[Limited places] 2-day special training camp for the No. XNUMX hotel management school in the United States! A one-stop guide to avoiding pitfalls for entrepreneurship in the United States

American Catering Industry Special Training Camp


Secrets of running restaurants and restaurants in the United States,

The latest catering opportunities and money-making opportunities,

Seeking entrepreneurial inspiration in the U.S. catering industry,

Including how to chain existing brands and how to make them bigger and stronger

How to choose a site,These are the questions I want to ask when running and developing a business:

The dry stuff among the dry stuff,

All are condensed into a 2-day course.

This course will be held in the United Statesnumber one

hotel managementCollege hosted by UNLV

To the catering industry practitioners who are also in the United States and hope to come to the United States,

Provide an opportunity to come to a top school to improve and communicate!

This School of Management course will be taught in Chinese and will be studied on campus in Las Vegas. After graduationThere are also certificates issued to everyone, certificates from famous schools get✅. Just 2 days, study, inspect, and communicate with peers, all in one placeEverything can satisfy you~

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Introduction: University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)



The fourth-ranked restaurant and hotel management school in the world, ranked first in the United States, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is a public university known for its excellence in hospitality management and catering/culinary/gastronomy programs,Its hotel and catering management major ranks fourth in the QS world rankings. UNLV's location in the vibrant city of Las Vegas allows it to provide students with top-notch hands-on learning experiences and direct industry involvement, especially in the hospitality and restaurant/food fields; at the same time, the university specializes in serving global hospitality and A comprehensive educational program is provided for the real-life needs of the restaurant/gastronomy industry.

Introduction: Li Business School



University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)Li Business SchoolIt is a renowned institution known for comprehensive business education and research. The school offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and is committed to developing future-oriented leaders and innovators for the business world. Lee School of Business focuses on providing in-depth experiential learning, introducing business strategy from a global perspective, and promoting entrepreneurship to provide students with the skills needed to achieve commercial success in a dynamic business environment. The School has a diverse faculty of experienced professionals and academics who specialize in providing expert coaching and insights on real-world business issues and challenges.

Introduction: UNLV Lee School of Business - Dr. Cervantes Lee



Cervantes LeeThe Ph.D. is a professor in the School of Hospitality Management at the UNLV Lee School of Business. Since spring 2022, Dr. Lee has served as lead faculty member in the Multi-Store Restaurant Management Department in the UNLV School of Hospitality. The course is made possible with the help of a generous $500 million donation from the co-founders of Panda Express. Dr. Li teaches a wide range of courses at UNLV, including undergraduates, graduate students, executives, etc. Because of his professional knowledge background, mature teaching ability, extensive industry experience and friendly teaching methods, he is nicknamed "Professor Panda" by everyone. ". He also teaches a master's degree course (HMG 2023: Hotel Franchise and Real Estate Management) at the University of South Florida's MUMA College of Business in the fall 6938 semester.

American catering industry further education

Highlights of the trip


Really learned!

The top hotel and food school in the United States (UNLV Lee School of Business)Provide exclusive courses and provide first-hand knowledge training related to catering/food industry in the United States. After the course, you can obtain a certificate issued by the university. The two-day course will be taught by UNLV professors, and 100% of the course will be taught in Mandarin or translated..


What a chat!

With North American caterers, domestic brand names, local Chinese, Asians, mainstream... who participated in the event, catering industry experts answered questions, popularized science and dispelled doubts, and established connections to open up new paths.


2 days full of useful information

Grasp the new momentum of American catering brands


Las Vegas (2-day course)

The number one hotel management school in the United States, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)Known for its top hotel/restaurant/food, etc. industries, attendeesYou will participate in customized courses provided by the school to understand and absorb professional knowledge in the American catering/food industry. This course is an executive-level course in the restaurant and food business sector, offered byUNLV's Cervantes LeeLectured by Dr. The course will explore many important and popular topics in the catering/food industry and will be taught by professional professors

American Institute of Management course schedule

(Drafted, subject to adjustment)




Day 1: Landing in Las Vegas

●Fly to Las Vegas from the United States. You need to arrive at the school in the afternoon to register and report, and prepare to start classes the next day.




Day 2-3: Participate in advanced customized courses at the Lee School of Business at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, covering topics such as franchising, catering and food technology, real estate utilization and development, and supply chain construction.

The course is a two-day course that includes lectures by professors, guest speakers, business case analysis, class discussions and restaurant visits.Upon completion of the course, all executives will receiveUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Lee School of BusinessIssuedCourse Completion Certificate.




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