Attention Chinese people in the Bay Area! This department store in the United States has massively reduced prices and is stocking up on weekends~


Attention, friends!

Recently, Target, Aldi, Walmart, etc.

Major retailers are offering price cuts and promotions.

And just on Wednesday,

Well-known drug and grocery store chain Walgreens

Also announced price cuts on more than 1,300 products!

A "series of promotional activities" were also launched,

Let's take a look ~


Walgreens slashes prices on 1,300 items

The Walgreens drugstore chain has nearly 9,000 retail stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. The brand has a history of hundreds of years.

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Just Wednesday, Walgreens announced it would lower prices on 1,300 items this summer.

Including vitamins, tampons, facial cleanser, lotion, potato chips and moreProducts in health care, personal care and seasonal categories.

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Officials said the price reduction can help those "customers who are facing financial pressure and have difficulty purchasing daily necessities."

According to reports, some of the products subject to price cuts include:

· One a Day 80 gummy vitamins

  $11.99 (original price $13.49)

· Always Pad Mod Regular 20ct

  $6.99 (original price $7.49)

· Clean & Clear Foaming Cleanser

  $6.99 (original price $7.99)

· Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

  $5.99 (original price $7.29)

· Kanka Soft Brush Teeth & Gum Pain Relief Gel

  $7.99 (original price $9.79)

· Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

  $10.99 (original price $11.99)

· Nine (9) Can Igloo Refrigerator

  $25.00 (original price $29.99)

· Squishmallow 16-Inch Plush Toy

  $20.00 (original price $24.99)

· Bring on the Sun Diving Ring & Goggles

  $3.00 (original price $4.99)

· Lasko 20” Box Fan

  $25.00 (original price $29.99)

· Nice! Mini Pretzels

  $1.99 (original price $2.79)

· Nice! Sour Cream Onion Chips

  $1.99 (original price $2.79)

*Note: Prices may vary by location

(Picture source: Walgreens, copyright belongs to the original author)

In addition, Walgreens alsoPlans to resume “myW Day” activities in mid-July, providing more high-quality products.


Major retailers slash prices this summer

Recently, major retailers have seen price reductions and promotions:

Amazon's grocery division Amazon Fresh stated on May 5 that it wouldPrice cuts on 4,00 products in stores and online, enjoy up to 30% discount,

Discounted items include frozen foods, seafood, meats, pasta and more, rotating weekly;

Target announced earlier this month that it would cut prices on about 5,000 frequently purchased items in the coming weeks., including bread, coffee, diapers and thousands of other everyday items;

Aldi also announced that it will reduce the prices of more than 250 items this summer, including meat, fruit, snacks, etc.;

In April, grocery chain Giant Food cut prices on hundreds of private-label items;

Art supplies retailer Michaels also slashed prices on paint, markers, pens and other products in April.

Some of these price cuts introduced by retailers are temporary and some are permanent.

As prices continue to rise, everyone is now starting to be prudent when buying things. Even if the price is increased, sales cannot meet expectations.

Lowe's reported that sales fell 2023% in the first quarter of this year compared with the first three months of 4.1; Macy's also said same-store sales fell 1.2%.

Therefore, major retailers have begun to lower prices to improve the current situation and at the same time reduce the burden on our consumers.

Generally speaking, this summer, various stores will have strong promotions. It seems that you can safely purchase and stock up on weekends~

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