[New in Costco holiday season] I have everything to eat, I will take you shopping today

The American holiday season is here!All major supermarket retailers have launched new products, hoping to make a lot of money in the traditional peak season.

Before Lei Fengjun posted an article "Undead Uncle" Trader Joe's is new in the fall!The popular seasonal products are back!Many friends hope that we can write an article about new products on Costco.

Here it is! See what new "things" Costco has.


COCOA BOMBS (Chocolate Bombs)

Chocolate Bomb has recently become a hit on Tiktok and YoutubeCountless netizens are madly learning how to make this delicacy.

The ingredients of this delicacy are our common sweets: chocolate, marshmallow, ice cream, caramel, cocoa powder, etc.There are two main ways to eat,One is to pour hot chocolate sauce on the chocolate bomb and let the skin melt slowly.

The other is to pour hot milk on it to create a bursting visual effect.That's why this delicacy got its name.

This food is beautiful and delicious,But the procedure is very cumbersome and there are many steps.If you accidentally make a mistake in any link, you will fail and drive people crazy!

Costco, which is "comprehensive", has actually launched the same product "COCOA BOMBS".It was too timely!

Costco's chocolate bomb is wrapped in marshmallows, Put it in a cup and pour hot milk into a cup of Hot Chocolate, the most popular drink in winter.

Watching the chocolate bomb slowly melted by the hot milk, the marshmallow burst out, and then slowly floated in the cup after bursting upward,Don't be too beautiful!

There are 16 in total in a box, with milk chocolate, caramel, strawberry and s'mores flavors.And it is wrapped in red, green, gold and silver tin foil, which looks like a decorative ball on a Christmas tree, which is festive at first glance.


Mediterranean Baklava (Mediterranean Baklava)

Costco’s popular Mediterranean Baklava dessert plate has recently returned!When it comes to Mediterranean food, the first thing that comes to mind is Hummus (hummus), various kebabs, various olive oil salads, and yogurt products.

But little is known about their sweets.Now Costco has come to bless all beings again, heThis dessert from our house allows you to taste a variety of Mediterranean desserts at once.

This dessert has a generous portion and consists of five different flavors of baklava.Baklava is characterized by its melaleuca on the outside, which is filled with nuts perfectly blended with honey, syrup or frosting.The taste is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, which is very suitable for Chinese tastes.


Maple & Pecan Lava Cake

(Maple Sugar Walnut Lava Cake)

Although this cake sounds very domineering, but its taste is not domineering at all, but very gentle.

Each box has 4 individually wrapped cakes.The cake is a handmade cinnamon cake with melted maple caramel sauce in the middle and a layer of crispy walnuts on top.

The container of this cake is a reusable ceramic bowl, which is very environmentally friendly!But the taste is sweeter, you can enjoy it with coffee or tea.

This cake is another lava cake previously launched by Costco: the sister of Chocolate Fudge Lava Cake 👇

Two flavors are close, Friends who like lava cake may wish to buy it and try it.


Pumpkin And Bat Ravioli

Halloween is getting closer, Costco has launched more and more Halloween foods,Pumpkin and bat-shaped tortellini are one of them.

This tortellini is not new, It was on sale last year and the response was very good, so this year it is back again!

Its shape is very cute and its colors are very bright, which makes people very appetizing.But if you just talk about the taste, it’s quite satisfactory.There is nothing outstanding.If you just want to buy some seasonal food, that is also a good choice.


Haagen-Dazs limited edition ice cream

It makes sense that Haagen-Dazs ice cream is famous all over the world. Their ice cream is mellow and smooth.Every bite has a feeling of owning the whole world!

As a resident product of Costco, their ice cream has never disappointed.This ice cream is relatively small, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is very suitable as a dessert after dinner, and it will not be too greasy after eating!

But if you expect this limited edition ice cream will bring you some big surprises,Then you might be disappointed!Because it tastes very Haagen-Dazs.


Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread Mix

How can there be no pumpkin-flavored pastries in autumn?This kind of bread mix is ​​delicious whether it is making muffins or cookies.

Especially for muffins,The roasted taste is moist and soft, not dry at all.Each box also comes with 4 packs of chopped walnuts, which are superb for mixing in muffins.

There is also a recipe on the back of the box, which is really a savior for lazy people!Even if you don't have any baking experience, you will not fail.

Although this product is not new,But it is a seasonal product. If you miss this season, you will have to wait for next year.


White Peppermint Pretzel Crisps

This seasonal product is finally back.The savoury Pretzel is wrapped in sweet white chocolate, and the Peppermint taste blessing which is necessary for the holiday.

This festive productHas been on the shelves of Costco's holiday season for several years, Quite popular!It can be used with tea or coffee, and it won’t feel very sweet as a snack.


Organic Bourbon Maple Syrup

(Organic Bourbon Maple Syrup)

recent,This niche maple syrup is also back!

Friends who like to drink whiskey must know bourbon.This whisky has a rich and sweet taste, mellow and soft, rich aroma, wood and fruit flavors, and a long aftertaste.

Costco's holiday season product perfectly combines pure maple syrup and bourbon.Similar to the collocation of bonbons, two originally delicious but seemingly unrelated foods are "mixed and matched" to create a delicacy beyond the original.

Bourbon maple syrup can be enjoyed in many ways.The most common usage is to pour it directly on waffles, ice cream, fruit or oatmeal. The "non-mainstream" way of eating is to use it to make fruit salsa, maple bourbon roasted pineapple, maple bourbon bacon and maple bourbon mustard.

It is said to use this maple syrupThe festive cocktail tastes great.Friends who like wine tasting can try it!


Hot Color-Changing Cups

Having said so many delicious foods, let's also talk about the new and useful things on Costco!

This summer, Costco launched the Color-changing Tumblers cold drink cup.The cold drink cup will change color once it encounters a cold drink, which is very fun!Many parents said that this cup is an artifact to coax children to drink water.

Now that autumn and winter are here, Costco immediately launched a hot version of the color changing cup, allowing you to continue to enjoy the fun of drinking water even when the weather is getting colder.

Contrary to cold drink cups, this hot cup changes color when hot drinks.For example, if you pour hot coffee into a green cup, the cup will turn from green to yellow.

Each box contains 4 color cups, 3 cups of each color, a total of 12 cups.Currently this cup has been sold out online!Friends who want to buy have to go to the store to buy.


Mickey and Star Wars Pyrex glass crisper

Speaking of the Pyrex glass crisper, the first impression of my friends must beStrong and durable.Indeed, their products are of high quality, but they are not beautiful.

Nowadays, Pyrex occasionally "skin" and design some cute and super cute preservation boxes.Watch out for Mickey and Star Wars fans!Costco recently launched 3 new themed Pyrex glass crisper. 👇

Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Edition

Classic Star Wars Classic Star Wars Edition

Star Wars The Child designs

Lei Fengjun's girly heart!This is too cute!

The glass crisper of the same design sells for $39.99 on Amazon.At Costco, it's only $17.99, This gap is also big!

With the advent of the holiday season, Costco will continue to add new products to meet the needs of the people during the festival.Many seasonal products that were popular in previous years have also returned.

Friends are welcome to report to us the latest status of Costco, we will share with you as soon as possible!

Lei Fengjun reminds: different Costco branches will have different new time, because the supplier of each branch is different.Don't worry if you haven't found a new product!Be patient!

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