Seattle also has all you can eat Chengdu Butter Belly Hot Pot?!

The weather in recent days has been particularly autumnal,

The color of the forest,It also goes deeper.

We went to Green Lake to take pictures, and we were hungry,

Think of Dalongyi hot pot nearby.

Of course, for its various opinions,

We have also heard;

But seeing it is better than hearing it,

Since the prestigious Da Long Yi in China

Just a few steps away,

Just go and eat.

It happened to be dinner time when I entered the store,

All-you-can-eat hot pot is provided throughout.

Understand the price and content composition

 All You Can Eat hot pot buffet $29.99/person,

 Three soup bases with the same pot $4.99/person,

 Seasoning, cold dishes, fruits, ice cream, etc. 2.99/person,

 $39.97/person before tax

If you order them all, you can eat in unlimited amounts:

Self-service includes:Big knife hair belly, black pepper cowboy bones,Lamb, seafood, Prawns, fish, yellow throat, brain flower, fried dough sticks, bells and small crispy pork, and vegetable platter.

Pot bottom includes: 3 types of pot bottoms available

All-you-can-eat sauces: All-you-can-eat three kinds of side dishes, including salted edamame, cold kelp shreds and spicy kimchi.fruit, There is no limitMeasure ice cream, sauce




What else besides self-help?

If there is still capacity in the belly, tryPancake Lizi.Freshly fried, it’s bigger and the crust is thinner.You Tiao and Crisp Double CompleteIt tastes best when eaten hot.

and alsoDuck bloodIt is not very common in the United States. It is recommended that the store can cut a little thicker, so that it will not be fragile after being cooked.

Tender beefIs a more creative combination,Before eating, remember to completely mix the egg and the meat slices. The egg liquid will make the beef more smooth and tender..




In the introduction, the waiter recommended that the meat should be fished out after five seconds. According to this method, the meat will be cooked in a few seconds.The meat with a certain degree of oiliness is really slippery under the entrapment of eggs.

Try soup and dishes

Let's try the three-pin hot pot base first.The 50% spiciness is chosen for the butter pot. Southerners can no longer eat it, but for the Sichuan hot pot lovers who are not spicy enough, I am afraid this is just the beginning.

The cross-leg beef soup is relatively refreshing, and the beef slices have been simmered softly, which is the most impressive of the three bottoms.The tomato and papaya pot can actually be richer, but it is more durable to cook, so there is no need to keep adding soup.

Meat for Shabu Shabu

The new product isCheese Shrimp Slip, The rich cheese is wrapped in the shrimp paste and can be drawn directly after being cooked.This is a bit of Western meaning, if it’s served in a red pot,Spicy and slightly salty cheese are combined together, and it tastes more different..

If you like bone-in, you can order a premium cowboy bone. At the same time, beef, mutton and different parts of pork are available. If you have more fat, it is better to start a hot pot.

Brain flowerIt is complete and has no fishy smell. If you like this ingredient, you might as well give it a try.Yellow throatIt is also the most popular regular customer in Sichuan-Chongqing hot pot. One plate is not enough, and you can have several more plates.

of the dayFish slip and shrimp slip are fresh enough, But the fly in the ointment is the use of shredded vegetables as a base when placing the plate, which will impact the smooth and delicate taste after the pan.

I have already reflected this problem with the chef. The kitchen makes sense and will re-improve the display design to make the fish and shrimps eat more purely.

Vegetarian dishes for shabu-shabu

The vegetables are served as a platter, and you can order them after they are rinsed.The deep-fried dough sticks are also quite big, and they go well with tomato soup and beef soup, especially tomato soup. The sweet and sour taste penetrates into the deep-fried dough sticks. We ate the whole dish.

Tofu, tofu, yuba, enoki mushroom and noodles are also included, and vegetarian dishes are also full.

Before visiting the store, we learned that everyone had different voices about Seattle Dalongyi.The change we saw this time is,The back chef has changed to a new chef, After the meal, I also came out to ask for opinions, hoping to know where there is still room for improvement;

The waiter also changedDuring the banquet, the dishes were replaced in time and tea and drinks were added, with a smile on his face; the small feed table has been reorganized, ice cream cones have been added, and disposable gloves can be provided for safe fetching of spices.

The hot pot buffet is a friendly choice for Daweiwang friends or those who invite Daweiwang for dinner. You can also stop by Green Lake to enjoy the autumn before eating.

🏠Store Name: Seattle Dalongyi Hot Pot

📍Address:7119 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

☎️ Tel: 2068547707

⌚️ Business hours:Tuesday-Friday, 4pm to 9:30pm; Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 3pm/4pm to 9:30pm


The PCC parking lot next to the restaurant offers 2 hours of free parking. 2 hours validated parking at PCC Community Markets – Green Lake Village (Address 450 NE 71st St, Seattle, WA 98115)

Customer Service WeChat: xueer6043⬇️

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