The restaurant from Jincheng, beef noodles and potato chips, milk mashed grains, every bite is the taste in memory!

Jincheng Lanzhou Ramen 

Seeing the traditionalChinese new yearcoming soon

This epidemic has really evoked a lot of homesickness

To know the past New Year's Eve New Year's Eve,

That's all spent eating and drinking in the country

Affected by the epidemic this year, various flights have been interrupted

It seems to be another New Year with a cold atmosphere, right?

Fortunately recentlyNewly opened beef noodle restaurant

Violently came a wave of beautiful memories to kill~

  Jincheng Lanzhou Ramen 

In fact, this restaurant is also a big nod!

The lady boss is down-to-earthLanzhou people.

When I was in school in California,

Because I found that there is no beef noodles that I have been thinking about day and night,

so myselfOpened a homeLanzhou Ramen Restaurant

The proprietress born in 1995,

Opened in the Bay Area in a short period of timetwo stores!

By chance, I came to Dallas for a tour later.

Love the vibe here in Greater Texas

decided onHereTake root.

Bring the most authentic Lanzhou flavors to Dallas~

Lanzhou also has a name'Golden City'

There are not many restaurants in Lanzhou in the Great American Empire.

Although Lanzhou ramen sounds a bit off-putting

But it's really not easy to eat hand-pulled noodles.

As an authentic Northwesterner

The most common thing we say is that

"Boss, come with a bowl of Erxian"


Lanzhou Beef Ramen

The first thing to say is definitelySignature Lanzhou Beef Noodles

We have always been very particular about eating beef noodles!

One clear, two white, three red, four green and five yellow

That is to say, the soup should be crystal clear.

White radishis a must-have ornament

glowing redSpicy oilcan not be less

Some moreparsleywith slightly yellowedsurface

Every bite is the right flavor!

The face is also very particular, and will be based onThicknessCategory

capillary, fine, two fine, leek page, smallwidth, Da Kuan, Buckwheat Shuttle

Each taste is different

likedenserFriendscapillaryFirst choice

I prefer to haveChewy Q play a littleOf

That must betwo fineIt suits me best~

Soup is the taste of the one who squatted on the curb and drank!

A few spoonfuls of chili dripped down fullHu peppersThe incense

It's like countless early mornings when you go to school in a hurry

The feel that solves breakfast at the beef noodle restaurant on the corner~

is not itnorthwest's little friends understand the feeling in seconds

Our breakfast is not some soy milk fritters and steamed porridge

it's a bowlhot air fragrantBeef Noodles!


cold kimchi

The ingredients of beef noodles are in addition to large pieces of beef and marinated eggs

still needfresh and sourkimchi

The kimchi here are all shopkeepersHandmadeof!

Different from Korean style spicy kimchi

Specially pickled kimchimore soursome

MatchSoul Chili OilSpicy and sour is addicting


Hemp Noodles

There are many kinds of pasta in the north

It is estimated that a different style will be changed every day

It can also be different for half a month

Hemp NoodlesIt is also a new version of beef noodles!

The method is actually more likeLiangpi

Drizzle with a small grindSesame sauce

with smoothHand noodle

Perfect for hot days.


Masan potato chips

estimateMasan potato chipsEvery Lanzhou friend has eaten it

Tongwei RoadThe last humble shop opened for many years

It's an old-fashionedspecial snack!

Potato chips and tofu skin alone are popular

I always don't forget to go to the store when I pass by or go shopping before.

Drinking carrot juice and eating potato chips is really unforgettable taste

boiled potatoestime is of the essence

The secret dipping sauce is also very popular

The spicy and crunchy taste is very satisfying!


milk mash

Milk mash is also a dessert in memory

Can be seen everywhere in the streets of Jincheng

AwfulJoin inmilkBreak inEgg flowerboiled

Egg flowerSoft and waxyof,Refreshing and smooth

The fragrance of milk is paired with the sweet and sour taste of mashed glutinous rice~


Hand-made meatballs and knife-cut noodles

Although Jincheng is a beef noodle restaurant

There are so many types of noodles!

In addition to the main ramen

and alsoCut noodles

Hand-made balls are in the storeHandmadeOf

mashed minced meat into balls

Crispy on the outside after frying

It's also a mouthfulCrispy and delicious

It is worth a try with the soup made from big bones!


Wok meat

Pork buns are actuallyNortheasternA very representative dish

However, there are not many delicious pot-wrapped meat in Dacun.

I didn't expect to eat the most memorable flavor in Jincheng!

Thinly fried tenderloinGolden crisp

Wrapped in sweet and sour juiceOutside crispy inside tender

It turns out that this pot of meat has a lot of background.

The chef in charge of the Northeastern cuisine series isAuthentic Northeasterners!

Previously built an Internet celebrity innovative restaurant in the Bay Area

At that time, this pot of meat wasHighly acclaimed

This time, I also brought my craftsmanship to Dacun.

It's a real treat~


Spicy fried chicken

The status of fried chicken rack in the Northeast and milk mashed grains

The one in Jincheng Lanzhou is comparable

Marinated and baked until crispyThe chicken rack is especially easyTaste

The aroma of cumin chili noodles is slightly sweet and fresh

Although there is not much meat to chew on


Dry Pot Pork Ribs

After talking about snacks in the northwest and northeast

Let's come to some of the major comprehensive cuisines-Dry pot series

Speaking of incense pot, it is estimated that the story can be pushed to the other side of the hot pot

Although it is also free to pair with meat and vegetarian dishes

But also pay attentionSpicy and delicious!

Jincheng's incense pot added a littleCumin

Don't say it's a bit of a chicken rackCaramel

Garnish with cilantro and sesame

Hot sauceThe addition of it seemsHot pot-like heavy taste

catch up with the new year

Jincheng Lanzhou Ramenalso addedNew Year's Eve dinner!

Grilled Lamb Chops with Braised Fish and Eight Treasures Rice

Every dish is full of hometown flavor

do not forget1/25 daysDeadline for booking!

Store Information

🏠Jincheng·Lanzhou Ramen 

Highland Noodles

🚗9188 Prestmont Pl Suite 110, 

building A, Unit, #5, 

Frisco, TX 75035

⏰Business hours

Sun – Thu 11:00 – 14:30 17:00 – 21:00

Fri – Sat 11:00 – 15:00 17:00 – 21:30

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