600 million Southern Californians will face unprecedented water restrictions as California relies on reservoir water supply.

There are even regional city officials who estimate that their town will run out of water by Dec. 12 this year, and the mayor is considering buying water for the town at a premium from the open market.

The extreme shortage of water resources has prompted the governor of California to actively call on everyone to save water.

Some suppliers in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and other counties are limiting lawn watering to once a week to ease the burden of the drought.

*Water shortages lead to increased water bills

However, the drought has also led to higher water bills, with the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index, which specializes in agriculture, up about 40 percent since the beginning of the year.

Water prices are also rising for Los Angeles residents, with nearly one in XNUMX California households falling behind on their bills because they can't pay their bills.

In the face of water shortages, California residents can use water many times, such as cooking and washing water, which can be used to water vegetation.When washing, turn off the running faucet in time to avoid wasting water resources.

 Texas drought intensifies 

The precipitation rate in Texas is also not optimistic, and the drought situation is getting worse.

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According to NOAA's precipitation rate forecast map, the southern region represented by Texas is highly likely to face a very dry winter.

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 Mississippi water crisis 

* Water level drops, transportation is difficult

The drought brought about by winter has caused the water level of the Mississippi River to continue to decline, and the approach to history lies in the short board.

About 60 percent of U.S. grain exports pass through the Gulf Coast, and the Mississippi River, which transports grain, fertilizer, coal and other commodities year round, is an important shipping channel.

It is difficult to transport materials, which may lead to shortage of resources. . . .

* Challenges in all walks of life

Droughts will also continue or worsen in the farmlands of the southern plains, with farmers having to switch to winter wheat crops due to overly dry soils…

To make matters worse, people also have no water to drink.

Jackson, Mississippi, has had a water shortage crisis for decades, but poor infrastructure and extreme weather have pushed the water crisis to its peak.

This year, underfunded and understaffed water plants have closed in Mississippi, Jackson residents have had to line up for purified water, and businesses such as restaurants have had to procure additional bottled water.

East US cools, snowstorm warning

Although the eastern region is relatively humid, cold air has swept across the entire eastern United States. Not only DC has ushered in the coldest late autumn in the past five years, but the mountains are covered with snowflakes, and places such as New York and Boston are also covered by strong cold air.

Frost warnings were also issued for many parts of the east.

Not only that, but a strong cold front surged to the southeast, with low temperatures and deadly frost extending as far south as near Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama,Dallas and HoustonOther places will also be affected.

Although many areas are still immersed in the euphoria of the first snow, keep vigilance at all times, because the East Coast of the United States must always be prepared for snow bursts...

 Extreme Weather Review 

But don't underestimate the blizzard!Last winter, the East Coast of the United States was already hit by a blizzard, causing power outages and traffic chaos, affecting thousands of people. The power cannot be underestimated!

Up to 0.75 meters of snow was visible to the naked eye in parts of New York, Boston, Massachusetts and other areas, and local residents were warned to stay home.

Nearly 6,000 flights were canceled and 8 Massachusetts homes were without power.

The power outages also caused traffic lights to fail and blocked roads, leaving people stuck motionless on snow-covered roads.

Even more frightening is that the heavy snow brought by the extreme cold will also be accompanied by floods.Cape Cod, Massachusetts, was hit hard, with coastal storm surge flooding, causing coastal residents to suffer. …

Although natural disasters are merciless,

But fortunately, people can predict in advance,

to avoid disasters as much as possible,

Or reduce disaster losses.

anyway, the captain still hopes

Everyone is safe and sound

spend this winter~

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