Exclusive! The top Washington rhubarb cherries are on shelves in Los Angeles! Special offer peach fairies, peaches, Taiwan melons, and concubine lychees freshly arrived

It is said that American cherries are delicious. Do you know where the best cherries are in America?

Before eating this, I thought the freshest Rainier yellow cherries in the cherry garden were the best.

Until I found it--Washington exports top yellow cherries.

If you feel that the cherries you ate this year are not what you want, the export-grade cherries will surely surprise you.

Washington's top rhubarb cherries

Weee! Exclusive gift box

 Rainier yellow cherry 9.5 row+ export quality 4.5-5 lbs

Weekly sales 600+


The newly arrived cherries are cherries exported from Washington to Japan.As we all know, Japan has strict requirements for fruits, so these export-grade cherries are completely different from the cherries we buy in ordinary supermarkets.

The sweetness of the yellow cherry Rainier is the highest among all cherries, with an average sweetness of 18 degrees. (Generally, the sweetness of peaches is about 13 degrees)

and!All are big, big, big fruits!

Peel goose yellow with pink color, delicate taste, with some unique honey fragrance, thin skin and rich juice.But the output is small, so the price is more expensive.

Weee! We have been in contact since the spring, and the exclusive cherries are finally on sale!

Washington's top yellow cherries, picked from the branches and selected layers, the best and largest fruits will be delivered to you quickly.

Every one is full,The pulp is harder and crisper than other cherries, and tastes great.

This is half pink and half apricot, it looks like immature,

It tastes sweeter than other varieties!

With some unique honey fragrance, thin and delicate skin, delicious and juicy,

AndTime to market is only two or three weeks.

Everyone, buy and cherish.

Reminder: Switch delivery date to: purchase only after 6/11

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 Washington exports top yellow cherries

This cherry has been on the market for a short time and the quantity is very rare. It has been sold at a sky-high price of 500+ RMB per catty in China. Please buy it and cherish it!

Yellow cherries are rich in iron and are the top of all kinds of fruits.Regular consumption of yellow cherries can prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

 Press and hold the QR code below to purchase directly 

 Washington exports top yellow cherries 

Washington export-grade cherry

Weee! Exclusive gift box of Washington's top red cherries

9.5 row+ export quality 4.5-5 lbs

The fruit color is deep red, and the skin can be broken by blowing the glass. The fruit is large and full, and it bursts red overnight since it was first cultivated in 1875.Although Rainier cherries have tens of millions of advantages, bing cherries have been cared for by a group of diehard fans.

The red cherries are the white moonlight in their hearts,

It’s a legend that the Cherries won’t fall
It is the fresh and sweet bite that you must eat in summer!


The first batch of Washington large juicy red cherries is finally here~

Weee exclusive debut, direct harvest from the farm

Freshly delivered to you 🚚

Big!Crisp!Burst juice!The season!fresh!

Each one is a juicy red "pearl"~

????Cherries are famous for being rich in vitamin C

Is the world's recognized king of natural VC and the fruit of life

Round and plump California cherries

Each one is like a crystal clear ruby~

Not only is it beautiful and nutritious

That taste is even more amazing~

Take a bite of the black and red epidermis

I heard a clear and pleasant popping sound

Sweet and juicy in the mouth😍

Rich fruity and sweet juice bursts in the mouth

Every bite is sweet and crisp

It's so addictive~

⏫The first batch of tall and top cherries with a mouthful of juice⏫

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Peach Fairy Fushou Peach

SpeakingPeach The most famous one is Peach Fairy Fushou Peach

Attractive aroma, sweet and juicy

Stable quality


Summer starts with the smell of peaches

Peach Fairy Peach is the first darling of summer

Peach got a heavy hand 🍑

The round shape fits the tiger's mouth perfectly

Peel off the thin skin carefully 😏

A matte and tender fragrance immediately radiated

Watching the peach juice in the pulp leaping out

The peaches just received will be crisper

But the sweetness is still high

The softened peaches reach the most fragrant and sweetest

The most juicy peak state!

This is the best time for early adopters!

Peel gently

The whole flesh can be revealed without much effort👍

This is "the taste like melted butter"

🉑Sucked peaches✅

The light pink juice is dripping 🍑

The plump peach flesh rolls on the tip of the tongue and turns into sweet peach juice

Savor the seasonally limited seasons👉🏻 Aroma

In the scorching summer, come a juice overflowing,

Sweet and fragrant peaches💁

Feel the sweet and original peach juice in one sip

The heat is gone, and sweetness rushes to my heart

Fresh, sweet, juicy and fragrant

"Fresh" people one step buy now

Freshly popped large blueberries

Ultra-low-price farms directly harvested large blueberries with burst pulp 

Exquisite advocates sweet temptation

Blueberries are the most fashionable fruit right now

Blueberry's anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects

Become a secret recipe for many celebrities 💫

This is already an open secret

And the direct-harvested blueberries from the farm brought to you by Weee

The fruit is full, the fruit is bursting, and the fruit is crunchy and sweet

It's definitely the same as when I went to the field to pick it

Oversized!"LV" in the blueberry world

It's more than addictive to eat👍

There is a feeling you have never had before eating blueberries:

Full of sensuality, you can feel it 😎

The tender flesh runs between the teeth

"Fresh" people one step buy now

Super Sweet Air Transport Taiwan Cantaloupe

The LV in the melon is so delicious that there is not even the skin left!

