With the second outbreak of BGI, "unknown disease" caused Johnson & Johnson to suspend vaccine trials!

*This article is reproduced from "Seattle Online"

In the second outbreak in the Brotherhood community of BGI Seattle campus, the number of confirmed cases continues to increase.On Monday (12th), the University of China confirmed that there were 16 new confirmed cases. In the recent second round of the epidemic, 238 students of the University of China have been diagnosed with the new crown virus.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in February, the University of Washington has found a total of 2 confirmed cases of new crown, including 614 students, 538 faculty members and 10 school staff.

The Governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, gave a public speech that he was frustrated with the second outbreak of the outbreak in the Chinese Brotherhood community.Because there are many signs that it is likely that some students who were diagnosed with the new crown virus positive after the beginning of school did not follow the school's requirements to self-quarantine, but participated or even organized gatherings, which led to a second outbreak in the Brotherhood community.Insley said: "This kind of reckless behavior puts all of us at great risk."

At the same time, on October 10, Johnson & Johnson announced that it would temporarily suspend its Phase III vaccine because of the "unexplained disease" of volunteers participating in the trial.

Johnson & Johnson's new crown pneumonia vaccine is currently in the final stage of the third phase of human trials. A total of more than 6 volunteers have participated in the trial of the vaccine. This news is another variable in the research process of the new crown pneumonia vaccine.

In September, the British AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company’s vaccine was also released because of clinical trials.There is an emergency stop due to serious adverse reactions. Now the company's trials in other parts of the world have resumed, but it is still suspended in the United States.

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