In North America, a group of people love Costco with their lives

Costco is a magical place...

After coming to the United States, I believe that everyone has bought Costco more or lessOversized box of fruit;

Costco’s large bags of potato chips, chocolate, nuts, and dried fruits that I have stocked up for watching football or watching dramas...

Have cheap and large portions at Costco Food CourtPizza and hot dog;

Before returning to China, I had swept various vitamins, calcium tablets and melatonin in bulk for relatives and friends in China.Health products;

In a certain corner of some people’s homes, there is still a child who can be used as a mountain to climb, and a girl who can be used as a boyfriend to rely on Costcogiant bear-

The advanced version (which saves money) will also buy discounted gift cards, movie tickets and theme park tickets at Costco:

If you like, fromfrom birth to old age, there is nothing Costco doesn't care about...

No wonder some people say that if zombies strike, they should hide in Costco. There are solid concrete walls, enough food and daily necessities for several years, and most importantly,Zombies can never enter the door of Costco!

because of themno membership card...


In North America and China, Costco is a popular sales method for wholesalers. Facebook even has a"I love Costco in the United States-Good News"Chinese discussion group dedicated to discussing all topics related to Costco ("Good health" means "good thing" in Min Nan).

Such as foundEdamame pasta...

Bought it for more than two monthsnot softStrong Kiwi:

Chicken essence tastes like light coffee:

Considering buying a car at Costco...
By the way, let me share how to bring the 2.36-meter-tall bear home in a car~
The most understanding of Chinese people is Costco.
Every Chinese New Year is approaching, Costcos all over the United States will appearA large number of Chinese New Year goods.There are rice cakes, kumquats, bird’s nests, abalones, etc. Anyone who sees it will feel a little bit like "becoming a teacher".



Beautiful and delicious [Kumquat tree]


Because of the homophonic "Ji" of the "orange", the southern New Year has the habit of placing kumquats at home. The kumquat tree in Costco has a lot of fruits, and can usually be decorated. When hungry, you can eat directly as fruit, and you can finally make jam or candied fruit.


Quality Ingredients [Australian Shell Abalone]


Of course, in addition to these delicious foods that can be used for "nostalgia", Costco also has a lot of delicious non-Chinese food.
If you usually go to Costco, you must buy an artifact. You can also share it with everyone in the comments ~
Written by Shao Yi
Editor | Yi Pai/Shao Yi

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