A surge of 250%!San Francisco epidemic returns, catering industry once again closes indoor dining

Catering boss must read the blue words above

In the one and a half months since San Francisco reopened indoor dinning, the number of local COVID-250 cases has soared by XNUMX%.A few days ago, municipal officials announced that from Friday, November 11th, restaurants in San Francisco cities and counties will once again be closed for indoor dine-in indefinitely, allowing only outdoor dining and take-out delivery.

In fact, this decision had early signs: on October 10, city officials announced that as the number of new crown cases began to increase, the capacity of the restaurant's indoor canteen will not increase from 30% to 25%.California Governor Newsom said that since October 10, the positive rate in California has increased from 19% to 2.5%.

In September, California announced a newly designed open plan.Please see here for specific analysis : The program is distinguished by color, divided into four levels according to the epidemic situation in various parts of California, and runs county by county throughout the state. Counties with new cases and decreased positive rates can reopen indoor dining.

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Recently, many places in California have regressed: Modoc, Siskiyou, Trinity and other places have changed from yellow (low risk) to orange (medium risk); Amador, Contra Costa, El Dorado and Santa Cruz have changed from orange to red (high risk). Risk); Sacramento, San Diego, and Stanislaus changed from red to purple (widespread).Although city officials pointed out,The increase in COVID-XNUMX cases is likely to be caused by "private small gatherings."

In response to the government’s ban, the Golden Gate Restaurant Association in San Francisco issued a statement,With the advent of winter, limited indoor dining is the only real hope for many restaurants to survive in the next three months, because most restaurants simply cannot make money from takeout.

In fact, many restaurant owners said,Even for indoor dining, operating at a capacity of 25% is unsustainable, and 50% of capacity is a drop in the bucket.

According to today’s announcement, gyms, fitness centers, and movie theaters must also reduce their capacity.In addition, high schools that have not yet reopened must "keep closed if there is any indoor teaching."

San Francisco Mayor London Breed said in an interview: "I know this is not what our residents and businesses want to hear, but as I have always said, we are making decisions based on data observed on the ground." 

On Monday, Pfizer’s new crown vaccine research announced a major breakthrough. I hope that the vaccine will be available for mass production as soon as possible. Before that, please take the epidemic seriously and take protective measures.Catering owners in other parts of California, please copy the link below or click to read the original text to check the local epidemic situation and openness: https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/


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