Daoxiang Village Beijing Eight Pieces, Bright Red Bayberry Popsicles, Osmanthus Rice Cakes... All LA delicacies are $20 off and a subsidy of $50!

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Zhiweiguan Yangmei Juice

Yangmei is usually eaten in Jiangnan during the rainy season.

I used to eat directly, but I would also be used to soak in wine~

I didn’t expect to make it directly into bayberry juice,

Not only the flavor of bayberry is preserved properly,

And liberate your hands, more refreshing and relieving greasy!

In the ingredients listNothing but Xianju Yangmei, water and rock sugar.

The ingredients are honest, and the pure natural drink is more assured~

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There are new hot models on the shelves Bright bayberry popsicles!

It's not just the cold bayberry flavor,

There really is bayberry in it~

Old Qiulin Harbin Red Sausage

The niche delicacies unique to Northeastern people are now loved by foodies all over the country!

because it is--Really delicious!

The unique smoky flavor, the meat is delicate and chewy~

Compared with the salami sausage, it is full of meat,

It tastes very exciting!

Among them, [Old Qiulin] is the most authentic brand!

Mellow meaty garlic fragrance,

It goes well with the smoked fruit trees,

can not stop at all!

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Zhenshan Osmanthus Rice Cake

This rice cake is really the closest to the taste that you would taste when you were a child in the free shipping area!

Soft and waxy with a little bit of elastic teeth,

Rice fragrant and light brewing taste, the sweetness is just right~

Come and see the resonance between everyone and me in the comment area👇

A hot meal in the morning can really start a good mood for the day~

This kind of snack, which is rarely seen in China, is so happy to be eaten in a foreign country!

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Frozen Arctic Sweet Shrimp

This sweet shrimp is sweet and smooth~

Defrost it and steam it for a super delicious high-protein and low-fat meal!

This is also a lot of praise~

I repurchased it many times by myself,

Convenient, delicious and healthy, you can eat as much as you want!

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Eight Pieces of Daoxiang Village Beijing

"Beijing Eight Pieces" is also called "Big Eight Pieces"

That is, eight kinds of Beijing-style pastries with different shapes and tastes😋

It is the cakes of the Ming and Qing courts, and then spread to the folk

And the packaging is exquisite~✨The meaning is excellent~💕

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the most suitable gift!

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Gold pomfret

This golden pomfret can be said to be available"Golden Pomfret Ceiling"Now!

The meat is firm and tender, without any fishy smell~

From the famous seafood brand Talassa,

Passed BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certification!

Covers the entire upstream and downstream industrial chain

Safety certification for the entire growth process from fish roe, fish farm, to fish food~

And the meat is more thorny, you can eat it with simple cooking🐟

3 pieces for $11.49,An average of only $1!

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Lipton British Royal Milk Tea

Finally realized that you can drink fragrant milk tea at home,

The secret is it - Lipton Royal Milk Tea!

It uses Rainforest Alliance certified black tea and also imported milk from New Zealand~

Perfectly realized the freshly brewed milk tea experience!

And it can be taken with you, which is super convenient!

·One-click scan code ☝direct purchase·

Shoukang Farm Kyoho Grape

It may be one of the sweetest Kyoho grapes I have ever eaten in the United States.

From the Shoukang Farm that has produced a lot of fine fruits~

Direct delivery from the farm, very fresh!

The flesh is crispy, sweet and very juicy,

There is even a faint strawberry fragrance, which is super special!

It is definitely a must-see for "grape lovers"!

👆Look at the praise from everyone in the comment area👆

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