What to play in New York this summer? 20 niche places that only authentic New Yorkers know

Asworld-famousOne of the most popular tourist cities, New York, which owns Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty, undoubtedly provides countless attractions for tourists from all over the world.

Every holiday, these attractions attract tens of thousands of peopleCome to New York to visit, So that when locals visit MoMa or the Metropolitan Museum, they all sigh from the bottom of the heart: People follow the crowd 𠈌!

The Times Square on holidays is so crowded that people have nowhere to go and doubt life. So, apart from these well-known places, does New York haveNot so famous but worth a visitWhat?

Of course there is! The caring team is here for everyoneInventory!Please keep the 20 niche attractions and activities that only locals know about!

Visit an abandoned subway station

The MTA, which makes New Yorkers love and hate it, receives countless New Yorkers' complaints about its messiness each year, but it firmly occupies a part of the lives of New Yorkers with its efficiency, convenience and irreplaceability. If you are interested in the history of subways, trains or MTA, you may have heard ofThe City Hall Subway Station, Both an abandoned subway station in New York.

It is not easy to find the entrance to this station, but the New York Transit Museum provides a tour program to take tourists around here. This item is particularly popular,Make an appointment early, Their waitlist is also full quickly. If you want to go but don't want to join the group, or if you haven't signed up, you can also try to find the entrance on your own and open up this history in another way.

Official website:


25-foot high waterfall in Midtown

Unexpectedly, there is such a beautiful small waterfall hidden in such an inch of gold in Midtown! Built in 1971. This small waterfall is locatedA park in Midtown Manhattanin,51st Street between XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd Avenue. If you love nature and enjoy the tranquility in the busy city, this small waterfall is definitely a place for you to calm down.

Experience immersive drama

Some of the most famous local immersive theater experiences, mostly inChelsea area. Among them, tourists will be specially arranged to participate in the evening, such as Sleep No More at McKittrick Hotel.

Because it’s too hot, I often have no place for a month after mentioning it, and I have not experienced immersive drama.Remember to book early. In addition to Sleep No More, there are also good dramas such as Then She Fell, Six Impossible Things and Say Something Bunny with good reputations, which are all worth watching.

The story behind the benches in Central Park

Everyone has been to Central Park, and perhaps many people have rowed boats in it. How much do you know about the thousands of benches on the opposite side? If you look closely, you will find some of themEngraved on the chair——If you are willing to donate ten thousand dollars, you can also write what you want to say on one of the benches. Next time you go, you might as well pay attention to what everyone said.

Have a drink in a small bar in Manhattan

Among the countless small bars in Manhattan, which one do you like best? In addition to being famous and always overcrowdedThe dead rabbitAttaboysSmith & Mills and Little Branch, which offer creative cocktails, are also good choices.If you prefer beer, in addition to the good dark beer in German restaurants, The Rabbit Club is also a good choice.

However, the light in these small shops is relatively dim, and there is only a faint candlelight swaying on the table, which is suitable for friends who are familiar with each other to have a drink.

Party at House of Yes

Tired for a day or a week, want to relax or go crazy? lie inBrooklyn2 Wyckoof Avenue’s House of Yes dance party is worth a visit. hereParty theme often changesIt will be different even every week. What remains unchanged, however, is the exaggerated staff, the skilled dancers and the high-quality dance floor. As a nocturnal animal, you might as well start a wonderful night here.

Ride the cable car on the East River to enjoy the scenery

Mainly residentialRoosevelt IslandNot many tourists visit, so here isSee the Manhattan skylineA great place.

Same card as the New York subwayRoosevelt Island Aerial Tram, 115 flights a day, each can carry 110 passengers. Aerial Tram shuttles in3100feetThe height of the car allows you to slowly view Greater New York from another angle.

Reading in Strand

If you like reading, in addition to going to various public libraries in New York,Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore, Where else to read books locally?

Strand is a three-story bookstore well known to locals, Their books are arranged in a spiral, rotating from the first floor to the third floor, and the length of the books is more than 100 meters. There are not only the most popular books and foreign books, but also someOut of print booksEven the first edition of the first release of antiquities, waiting for you to discover.

