I heard that Seattleites who know how to take a vacation play like this - travel by train with Santa Claus

After Halloween, the festive atmosphere in the entire greater Seattle area has become increasingly intense.The shining decorative lights on the trees on the side of the street seem to remind us-yes, Christmas is coming again!

If you haven't figured out what to do for Christmas, it's not too late—Come and book a Christmas train ride!

Aside from the boring option where the family can only sit on the sofa and watch TV shows and games, sitting on a small train can not only enjoy the natural scenery along the way, but also make friends with Santa Claus. This Christmas is simply not too cool!


Christmas Express Train Ride - The Most Scenic

This one25-minute holiday train touris an express train tour offered by the Northwest Railway Museum.

The decorated antique train travels west from the historic Snoqualmie depot, passing Snoqualmie Falls, stopping at the top of the hill where passengers can enjoy the stunning views of the valley below before returning the same way.

During the ride, Santa Claus will be on board to give each child a small present, and all passengers will also receive a festive mint stick.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 26–Dec. 17, 2022

Location: the Snoqualmie Depot, 38625 SE King Street, Snoqualmie.

Tickets: $26 (children over 2 years old need to buy a ticket, infants and young children under 1 year old can ride for free on the lap of an adult)


Christmas limited train tour - the oldest in history

The Northwest Railroad Museum's limited-edition Santa Train, which has been running since 1969, is the museum's longest-running and popular seasonal event.

This two-hour festival excursionFrom the North Bend depot, passengers ride a seasonally decorated train across the Snoqualmie River and through the woods to the Railroad Historic Campus.

There, Santa greets each family in the beautifully restored chapel carriage and delivers a small present to each child.

Limited-edition Santa tickets include access to all exhibits in the Train Shed Exhibit Hall, plus hands-on access to the event.All visitors will receive a festive cookie as a souvenir on this train journey~

Date: Saturday–Sunday, Nov. 26–Dec. 18, 2022

Location: the North Bend Depot, 205 E. McClellan Street, North Bend.

Tickets: $35 (children over 2 years old need to buy a ticket, infants under 1 year old can ride for free on the lap of an adult)


The Arctic Express Journey——

Get up close and personal with Santa Claus and polar bears

This holiday train ride takes place in Canada,But there are fewer Puget Sound-area options this year.

After a festive one-hour tour, everyone is transported to the North Pole Activity Zone, where they have the chance to meet Santa Claus and Marshall Mellow (!), the polar bear who runs Santa's Workshop.

Date: Saturday–Sunday, Nov. 26–Dec. 18, 2022

Location: Railway Museum of British Columbia, 39645 Government Road, Squamish, BC. (Squamish is a three and a half hour drive from Seattle and needs to cross the border.)

Tickets: $40 CDN; there is a VIP ticket option. Infants aged 1 and under can sit on the lap of an adult for free. 


Next year there will be a chance to open trains for everyone

The Chehalis Centralia Railway and Museum reports that due to ongoing track maintenance and other conditions, it will only be absent from all holiday train excursions this year, but will continue to operate in 2023. Welcome to the official website to follow updates.

The Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad in Elbow, another popular holiday train provider, is closed due to the pandemic.

While some rail fans fear the closure will be permanent, a new organization called the Western Forest Industries Museum plans to restore the railroad, but it may not be able to catch the holiday train this year, so stay tuned for updates ~

Getting in touch with Santa Claus can probably be a wonderful moment for every child.Whether you are an older child or have young children at home, you can take a Christmas train journey to bring the festive atmosphere to the peak~

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