Starting from August 8th, you will need to show a vaccination certificate for food in New York!

As the Delta variant spreads,New York began to adjust the previous regulations for the complete lifting of the ban. Mayor Bai Sihao announced:New York City will require that in some (indoor) public places, citizens need to show a vaccination certificate to enter, such as restaurants, bars, gyms and some entertainment venues.

Specifically, everyone can show the vaccine card, or use the New York City App: Excelsior Pass to show the electronic certificate.There must be at least the first shot on the vaccine card.The new regulations will begin on August 8, and New York will be the first city in the United States to do so.

Before this, New York had actually required some public service personnel (such as MTA) to be vaccinated.Otherwise, the covid-19 test will be done every week.And compared to other cities.The vaccine penetration rate in New York is already relatively high (66% of adults).

I have to say that such regulations are still necessary.Everyone stays at the gate, and in places with a lot of people, try to wear masks to protect yourself!

Finally, I will attach a list to everyone,Here are the restaurants that now require a vaccination certificate to dine indoors:



Fausto (starting August 4)



LaLou (starting August 4)

La vara


Llama Inn

Mo's Original / Any Thing

Salem's Hour (starting August 4)

The Fly


Aldo Sohm Wine Bar (starting August 4)

Cafe Altro Paradiso







Gramercy Tavern (starting September 7)

Jeffrey's Grocery


Joseph Leonard


Le Bernardin (starting August 4)


Llama San

Nowon (starting August 3)


Third Avenue Ale House

Union Square Cafe (starting September 7)

Yellow rose


Nowadays (Only for ticketed events)

Text|Egg Roll

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