The hand-made Qingtuan, which sold 3 in 4000 days last year, returns!Come take a bite of the taste of spring

Last year’s custom-made hand-made youth league

Put on the shelf3 天4000 sold, Unlimited praise

Many friends are sold out before they have time to place an order

This year we found last year’s partner again

Customized for everyoneFood exclusiveOfSpring taste

EatHandmade Youth League

 Post America 

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From the "ancestor worship tradition" in the Tang Dynasty to today's "seasonal snacks",

Youth LeaguePeople from Jiangnan have always been in QingmingMust eatDim sum,

It's also the taste of spring in southern China~

After the Qingming Festival, the Youth League is hard to find,

FoodieSense of festive ceremonyI have to hurry up and arrange it~


EatHandmade Youth League There are 2 flavors in total,

"Egg yolk floss"with"Classic bean paste"

Central kitchen, complete sanitary license, safe and secure

Pure wormwoodMade, natural without additives

You can smell fresh when you open itGrassy fragrance

Pi ErSoft glutinous Q bullet

Lu YingyingIs particularly springy

0.1 Egg yolk pork floss

Golden butter and bright egg yolks with visible floss

Perfectly intertwined,

Smell the fragrance in the mouth, freshen after slightly salty

Fragrant and sweet,Glutinous riceWormwood together

Savoury and sweet, full of flavor

EatHandmade Youth League

 Post America 

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0.2 Classic Bean Paste Youth League

Red bean pasteSoft and soft.Sweet but not greasy

Fragrant bean pasteDid not take away the clear fragrance of wormwood

But complement each other

Every biteSoft waxy sweet, Scented

Take a bite of the youth group

It's like eating in spring

Even the house

Make life a little sweeter🍃

EatHandmade Youth League

 Post America 

👇Please scan the code when ordering 👇

Text editor | Cheese Milk Covered Red Bean Paste
Picture | Some from the Internet and businesses,
Copyright belongs to the original author

⚠️Important Notice⚠️

Delivery time,Saving method and freight selection

Arrival time

1. UnityLos AngelesShipment will be customized to the merchant according to the order situation. Generally, it is expected to ship 2-3 days after the order is placed;

2. This product is a pre-sold product with a short shelf life, and the order cannot be cancelled.Please be careful when placing an order, thank you for your understanding.

How to preserve and eat

1. This product is at room temperatureShelf life 4-6 days, The shelf life of refrigeration is 2-7 days (depending on the length of logistics time), and it can be stored for the last month in freezing.We will attach an ice pack to keep it fresh when we mail it.Please refrigerate or freeze upon receipt.

2. The color will change after freezing, and some will crack, which will recover after steaming without affecting the taste.

3. ProductsVacuum packaging, Depending on the preservation hardness, steam in water for 10-15 minutes (the time is adjusted according to the different hardness and the steam comes up to start counting) (Quietly: Lazy microwave oven is also available, 15 seconds at room temperature, 30 seconds in refrigeration)

Freight options

1. UPS GROUND Shipping price is $9.99 / All food shops can get home with free shipping over $69

2. FedEx Priority Overnight Price: $39.99 (shipped from Monday to Thursday, only within 10 pounds)

⚠️To ensure product quality,Other snacks in the Youth League order will be automatically divided into ordersSend using UPS GROUND SHIPPING;Third-party products (such as Chunwei series) need to be ordered separately

⚠️California, Seattle, Arizona, NevadaFor food, you can choose UPS Ground shipping / Free shipping on orders over $69 UPS Ground shipping 

⚠️Friends from other states suggest choosing FedEx Priority Overnight option to reduce shipping time

⚠️When placing an order, please make sure that the delivery address, name, contact phone and other information are filled in accurately. If the return is caused by the wrong address, you need to make up the freight and send it again.

⚠️Due to the impact of the epidemic, the UPS delivery time may be affected. Please understand.

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