The sweet taste of childhood hometown in memory👉🏻 Taiwan Cantaloupe(I.e.

The melon flesh is crispy, sweet and juicy like honey

Eat the seeds with the belt, fresh!Tender!no!ratio!

To relieve dryness and thirst, I still want to eat after eating~

I tried it myself, the melon is too pure

Burst into tears

Finally tasted the taste of cantaloupe in memories

Crisp and sweet melons

The skin is as thin as paper, the juice is like honey, and the flesh is sweet and delicate.

The flesh of the melon is like a cage, surrounded by seeds

The tender melon flesh wrapped in the flesh is full of juice😍

It is so tender that there is no scum, which makes people want to stop~

The quantity is limited, let’s grab it first

LV in melons, scan code for direct purchase

Hainan Concubine Smiles Lychee by Air

 2 pounds

Lots of small nuclei, sweet and juicy

This season, I want to have a sweet summer with you~

👩A ride on the Hongchen concubine laughs, never worry about not eating!

Early summer limited hot sale "Hainan Concubine Laughing Lychee"

💫 Grab the "fresh" taste!

Amaze your taste buds with the freshness of the branches

Peel off white and bright, tender and juicy, and taste sweet

The temptation is really too big for the wife and the wife! ✌

With a light touch of the teeth, the tender water is so sweet that it is fried!

Feizixiao lychees, selected lychees from Hainan

The lychee looks big, full, and the color contrast is particularly obvious

It is often red and green on a lychee

Don't look at the overall color green

It's actually very sweet, the core is very small😉

The nucleus is so small that it looks like a stick hidden in cotton wool

Make people ignore its existence

Fruit nearly round or ovoid

The fruit is large, the skin is light red and thin

The flesh is white wax color, thick flesh, crisp texture😎

Juicy, sweet and fragrant

Thin and soft, with a rich floral fragrance

The peach-red film envelops the crystal clear pulp

One bite down, the juice splashes all over...


In the mouth, sweet to the heart

"Fresh" people one step buy now

Fresh Big Sweet Apricot

Fresh sweet apricot

The flesh is watery and plump

Orange sweet apricots bathe in the sun

Fresh and full

Warmly calling to meet you sweetly~

The ripe apricots are very sweet, without a hint of sourness😏

Fruit acid is mixed with rich fruity aroma, refreshing and enjoyable👭

Put it on for two days, the fruit becomes soft

The golden flesh is watery, soft and juicy in the mouth

When I eat, my mouth is full of sweetness, without a trace of obstruction

Satiated everyone's appetite

Even people who dangle in their mouths want to try


Ripe apricots, bursts of fragrance 😁

Freshly picked up to the hand, rub it, you can eat

The strong apricot scent and juice burst between the lips and teeth

Strikes across the throat, moisturizes the five internal organs, super content

Orange yellow sweet apricot, full-bodied fruit aroma

"Fresh" people one step buy now

Authentic cantaloupe

The average sugar content is above 13 degrees 👉🏻 Authentic cantaloupe

May I ask which little Guagua can compare with it!

Super sweet and bursting juice!Shocking!

Weee harvested directly from the origin, carefully selected more high-quality cantaloupe(I.e.

Just so that when you receive this honeydew melon

Feel the sweetness of immersion~

Thinner and more delicious than the average cantaloupe skin

Take a bite, the flesh is crispy and juicy

It's like a thin layer of sugar is glued to the lips 🤩~

Natural scent and melon taste mixed together

Licking his lips, the freshness of honey reverberates in his mouth

Too many melons dazzled?

Sweet assembly number 👉🏻 Fresh cantaloupe,Learn about!

Different from other cantaloupe 🍈

This cantaloupe is not big

But it's really thick and less fleshy

Don't look at it rough

This is exactly the "mark of honor" brought by the place where it was grown

Thin skin and thick flesh

It's crunchy and sweet, it's beyond imagination

Take a big bite, the meat "clicks" and is crisp

The taste is soft and honey, which is 5 degrees sweeter than watermelon and overflows.

The juice is so much that it sways between the lips and teeth😋

It makes people's throat moist~

Sweet and crispy cantaloupe·Scan the code to purchase directly

There are more rare fruits that are not available in supermarkets, place an order from Weee and deliver them home

Summer is here, for foodies,

This is simply the best season for fruit-eating

Weee allows you to spend the least money and eat the most favorite fruit

👆Hundreds of fruits are here👆

Weee! Special offer, great value purchase

❤️Summer seafood and beverage season, seafood control benefits are here,

Summer drink king yogurt~

Pure tasteSeries of gourmet food!

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6 / 8 to 6 / 22

Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, it's better to take advantage of it now

Prepare a ceremonial Dragon Boat Festival at home

The whole family starts with "eating"

Experience the unique romance and sentiment of Chinese traditional culture

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