Can’t afford fast food? These 6 U.S. restaurant chains are getting more expensive…

Have you noticed that dining out in the United States has become very luxurious in recent years?

due toSupply chains, rising wages, food shortagesand many other factors,Food prices soared,The impact on restaurants has been particularly severe.

Especially after the epidemic, it is really difficult for restaurants. For example, Red Lobster suffered losses due to its buffet and is now facing a wave of store closures.During the period of inflation, major chains can no longer handle it.!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,In March 2024, food prices outside the home increased by 3% compared with a year ago.. These 6 chain restaurants that everyone in the United States is familiar with are getting more and more expensive!



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Many consumers took to social media to protest the prices of McDonald's Egg McMuffins, hash browns, Big Mac meals and McChicken sandwiches.

On January 1, New York-based Bespoke Investment Group posted a photo of a receipt from a recent McDonald's run on X. The receipt shows,Two egg waffles cost a whopping $14.58, which works out to $7.29 per sandwich.

Netizens:"A McDonald's is $7.29. What has the world become?"

McDonald's Chief Financial Officer Ian Borden announced during an earnings call in February thatMenu prices will increase by about 2023% in 10 alone.

The average price of a McDonald's cheeseburger jumped from $2021 in 1.55 to $2024 in 2.40, the study found. A 55% increase in just three years.

Big Macs are also more expensive overall, although not by as much. According to reports, the average price of a signature burger will increase by 2021% in 2024 compared to 16.4.



Chipotle has raised prices multiple times in recent years, a trend that has become a major point of dissatisfaction among customers.

Chipotle executives revealed during an earnings call in February that they planned to increase prices by 2% to 2024% in the first quarter of 2.5. Chipotle Chief Financial Officer Jack Hartung also said on the conference callPlans for further price increases in California.

These price increases appear to have already begun. According to a report by National Restaurant News on April 4, data compiled by analysts at financial services company Keybanc showed that:Prices at most Chipotle stores in California increased by 7% to 8%.


texas roadhouse

Like Chipotle, prices at Texas Roadhouse have been rising steadily over the past year. The popular steak chain raised prices by 2023% in April 4, and then again in October 2.2 by 2023%.

During an earnings call in February 2024, Texas Roadhouse Chief Financial Officer Chris Monroe announced that the company planned to raise prices by 2%, "which will help offset the impact of inflationary pressures."

With beef prices expected to rise this year and food prices in general continuing to rise, customers should not rule out the possibility of further price increases in the future.

Surprisingly, however, the chain's increasingly expensive prices don't seem to be deterring customers. Texas Roadhouse reported same-store sales growth of 2023% and customer traffic growth of 9.9% in the fourth quarter of 5.1.


Cracker barrel

Earlier this year, Cracker Barrel announced a 1% price increase for the quarter ended January 26. The country-themed restaurant chain expects its prices to rise even higher by the end of 4.8.

"We now expect full-year price increases of approximately 2%," Chief Financial Officer Craig Pommells said on an earnings call in February.


Shake Shack

It's already an exciting year for Shake Shack fans, with the launch of a limited-time menu and April Chicken Shack giveaways. However, Shake Shack customers may not be too happy about another change this year:price increased.

Chief Financial Officer Katie Fogerty announced on an earnings call in February that the chain planned to increase in-store menu prices by about 2% at most of its stores by 2024.

In addition, Fogarty also predicted that Shake Shack plans to further raise prices this year in areas of the United States where "labor inflation is too high."For example, California, because the minimum wage increased...



During an earnings call in February, the pizza chain's chief financial officer Sandeep Reddy announced plans to launch in the U.S. this year"Moderate price increase".

Domino's customers in California will see larger price increases than the rest of the country due to the state's new wage laws.However, it has not yet been revealed how much the price will increase...

Wages are not rising and prices are skyrocketing...What do you think?

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