LA Snacks Recommended for Watching Games | Watch [American Spring Festival Gala], are you ready?

The Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Ox will not start until next week
【American Spring Festival Gala】Super Bowl
Open this Sunday first~

The annual [American Spring Festival Gala]
Not just the ultimate matchup of rugby
Every year is a gathering of stars
Lady Gaga, Maroon 5
This year there is still mildew to help out.
Sunday (2/7) 3:30pm pst
You can watch it in CBS, YOUTUBE, HULU~

Of course, whether it’s the Chinese Spring Festival Gala or the American Spring Festival Gala
How can I have less delicious food from watching the show?

Hundreds of commodities of fruits, vegetables and pasta snacks,
6% off, stock up on New Year goods!
Miss another year
Let's take a look
How to gather the wool for the New Year's Day?

Let's start with a wave of hot internet celebrity cakes
🍰Love Me Sweet Cheesecake🍰
List$24.99 Discount price $21.99

LeTao Cheesecake that is popular all over the world

The cheap version is now available! 🍰✨

It won't hurt to eat too much~

This net redLove Me Sweet Cheesecake, Called by friendsLetao cheap edition, Although the taste is similar, the price is onlyhalfAround! ! ! 💵

Every time it goes online, the number is limited.The first wave has been robbed, this time is the hot second wave of new updates.

This time we have new flavors:

Oreo Double Cheesecake

And Japanese-style double cheesecake

Are there230-240gabout!


You know, Letao doesn’t have Oreo flavor yet~

(Real shot picture Japanese-style double cheesecake)

(Real shot picture Oreo double cheesecake)

Press and hold the QR code below to buy directly

There are also many new baking gift boxes 👇

Another wave
Convenient snacks necessary to watch the game
Nachos, guacamole, none of them can be missing!
Long press the QR code to buy delicious ⬇️

In addition to watching TV,
What's less is a must buy during the Spring Festival!
Fresh fruits and vegetables, various gift boxes, are all ready for you!


Fresh broad beans 
$5.99 $4.79
20% off

You can buy fresh broad beans in Seattle
From now until 1/31
Weee! Special offer fresh broad beans in shell and surprise specials

Weekly sales of 1.4K was almost robbed as soon as it was put on the shelves
Just restocked, not much left, start early

The freshness that could only be enjoyed in spring
Weee! Surprise everyone in advance before the Spring Festival
Bring you the deliciousness of Jiangnan-fresh broad beans

Refreshing, tender, waxy, fragrant and pleasant in color,
Simply stir fry to get a big bowl of fresh and healthy taste!

Each one is well wrapped in green bean pods,
With the most original freshness,
Weee again!Pack this spring love carefully and send it directly to your home~
Long press the QR code to buy fresh broad beans ⬇️


Crown Pear
The crystal pear fruit is round or oblate, with a shiny surface, transparent, and attractive appearance.The flesh is white, the flesh is delicate, dense, tender and crisp, rich in juice, small in heart, sweet in taste, rich in fragrance, and excellent in quality.

Long press the QR code to buy New Year goods ⬇️


Jinshan Navel Orange New Year Gift Box 12 lbs
$15.99 $13.99
13% off

Replenishing artifact BLUE JAY Premium Golden Mountain Orange

I met the most beautiful one in the best years

Soak up the California sun and thrive

The juice is so fragrant and sweet

Long press the QR code to buy New Year goods ⬇️


[Yu Shan Fang Stew] Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar

How can I get less beauty and beauty during the New Year?
A progressive artifact to enhance resistance and improve appearance:

This time, Yushanfang specially improved the ingredients, upgraded the broken bird's nest to bird's nest, and the quality and content remained unchanged. It was still 5g of dried bird's nest.From the soaking to the boiling and sealing of the bottle, the chefs of Yushanfang make it with a craftsmanship.Yushanfang’s instant bird’s nest is freshly stewed with mineral water every day.Every bird's nest is carefully selected. In addition to fully complying with US FDA standards, each bird's nest is hand-picked.
Long press the QR code to buy New Year goods ⬇️


Red Fuji Apple

High-end boutique gift box with red Fuji apples
Crisp and sweet, bright color
Sweet and delicious with plenty of juice
It is also printed with "Fortune and Treasure", whether it is a gift or eating by yourself!
Long press the QR code to buy New Year goods ⬇️


Green coconut gift box (9 pcs)
Needless to say about the young coconut in Thailand
Coconut milk is sweet, remove the fire
The coconut meat is tender, and one coconut can have nearly 2 pounds of coconut milk
It's not enough to give me a box!
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In addition to the aforementioned, there are more specials
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there are moreNew Year Gift PackAndGreat dealsWaiting for you to discover!
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What are you waiting to see here?
Please log
Don’t go to the supermarket queuing with fear,
No need to carry big bags in the cold wind,
Weee came to deliver the supermarket to your home.

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Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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