We had the most anticipated Chinese meal in Seattle Restaurant Week!

If asked

2020 Seattle Restaurant Week

Bellevue Chinese food we are looking forward to

That must be Gufu.

Tall decoration

Exquisite dishes and cocktails

But speaking of the most famous Gufu,

It must be authentic Peking duck.

Duck baked in the open oven, authentic spring cake crust.

Served with scallion and cucumber sweet noodle sauce,

Eating is the Beijing flavor in memory.



Can finallyResume dine-in cautiouslyNow,

Valley HouseAlso reopened the door to welcome guests,

Just in time for Seattle Restaurant Week,

This mysterious Bellevue Chinese restaurant that many people dared not walk into before,

It is finally unveiled to more people.

There is a big change when I walk in, that is, in the spacious restaurant lobby,Only 12 tables are arranged front and back, keeping the maximum physical safety distance.

Even the bar counter has a transparent protective barrier, The guests can sit at the table without obstructing the view, and they can also enjoy the wine at ease.

Seeing this scene, we were relieved, and immediately focused on the new menu.That's right, as a wayward foodie, we are here for the new autumn dishes.

Teochew Baked Alaska King Salmon

The wild salmon, which has both thickness and tenderness, uses the Chaoshan method.Chaozhou cuisine is already good at cooking seafood,The pan-fried salmon meat is kept warm by salt-baking and served with rich side dishes such as white mushrooms, purple onions, broccoli and red peppersIt looks pink and willow green, and it tastes full of flavor.


The recommended way to eat is to dip it in garlic sauce or salt and pepper, both of which are included with the plate, which is convenient for different tastes.The King Salmon is relatively large and suitable for sharing by many people.

Squid Tube Stuffed with Sticky Rice in Typhoon Shelter

The most distinctive feature of the typhoon shelter is the fried garlic, and this squid tube has everything on it.Golden scorched garlic is all over, and every cut squid ring is filled with glutinous rice.

With a little hot pepper, the taste is very unique.When glutinous rice is used to do this, it has changed from a staple food to a main course, which is worth a try.

Cheese fried oysters with crispy rice

At first glance, it looks like sushi, but it's actually oyster meat wrapped in cheese and fried individually, with crispy rice crackers as the base.The softness and crispness are intertwined, which is very interesting, the cheese is not rushed, and will not overwhelm the umami taste of oysters.

 Black wolfberry old duck soup

When I hear this name, it is a great tonic for autumn and winter. Drinking a bowl of soup before meals makes the stomach warm.The soup is darker in color, it should be from black wolfberry, but it is very refreshing. The soft duck pieces and the tender green bean sprouts are gentle and healthy..

Several of the guests at the next table ordered this soup, which shows how popular the soup is at this time.

Dim sums that do not increase the price

Pumpkin Chicken Feet.It's the first snack to be on CD, to what extent?The pumpkin flesh was dug first and then gnawed, becauseThe melon meat soaked in the marinade of chicken feet has an unexpectedly pleasant taste.

Who would have thought that when these two seemingly unrelated ingredients are put together, Chinese cooking and Western style are not incompatible.If you send it a "Best Chinese and Western Dim Sum"The title deserves it.

Steamed pork ribs and steamed shaomai, It can be seen that the weight has increased significantly,Fresh and tender ribs are filled with steamers, and prawns are placed on each shaomai, But the price has not changed.As for what everyone likesBlack Gold Quicksand Bag, Is still waiting for you on the menu.

Smoky whiskey

If you plan to have a drink and you happen to like spirits, this oneClassic whiskeyIs the first choice.Japanese Toki whiskey poured on a piece of old ice, with the unique bitterness of brown sugar and cherryAfter being stored in the store’s own small oak barrels, the smoky flavor is particularly outstanding.




Appreciating the process of pouring the wine is even more eye-catching. The amber-colored wine pouring down in the smoke, like a small flowing painting.What needs to be reminded is that everyone should pay attention not to drink or drive after drinking.

The restaurant reopened after the epidemic actually changed from appearance to internal quality;Under the premise of maintaining the quality of the dishes, it has optimized the cost performance and paid more attention to the dining experience.

"Gao Dashang" is no longer an unattainable word. In other words, after eating a meal here now, I feel that it is homely with some high-level sense.

Gufu here brings you multiple preferential activities:

Restaurant week has started,

In addition to the above new dishes,

Everyone is also welcome to taste the special menu of Restaurant Week.

Scan the QR code below to place an order for takeaway,

8% off the entire site, plus 7 miles free shipping for delivery,

There is also 3% cash reward.

Three super roast duck set meals,

The combination price is as low as 6.3% off.

The content of the package will change frequently according to the season.

Stay tuned for the newly opened Xiaohongshu account.

🏠Store name: Baron's Sino Kitchen & Bar

📍Address:500 Bellevue Way NE Suite 210, Bellevue, WA 98004

☎️ Phone: (425) 363-0000

⌚️ Business hours:

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