Play shuffleboard

The shuffleboard that originated in England in the early XNUMXth century is a kind ofA game for all ages, Popular in Europe and America after the XNUMXth century.The basic gameplay of shuffleboard is that in a round of eight balls, two people take turns to push the pot to the end of the table, and whoever has the farthest ball is the winner of the authorities.

It’s no longer so easy to find a good place to play shuffleboard in New York.Royal Palms Shuffleboard ClubIt is one of them. Connect Four and Jenga are also available here for customers to choose from.

Go to the rooftop farm in Brooklyn

Farm and New YorkIt sounds so unmatched, there is really not a lot of planting here. Due to the excellent location, the scenery here is also very eye-catching.

Navy Yard in BrooklynIt is one of the few places in the Greater New York area where people can experience farming. The farm here is 2.5 acre. From May to October, you only payTen dollarsYou can enter.

Visit the Queens Museum

In addition to MoMa, the Metropolis, the New York History Museum, is locatedQueens Museum in FlushingAlso worth a visit.

It’s not just about New York1964 World's FairThere are various exhibitions here, as well as various interesting handmade products produced locally over the years. There are also beautiful fountains in summer, so remember to bring your camera when you come.

Ferry to Governors Island

Never beenGovernors IslandCome to New York in vain! There are all kinds ofOutdoor activity: Mountain climbing, zip-line, mini golf, and a climbing wall.

You can also choose to rent a car and ride and play on the island. There are also many food stalls on the island that provide guests with lunch, which is a great choice for home trips or outings. If you travel by boat, the fare is only two dollars.

Go sunbathing at Rockaway Beach

Winter is not suitable, but in summer Rockaway Beach is definitely aSunbatheGreat place. In addition to sunbathing, people who like surfing will come to this beach to play, foodies also like the local cuisine.

It is worth noting that due toThe subway is very convenientIt is often overcrowded on weekends in summer, and mid-week is the best choice.

Go to Cloisters

If you like the Metropolitan Museum, you may wish to consider shoppingCloisters of Fort Tryon Park. There are a lot of European medieval art and architecture. Because of its not so famous reputation, it will not be as crowded as the metropolis.

This building fromRenovated building of European monasteryIt is also very distinctive in itself, and it will make you feel like you have walked into the shooting scene of "Game of Thrones", where you can't help but want to press the shutter in every corner.

Stroll in Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is probablyCalm downThe best place to go, especially from Linden Terrace to the local gardens.

Unlike Central Park, which is full of tourists, most of the locals in Fort Tryon Park areExtraordinarily refreshing.

Admire Bushwick's street art

Want to feel new yorkStreet art? Bushwick has many high-quality masterpieces waiting for you to watch. If you like to post Instagram, Siegel Street, Morgan Avenue and East Moore Street will make you full.

Sign up for a tour of Woolworth Building

likeClassical architectural styleIf you don't want to go to the Grand Central Terminal, you might as well go to Woolworth Building. There are special guides here to take you to see all kinds of marble works, from the inside out to youExplain the works in the building.

Go to Smorgasburg to eat

Except for Chelsea Market,Smorgasburg is also a foodie paradise. When summer comes, there will be the famous Smorgasburg outdoor food festival. In winter, they move into Brooklyn and become a night market for food in the evening.

Experience retirement life in Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor was originally for the old seamencare home of VeveySince the XNUMXs, it has gradually become an art center with small botanical gardens of various styles.

The most famous ones are Chinese Scholar's Garden and Connie Gretz Secret Garden. Because of itsRemote location,HereFew foreign touristsIf you like the Botanical Garden but don't want to go to the crowded New York Botanical Garden, you might as well come here to experience the old-age life of seamen.

Spy on Royal Tenenbaums House

Fans of "Friends"You may be a little disappointed at The Friends Apartment that you are thinking of-after all, "Friends" was not really shot here. If you want to be a bit more New York, The Royal Tenenbaums House will meet your expectations more-this building is known for its extraordinary craftsmanship.

Unfortunately, this place is now a private property, the inside cannot be visited, only inThe intersection of 144th Street and Convent AvenueSee its appearance. If you pass by, you can take a closer look.

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