Early warning!Tomorrow Washington State will usher in the first winter blizzard

The weather forecast shows that this Friday, Washington State may usher in the first blizzard in the fall and winter of this year. On Wednesday, several rains began in the mountains of central Washington. The colder air system will arrive in Washington this weekend, and it will become snowfall. Or hail.

A storm system descending south from Alaska is expected to come to Washington on Friday, and cold autumn rains will appear in the Puget Sound area on Friday morning. It is expected that from noon on Friday to early Saturday morning, there will be 6 to 12 feet of snow in the mountains. .

The weekend's snowfall will occur in the mountains above 2000 feet above sea level, and the probability of snowfall in the Stevens Pass area exceeds 80%.It will have an adverse impact on the highway traffic connecting the east and west of Huazhou.

In areas with lower altitudes, the probability of snowfall this weekend is unlikely, and only 25% of the snow may appear, and it is more likely to be cold rain.In downtown Seattle, the temperature will drop significantly. It is expected that the temperature in Seattle this weekend will drop to near the freezing point, but the probability of snowflakes is only 5%.From next Monday, the cold current will disappear and the Seattle area will return to warmer weather.

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