Some gossip about the start of the World Cup in Qatar


Today, fans all over the world are paying attention to a major event-the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has finally opened.In the days of separation anxiety in this world, we waited for a carnival where blood and dopamine healed life.

Of course, the various slots of the opening ceremony and Qatar are also endless. Let us take a look at the various slots and what we should know about this place in Qatar~


 Except for men's football, everything in China has gone 


Chinese elements are active in all aspects of the event.From venues, referees, peripheral products, sponsors to the "cutest messenger" giant panda, as Chinese Ambassador to Qatar Zhou Jian said, "China's contribution" illuminates the World Cup like a sky full of stars.

As the opening of the World Cup in Qatar is approaching, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister and Spokesperson Hua Chunying said on the 20thPosted 8 tweets in a row, using 8 pictures to introduce the "Chinese elements that can be seen everywhere" in this World Cup.

#伊乌一厂制品装4000大达神杯# rushed to the hot search, and netizens did not forget to laugh at themselves in the excitement:Construction parties, sponsors, souvenirs, referees, giant pandas, this World Cup, except for the Chinese men's football team, everyone in China has gone.


 The World Cup is actually in winter 


Qatar World Cup has created many "firsts",The first time held in the northern hemisphere, the first time held by an Arab country, the first time held in a Middle Eastern country, the first time held by a country that has never entered the World Cup finals,For the first time, alcohol is not allowed at the game site.

Due to Qatar's special climate, the 2022 World Cup had to be postponed to November.The tropical desert climate is hot in summer, with the highest temperature reaching 50 degrees Celsius, and cool and dry in winter, with the lowest temperature around 7 degrees Celsius.It is dry and rainless throughout the year, and the annual precipitation is only 125mm.Due to the excessive heat and dryness, Qatar even built air conditioners in the outdoor locations of public areas.As early as 2008, it was among the countries with the highest COXNUMX emissions per capita.




The richest World Cup ever

At the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar, not only the famous actor Morgan Freeman appeared, but also Tian Zhengguo, a member of the Korean boy group BTS, sang.

It is reported that the preparation for the opening ceremony of this feast took as long as a year.A total of 1.8 million US dollars was spent.However, compared with the total cost of Qatar's preparations for this World Cup, this opening ceremony is simply a drop in the bucket.

Qatar is located in the middle of the west coast of Arabia, facing the sea on three sides, and its economic structure is extremely dependent on fossil energy.According to the 2020 World Bank survey and statistics, the per capita GDP is as high as XNUMX US dollars, making it the fourth richest country in the world.

Qatar, the host of the World Cup for the first time, in order to make this world event impressive,Up to 2200 billion U.S. dollars have been spent to improve infrastructure and build stadiums (the investment in previous World Cups is only a fraction of the World Cup in Qatar); The largest scale in the world; 8 open-air (open-air!) air-conditioning is installed under the unsheltered seats to prevent the audience from getting hot when watching the game;In order to ensure the convenience of travel, all World Cup venues are within 21 miles of the center of the capital Doha, and there are unmanned subway lines, new highways, airports, etc. as supporting facilities.

therefore,This World Cup is also known as the "most expensive" World Cup in history.It is predicted that this massive World Cup will attract more than 150 million fans to watch the game live.


The first to break the law of "the host is unbeaten in the first game"

With the official start of the tournament, it is not uncommon for the "best in history". The World Cup in Qatar immediately staged the "world's first" - in the first match of the World Cup last night, Qatar lost to Ecuador XNUMX-XNUMX, breaking the "host's first match" for the first time. undefeated" law.


From this, we have learned an important truth from Qatar, the richest man in the world per capita - the power of money will also fail.


After watching Ecuador score, the Qatari tycoons in the audience covered their faces in pain with their hands full of ten jeweled rings.


Some viewers said that this World Cup is very interesting, after all, we don't see so many rich people with sad faces in their daily life.



a little embarrassing Budweiser

Two days before the opening ceremony, the Qatar World Cup suddenly announced a ban on alcohol.FIFA also confirmed this sudden alcohol ban.


"Following discussions between host country authorities and FIFA, it has been decided to focus the sale of alcoholic beverages on FIFA Fan Festivals, other fan destinations and licensed venues, while beer sales will be removed from around Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums point."


In other words, the sale of beer or other alcoholic beverages to fans will be prohibited in the stadium, even if the fans bring their own.


