The call for 2021 Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala and hosts has begun!

2021 Microsoft Asia Spring Festival GalaOfficially launched!

Spring Festival Gala tradition

The Spring Festival should be the most solemn and lively traditional festival for the Chinese people!We always arrange various activities to enjoy the time with family and friends and to welcome the new year.

For the Chinese Association, the annual Spring Festival Gala is also the most important event. In previous years, the preparations have been carried out in an orderly manner from October to November, in order to prepare a lively audio-visual feast for us overseas Chinese.

2020 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala. With the joint efforts of CHIME and Seattle Chinese, we have dedicated a whole day of Spring Festival Gala for more than XNUMX people.Including the Spring Festival Garden Party, the good sounds of the Spring Festival Gala, the Spring Festival family portrait, the Spring Festival Gala on the tip of the tongue, the Spring Festival Gala afternoon and evening performances and so on.

The opening video of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala-Microsoft's big brother celebrates New Year (or click "read the original text" to watch):

More highlights and videos of the Spring Festival Gala can be found on the CHIME YouTube channel: (Search "CHIME & Friends" on YouTube or scan the QR code below), welcome to subscribe!

Call for Spring Festival Gala

This year’s epidemic has not improved significantly yet, but our determination to prepare for the Spring Festival Gala for everyone has not wavered at all. We hope to continue the tradition of the Microsoft Chinese Association and start a good year with a wonderful Spring Festival Gala for everyone.

here,CHIME Guangsa Hero Post, Sincerely solicit the 2021 Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala for the Greater Seattle AreaShows, presenters and business partners.Interested groups and individuals are welcome to register through the link below.The director group of the Spring Festival Gala will inform the program selection and other important matters from the registration information of the applicants.Deadline for application and host registration:2020/11/27.

Considering the epidemic situation, we will also take the following measures this year to take care of everyone's safety:

1. 2021 Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala will be held online

2. The rehearsal and performance venues are scheduled forMeydenbauer Center,The time is initially set at2021 year 1 month 2-3 day

3. Program rehearsals and performances are based on the performing groupIn time, Except for the performance group and a small number of staff, no other performance groups and audience

4. Call for programsNot limited to the Seattle area, You can submit the finished video of the program to participate in the Cloud Spring Festival Gala

Whether you are a singer, an actor, a slogan, a hip-hop master, or GAGMAN!We all look forward to the talented you joining us, let us successfully end this magical 2020 and open a new chapter in 2021!

Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala Program Registration Form (Deadline on 11/27):

Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala HostApplication Form (Deadline on 11/27):

Recruiting business partners

The 2021 Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala hosted by the Microsoft Chinese Association will be held online.If you want to take this opportunity to let more people know about your business, or to enhance the reputation and brand of your company in the Chinese community, please contact us.

This year's cooperation with us includes video promotion and program placement.At the same time, we also bid for exclusive partners for the annual Spring Festival Gala, and other privileges can be customized.

As our business partners, we are very confident that this evening will be a good stage to showcase your company's image to all sectors of society.Based on your budget, we are also happy to provide a variety of cooperation plans for you to choose from.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

About WeiSoft Asian Spring Festival Gala

After 20 years of accumulation and inheritance, the Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala has developed into one of the largest Spring Festival Gala on the entire West Coast of the United States, and the largest Chinese annual event in the Greater Seattle area.More than XNUMX people participated in the Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala last year.In terms of programs, in addition to cooperating with performance teams including well-known local art groups, there are also well-known performance groups that come specially from China to perform live international award programs.Our audience includes Microsoft employees and their families, Chinese employees from other companies in the greater Seattle area, and students from major universities.

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