The most kawaii cute pet garden party in Los Angeles history is here!Show off your pet with everyone~

Pop-up store in los angeles

【Lovely Pet Circle Tour】

    Shanda is coming!  

Panda takeaway🐼 

✖️ Miko's Pet Supplies🐈‍⬛


Here is an invitation letter for the garden party, please sign for it💌

September Cute Pet Garden Party Pop-up Shop 

Happy is online!

 Open for a limited time from 9.9 to 9.12~ 

It’s an up-up autumn limited edition! 

Exclusively included in the Cute Pet Garden Party: 

[Happy moments with cute pets] 

Hurry up and bring your pet baby(s)

Flash Garden Party

not only canTake pictures and check in on site rua

is acceptableSpend $1taste

Panda✖️ Miko's joint name

Autumn Special Sakura Milk Tea

seeThe most kawaii cute pet photos in LACollection

In addition, pets can also enjoy the exclusive snack bar, and shovelers have more opportunities

Can be for babiesWin beautiful small gifts🎁



Cute pet offline meeting🐶

All the cute pets from LA are here! 🎉

Now invite all the shovel officers

Bring your own cats and dogs

Come to Miko's large noodle base!

Here you will meet many 🐱🐶 friends

With themJoyful play!Rua to your heart's content~

9.9 Large Dog Special 🐶

9.10~9.11 Cat Special 🐱

9.12 Small Dog Special 🐶

Looking forward to seeing your cats and dogs on the day!

*Please be sure to follow the above cat and dog special dates*


Carousel lottery draws a lot of exquisite pets 🎁

There is also a free turntable lottery at the scene!

among themTurntable giftsIncluding 🎁:

Small gifts pet clothing pet headwear

Airpod earphone shell dog toy

Funny cat stick small dish charm 

And Miko'sDiscounts on some products in pet shops

And many other gifts around!

Waiting for you to receive it~

Come and "turn" up 🧡


Cute pet Snack Bar eats for free😋

Free "buffet" for pets🍴

Also available on siteFree

Cats and dogsAll you can eat snack bar

You can feed your pet’s snack bar directly!

It's totally possible to let your master come on an empty stomach

Happy to eat your master!🥳


Panda✖️Miko's $1 Knife Cute Pet Milk Cover Tea🧋

$1 limited 🌸 milk cover tea

During the event, Miko's will be launched soon 🥳

Limited to only $1Sakura tea

Super high value🌸

 Price only💲1 dollar!

First come first served~🤩

Not come and take your little buddies to check in! !


Cat adoption activities on site🐱

Charity adoption: Come and bring the cat home! 🏠

Now available in the pet shop

See a cat to be adopted????

If you see your favorite cat 

is acceptableContact staff on site

Go through the adoption procedures!

Hurry up and take your "love at first sight" cat home~


Call for cute pet photo wall to punch in 🎉

The invitation for the exhibition wall of the cute pet circle tour will begin!

From now on, the garden party will be opened to the shoveling officers of the whole network

Pet photo wall collection🐱🐶

Cute and funny pictures of cats and dogs

All are welcome to contribute!

The collected photos will be displayed in the pop-up store

There will be a big poll for cute pets 💗

Add a small assistant WeChat contribution 

Top three reasons for voting

Heart-warming gift from Panda Takeaway🎁

Come and post a happy moment between you and your cute pet!


Cute pet circle club address📍 

 & Note the small matters ⚠️

Cute Pet Garden Party Address📍

Miko's Pet Supplies: :  

1416 S Azusa Ave #C1, West Covina, CA 91791

Opening date: 9.9 to 9.12 

Opening hours: 10:00AM- 8:00 PM

Matters needing attention ⚠️

*Make sure that the female dog is not in estrus*

*Make sure that the female dog is not in the menstrual period*

*Male dogs need to be neutered* 

*Must wear a leash*

*Good behavior*

Requirements for cats participating in the activity:

*Vaccines are complete and need to be sterilized*

*Must bring a cage or cat bag*

*If you need to put it on the ground, you need a tow rope or the owner can control it*

*Limited Current Entry*

Here is 🐼 Los Angeles chubby

Take you to eat, drink and have fun in LA!

Follow us,

Look for#Panda takeaway chubby#

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A net is exhausted!

Don't go away!

Xiaopang Da is also intimate

A lot of benefits are prepared for everyone~

New and old user benefits


Old and new stand-up collar$10, Newcomer registration stand collar$38Red envelope!

Little assistants send benefits


Scan the QR code below, add a small assistant to join the mysterious organization, you canRed envelope,participatePromotions, Can also learnLatest discount preview!

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