As a sponsor of the World Cup, Budweiser had previously signed a sponsorship agreement with FIFA for 7500 million US dollars.And the organization has previously promised that beer can be bought in the venue and fan area, and the price will be very reasonable.


But after all, Qatar is a conservative Muslim country that strictly prohibits alcohol. After deliberation this time, it was decided to ban alcohol during the game.Budweiser's official Twitter account also posted a tweet (now deleted) expressing its heartfelt sentiments:"Well, it's embarrassing..."


Although they understand the local culture, some fans don't understand why the decision to ban alcohol was made only 2 days before the start of the game, instead of making a decision within 12 years after winning the right to host the game.Now Budweiser is still trying to find a way to transport the beer that has been painstakingly transported from all over the UK to Qatar and back...




 Universal Shipping Container 

From the detachable fan village to the detachable stadium, Qatar used containers to prop up half of the sky for the World Cup for sustainable development and to solve the problem of too small a country.

According to forecasts, during the World Cup, Qatar can attract at least 120 million foreign tourists and bring about US$170 billion in revenue.However, Qatar's land area is only 11521 square kilometers, which is about "two-thirds of Beijing", and its population is less than 300 million.The fans almost overwhelmed this mini country, and they couldn't settle it all.

After exhausting all resources, Qatar found the container.The "Fans Village" consisting of 6000 container-style movable rooms is located near Doha Airport.Each room costs $200 per night.

But these temporary containers.As soon as I checked in, I received strong complaints from the fans.Although it has been renovated, the interior seems to be quite simple and spacious, with a separate bathroom, toilet, two double beds, windows and air conditioning.But the fans said that after living in it, they realized what it means to spend money to buy a crime.


Milad Mahmooditar, a 32-year-old fan from Tehran, said: "It's ridiculous that I spent so much money and ended up living in this container.


I'm 1m tall, but the bed is so small that I can't even straighten my feet.The room was too small with no room to move around and the air conditioner was so loud you couldn't sleep at all. "


He also complained that the bathroom is not a bathroom at all, it is just a small shower device, it is difficult to turn around in it, and it is easy to fall if you are not careful.


"I also paid about $200 a night for it, knowing that normally for $100 I could stay in a five-star hotel with full board. That's not how tourists from any country are treated. We spend I paid a lot of money to come here and deserve better than that. So I'm very angry."

It’s not a big deal if the room is not on the right board. The environment of the fan village also makes people feel like living in a temporary housing for construction workers.Because there is still a lot of sand, gravel and construction waste that have not been cleared away in time, and the sound of workers constructing drilling rigs can be heard from time to time.The official promise of the so-called "fitness center orGym", seems to be just some outdoor exercise equipment close to the main entrance and road.

Another fan village also received complaints.Last Thursday, The Times interviewed two businessmen who had come to watch the game and had lived in the Ras Bu Fontas fan village for 10 days.


One of the businessmen said: "It's just hell. The air conditioner in the cabin is basically useless. It sounds like a fighter jet is taking off. Even if you leave it on all day, it's still 27C. You can't turn it on at night. Because it's just too loud."

In Qetaifan Island, another fan village north of Doha, the facilities are even more rudimentary. The double room is just a temporary tent with no door, only a zipper.

BBC Sports Channel reporter Nesta McGregor was dumbfounded when he saw the house he was looking for next.


There are only two beds in the tent, a bedside table, and there are not even extra tables and chairs.And such a tent costs as much as 175 pounds (about 1480 yuan) a night.There is no air conditioning, only a fan, and during the day when the sun is shining, it is impossible to stay in the tent because it is too hot.


A couple of fans from Mexico also had nothing to say about this, saying that they had fantasies at first, thinking that living in a tent would have a festive atmosphere.


Unexpectedly, the tent is very thin, and the sun is too hot to stay. You have to go to the public bathroom to wash up, and the toilet is also mobile and shared.


The water quality is also worrying. When the faucet is turned on, the water that flows out is brown. Only when it is turned on for a long time will there be relatively clean water.

A fan from France paid a total of 3317.8 US dollars (approximately RMB 23620) for accommodation, but when he came here and found that the conditions were so bad, he left without looking back....

In short, under the interpretation of all kinds of complaints and jokes

World Cup frenzy starts today

Thank you Qatari tyrants for bringing the best happiness today

I also hope that the teams you support will have good results.

Everyone has friends who watch the ball and laugh together


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